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#995 closed defect (Fixed) reports false negatives

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12:35:01 < someuser> hello. is the tor check based on wether the IP is on
tor exit node list?
12:36:28 < someuser> I am getting "not using tor" but the indicated IP is
not of my ISP
12:37:37 < karsten> what IP does it tell you you're using?
12:37:53 < someuser>
12:38:12 < karsten> that's listed as exit node.
12:38:31 < karsten> and tells you you're not using
12:38:37 < someuser> yes
12:41:39 < someuser> it was about 20 minutes ago
12:41:58 < karsten> ok, that means around 10:21 UTC.
12:44:10 < karsten> around 10:20 should be fine. the question is only what
data basis (directory consensus) is used by
12:44:39 < karsten> i think ioerror_ will have a look. ioerror_, i can help
with descriptors of that time.
12:53:02 < someuser> I am using Lenny with Tor version (r18423)
12:53:39 < someuser> it works fine normally
12:55:49 < someuser> I tried out the Tor button before on Iceweasel 2 and
the tor state was inverted as it went trough tor when it said it was
disabled and vice-versa
12:56:03 < karsten> yeah, i don't think it's a problem on your side. i'm
not sure why check would think that node isn't an exit.
12:56:20 < someuser> so I use a normal install and proxy settings in
12:58:15 < karsten> that node permits exiting to the only thing
is that the first time it was included in a consensus was 09:00 UTC. maybe
check doesn't update its consensus every hour?
13:02:29 < karsten> (which would mean it might still work with the 08:00
UTC consensus where that node wasn't listed.)
13:22:30 < Sebastian> for someuser's problem, I wonder if it's a problem
with check, or one with the dnsel
13:23:35 < karsten> someuser's node permits both 80 and 443.
13:23:40 < Sebastian> I know, I checked

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by Sebastian

Closing as fixed, the node for the tordnsel didn't have
FetchDirInfoEarly and FetchUselessDescriptors set. If we
get new reports of breakage, we need to re-open this.

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by Sebastian

flyspray2trac: bug closed.

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