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HTTPS Everywhere 3.3 doesn't work in Firefox 15 or earlier

Reported by: micahlee Owned by: pde
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Here's some background:

Hi. It seems my HTTPS Everywhere doesn't work anymore. When I click on its icon, it displays only the prefs and about. When I click on Prefs, nothing happens. Any idea ?

elesouef: what version of Firefox?
what version of HTTPS Everywhere?
and what errors do you see in the Firefox error console
(or maybe you're using chrome?...)
pde, sorry. forgot to tell these infos : iceweasel 10.0.12, HTTPS Everywhere 3.3.1.
oh dear, sounds like a problem with old firefoxes
what do you see in the error console?
Erreur : HTTPSEverywhere is not defined
Fichier Source : chrome://browser/content/browser.xul
Ligne : 1Erreur : HTTPSEverywhere is not defined
Fichier Source : chrome://https-everywhere/content/toolbar_button.js
Ligne : 209
anything before that?
(that's not the real error, just a symptom)
sounds strange to me, I was sure it was working some weeks ago.
what if you click "errors" rather than "messages"?
pde: I get
Error: missing ) after formal parameters
Source File: file:///home/thomas/.mozilla/firefox/profile/extensions/
Line: 606, Column: 33
Source Code: get_prefs: function(prefBranch = PREFBRANCH_ROOT) {
pde, these are errors, not messages.
looks like Micah's bugs
I will bug him about them
this is bad, none of us are in SF to release a fix
pde, maybe I should reinstall it. Having emptied iceweasel config file for https everywhere lines ?
reinstalling it won't fix it
the error you're seeing is almost certainly caused by the one GeKo is seeing
upgrading to iceweasel 17 might help you
pde, huh...
or downgrading to an older https everywhere
(https everywhere like all firefox extensions auto upgrades...
and a bugfix in a recent release was not backwards compatible with iceweasel 10
agreed. what's the version I should use ?
if that doesn't work, step backwards towards 3.2
pde, it works with version 3.2.4. Thanks very much. I disabled the automatic upgrade for this extension.

(03:42:55 PM) pde@…/ebfb3eaf564ee1a9: GeKo is reporting the error as being here:
(03:42:56 PM) pde@…/ebfb3eaf564ee1a9:
(03:44:28 PM) pde@…/ebfb3eaf564ee1a9: is it possible that default argument values were added to JS sometime after firefox 10, and you used them?
(03:45:02 PM) pde@…/ebfb3eaf564ee1a9:
(03:45:09 PM) pde@…/ebfb3eaf564ee1a9: looks like FF < 15 will be broken
(03:45:56 PM) micah lee: oh, eeek

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