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Nov 1, 2016, 9:50:14 AM (3 years ago)

Moved from #20323 (comment 3, karsten):

It might be that this issue killed the relaydescs module 1.5 days ago by blocking the downloader indefinitely:

2016-10-30 23:05:00,000 INFO o.t.c.c.CollecTorMain:54 Starting relaydescs module of CollecTor.
2016-10-30 23:05:20,823 INFO o.t.c.r.CachedRelayDescriptorReader:255 Finished importing relay descriptors from local Tor data directories:
cached-consensus: 2016-10-30 23:00:00
cached-descriptors: parsed 0, skipped 24471 server descriptors parsed 753, skipped 6024 server descriptors
cached-extrainfo: parsed 0, skipped 24508 extra-info descriptors parsed 745, skipped 1463 extra-info descriptors
v3-status-votes: parsed 8, skipped 0 votes
2016-10-30 23:06:00,001 INFO o.t.c.c.CollecTorMain:54 Starting updateindex module of CollecTor.

There should be a line like this (copied over from the previous run), but there wasn't:

2016-10-30 22:35:19,933 INFO o.t.c.r.RelayDescriptorDownloader:1067 Finished downloading relay descriptors from the directory authorities.

Raising priority to high.


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  • Ticket #8799 – Description

    initial v7  
    11In November 2012, tor26 was very slow in responding to metrics-db, which made metrics-db exceed its 30-minute schedule.  This happened again on March 2, 2013.  The workaround was to avoid tor26 and other slow directories and download descriptors only from the other directory authorities.  metrics-db should use a timeout similar to how DocTor does.
     3This should avoid httpurl-connection as suggested in #20323 for metrics-lib.