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infrastructure steps for adding isis as a bridgedb maintainer

Reported by: isis Owned by: weasel
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I would like to be bridgedb's new maintainer. This was discussed with karsten, weasel, and others in the tpo services working group in the first breakout session of Tuesday morning at the Summer 2013 Tor developer meeting. Weasel also asked Roger about an hour later and, down with hierarchy and all that, but Roger gave the OK. As I stated in the session, I am willing to take responsibility both for the VM running the service as well as the codebase.

I would like it if my commits were reviewed and declared acceptable by some other person who is familiar with the code before merging, even if I am the one to merge it. To facilitate this process, I propose using the git workflow that I have used for my other projects.

For what it's worth, I also sign all [0] my git commits with the signing subkey of 0xA3ADB67A2CDB8B35.

I would like a personal repo on git.tpo, please pretty please. :)

repo users/isis/bridgedb.git
    RW+ = isis
    R   = all 

Are there any other things that must be done to become the maintainer? Is that process documented anywhere, and, if not, should I document it so that the next person taking over maintenance of something has it?

[0]: "all" means "most", afaik there isn't an automated way to resign rebased commits with manually amending every commit.

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by isis

Also, may I please have SSH access to ponticum?

And, my old SSH key is still valid, and not compromised to my knowledge, although I now have an authentication subkey (works for SSH, both protocols use RSA) on my GPG key with a longer bit length. What should I do to switch to using the new SSH key?

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by isis

Here is the new SSH key (converted from my GPG subkey):

Hash: SHA512

pub  4096R/A3ADB67A2CDB8B35  created: 2011-09-09  expires: 2016-09-07  usage: SC  
                             trust: ultimate      validity: ultimate
sub  4096R/36DB24500B30EE69  created: 2013-04-24  expires: 2014-09-07  usage: A   
sub  4096R/50C98D87B401100F  created: 2011-09-09  expires: 2013-09-07  usage: E   

pub   4096R/A3ADB67A2CDB8B35 2011-09-09 [expires: 2016-09-07]
      Key fingerprint = 0A6A 58A1 4B59 46AB DE18  E207 A3AD B67A 2CDB 8B35
uid               [ultimate] Isis! <>
uid               [ultimate] Isis <>
uid               [ultimate] Isis <>
uid               [ultimate] Isis! <>
sub   4096R/36DB24500B30EE69 2013-04-24 [expires: 2014-09-07]
      Key fingerprint = 9A89 F0C7 7C5E 82B1 4537  C8EA 36DB 2450 0B30 EE69
sub   4096R/50C98D87B401100F 2011-09-09 [expires: 2013-09-07]
      Key fingerprint = A6DA 4A68 76AE 9355 EAFD  43F6 50C9 8D87 B401 100F

ssh-rsa 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


comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by weasel

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed
  • I have added isis to the bridgedb group. Current members: arma, linus, asn, aagbsn, isis.
  • I have made a user/isis/bridgedb repo:
    +repo user/isis/bridgedb
    +    RW+                                      = isis
    +    config gitweb.category                   = Users' development repositories
    +user/isis/bridgedb "Isis" = "Isis's bridgedb repository"
  • I have given isis commit access to the main bridgedb repo in addition to aagbsn karsten nick arma asn.
  • updating ssh keys: (tl;dr: send pgp clear signed mail to changes@… with your new keys. Don't break stuff with extra linewraps).
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