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Jul 25, 2010:

2:33 AM Ticket #1730 (bandwidth management) created by StrifeDelivery
Bandwidth intense programs similar to the relay, for the sake of …
2:22 AM Ticket #1729 (Tor not playing well with adobe) created by StrifeDelivery
Running XP Black R14 with SP3 Kaspersky and Avast Antiviral current …

Jul 24, 2010:

10:27 PM Ticket #1728 (Question to research) created by phobos
Is china gfw blocking in the following ways: 1) ip address of a tor …

Jul 23, 2010:

10:29 PM Ticket #1724 (mIRC Error Message) closed by phobos
invalid: It sounds like undernet is banning tor nodes. You should talk to …
10:29 PM Ticket #1727 (Expired ssl cert for translation.torproject.org) closed by phobos
wontfix: Thanks for reporting the issue. Yes, it's expired. The cert is still …
5:39 PM Ticket #1727 (Expired ssl cert for translation.torproject.org) created by torbert
SSL cert for subdomain translantion.torproject.org expired on the 6th …
2:36 PM Ticket #1726 (torperf graphs have huge y-axis) created by arma
The last-two-weeks torperf graphs all have their data at the very …
5:28 AM Ticket #1725 (kernel.org ruleset) created by rransom
As of 2010-03-18, kernel.org supports HTTPS for all subdomains except …
2:56 AM Ticket #1673 (Firefox HTTP Prefetch feature leaks unencrypted site accesses, ...) closed by pde
fixed: Fixed in the recent development branch
2:55 AM Ticket #1672 (Firefox search box typeahead completion leaks plaintext queries) closed by pde
fixed: We believe this is fixed in 0.2.2.development.3
2:54 AM Ticket #1700 (Wikipedia URL error) closed by pde
1:55 AM Ticket #1716 (Per-app traffic routing prefs not persisted) closed by n8fr8
fixed: fixed in 0.0.8-beta-20710a

Jul 22, 2010:

9:25 PM Ticket #1724 (mIRC Error Message) created by djtreet
When using the undernet network for mIRC, I get the following message …

Jul 21, 2010:

8:38 PM Ticket #1723 (Firefox add-on update search hangs a Torbutton) created by allesok
When searching for updates to Firefox add-ons (Tools > Add-ons > Find …
5:05 PM Ticket #1708 (please create trac-test) closed by weasel
5:04 PM Ticket #1717 (teach account manager about cracklib) closed by weasel
2:16 PM org/operations/ProductsandAssignments edited by atagar
1:24 PM Ticket #1722 (Captcha at sorry.google.com does not follow https) created by koryk
When using Torbutton, google queries are often forwarded to …
12:33 PM org/operations/ProductsandAssignments edited by linus
s/jake/ioerror/1 (diff)
12:32 PM org/operations/ProductsandAssignments edited by linus
Correct torbel person Ilja. (diff)
10:05 AM Ticket #1721 (Analyze increase in Microsoft Windows relay availability?) created by phobos
In the past two years, have relays claiming to be microsoft windows …
9:49 AM Ticket #1720 (Please add GetTor to git) created by kaner
The current GetTor code is still in subversion, at …
12:07 AM Ticket #1719 (create https deb.torproject.org) created by phobos
From a user: "We, in Iran, can't browse *http*:torproject.org as the …

Jul 20, 2010:

11:08 PM Ticket #1718 (upload the source video files to media.torproject.org) created by phobos
Specific requests to upload the following videos to …
9:43 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by robertfoss
8:04 PM Ticket #1717 (teach account manager about cracklib) created by weasel
5:50 PM Ticket #1679 (Add SPF records for torproject.org) closed by weasel
fixed: I'm closing this as I think not having SPF records is a feature, for …
1:32 PM Ticket #1716 (Per-app traffic routing prefs not persisted) created by djhalliday
version: Orbot-0.0.8-Beta-071910a.apk the new per app torification …
1:10 PM Ticket #1715 (Remove old unused win code.) created by mingw-san
After 8d31141ccbdbeee9589d04ea99819af7aa35193b no more chance for non …
11:26 AM Ticket #1714 (Stats/Code page is broken) created by karsten
When I go to Stats and select "Code", I get the following error …
11:25 AM Ticket #1713 (Make some other component than Android (Orbot)-Backend / Core the default) created by karsten
The current default component for new tickets is "Android …
11:19 AM Ticket #1712 (Archive Mixminion-* tasks) created by karsten
We should archive the tasks belonging to the Mixminion-Server, …
11:16 AM Ticket #1711 (Clean up Trac components) created by karsten
We should clean up the Trac components a bit. I just tried out …
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