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May 26, 2010:

11:28 PM org/meetings/2010TorAnnualDevMeeting edited by ingy
Link Ingy to his page. (diff)
3:32 PM Ticket #1336 (url in About is wrong) closed by ioerror
3:03 PM Ticket #1284 (Still problems with options in 0.0.4 release) closed by ioerror
invalid: This should be multiple bugs. It's impossible to track progress on all …
3:02 PM Ticket #1280 (Lack of a web browser with HTTPS proxy support may cause confusion) closed by ioerror
wontfix: The release of Orweb will be our explicit endorsement when it is …

May 25, 2010:

3:49 AM Ticket #1503 (Torbutton prevents GUI customizations in Firefox on Ubuntu) closed by poundonu
fixed: OK, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Tab Mix Plus and the problem …

May 24, 2010:

2:59 PM org/meetings/2010TorAnnualDevMeeting edited by phobos

May 23, 2010:

12:19 PM Ticket #1511 (Accounting Resets when System Timezone Changes) created by BarkerJr
If you have one timezone set and burn through your bandwidth, then …

May 22, 2010:

2:10 PM doc/TorifyHOWTO edited by aldaris
I've add a link to the translation in English of the guide to … (diff)

May 21, 2010:

10:33 PM Ticket #1510 (Tor Browser - No Route to Host?) created by tom2oz
I have successfully d/l and installed Tor browser, however when I try …
4:18 PM doc/TorFAQ edited by atagar
3:33 PM org/meetings/2010TorAnnualDevMeeting edited by n8fr8
2:27 AM Ticket #1508 (make check-spaces does not check source files in src/tools) closed by nickm
fixed: You presume correctly! Merging, and fixing up whitespace there.
2:08 AM Ticket #1509 (help window is too big for the screen on android 1.6) created by phobos
In orbot 0.0.6 with tor, when hitting menu, then help, …
1:18 AM Ticket #1508 (make check-spaces does not check source files in src/tools) created by sjmurdoch
Running "make check-spaces" runs a handy little script which points …
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