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prefer canonical connections

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This fix for checking prefer canonical connections even if that cases
looks as impossible.

helped in some cases against hypothetical situation which happened.
for two non-obsolete connections with a non-canonical newest one.
(currently for conns between 0.2.x and 0.1.2.x)

so it's cosmetic hypothetical fix for next future of old bugs.

--- connection_or.original.c Sat Jul 26 22:36:20 2008
+++ connection_or.c Tue Aug 19 09:38:30 2008
@@ -480,6 +480,8 @@

continue; /* We never prefer obsolete over non-obsolete connections. */

if (

+ /* We prefer canonical connections: */

+ (!best->is_canonical && conn->is_canonical)

/* We prefer non-obsolete connections: */

(best->_base.or_is_obsolete && !conn->_base.or_is_obsolete)

/* If both have circuits we prefer the newer: */

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