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Oct 19, 2010:

5:35 PM Ticket #2087 (Tor use 100% of one of the cores in multithread system) created by stars
Hi, From a couples weeks, Tor is using 100% of one core from my 4 . …
5:23 PM Ticket #2086 (Restart Tor after the torrc file has changed) created by chiiph
Vidalia should notify when the configuration file is changed that Tor …
5:19 PM Ticket #2085 (Vidalia should alert user about bridge status) created by chiiph
Vidalia should provide easy to follow feedback about bridge use …
4:39 PM Ticket #2008 ("Circuit Build Times Network Close" warnings) closed by Sebastian
duplicate: Duplicate of #1772
4:23 AM Ticket #2084 (Convert torcheck to git) created by Sebastian
I want to migrate the check repository to git. People with commit …
2:54 AM Ticket #2083 (Allow configuration of all torrc options via Vidalia) created by chiiph
This is a reference to https://trac.vidalia-project.net/ticket/76
2:32 AM Ticket #2082 (Add chiiph to the developer group) closed by Sebastian
implemented: done.
2:31 AM Ticket #2082 (Add chiiph to the developer group) created by Sebastian
so he can modify tickets

Oct 18, 2010:

8:43 PM doc/TorBrowserBundle edited by ioerror
add link to projects/TorBrowserBundle/OSX/Security (diff)
8:42 PM doc/TorBrowserBundle/OSX/Security edited by ioerror
Add some notes (diff)
5:54 AM Ticket #1710 (Count sent and received octets even if not configured for hibernation) closed by Sebastian
invalid: Not relevant anymore. Closing.
5:39 AM Ticket #2081 (Remove restriction to not send relay_early for rend circs) created by Sebastian
Back in bug #1038 we added a restriction not to send relay_early cells …
4:40 AM Ticket #2037 (research page missing from website) closed by phobos
fixed: Done. See r23635-23637. And …
4:22 AM Ticket #2057 (Download pages doesn't provide signatures for packages) closed by phobos
fixed: There, the download page provides signatures now.
4:21 AM Ticket #2034 (https://www.torproject.org/press/ doesn't pick an index page) closed by phobos
4:16 AM doc/TorFAQ edited by phobos
4:13 AM doc/TorFAQ edited by phobos
add vidalia w2k bug (diff)
2:22 AM Ticket #2080 (Wikipedia -> Wiktionary links are broken) created by pde
Links like the following are currently broken: …
12:47 AM Ticket #2079 (Display issue on the homepage in Safari on OS X) created by Sebastian
See the attached screenshot, the box is too large

Oct 17, 2010:

8:46 AM doc/TorifyHOWTO/IrcSilc edited by larloch
1:07 AM Ticket #2036 (tbb versions on download page are misleading) closed by phobos
fixed: sounds resolved to me, we leave it at tbb version.
1:05 AM Ticket #2009 (Torbutton “install from this website” links use HTTP) closed by phobos
1:02 AM Ticket #2073 (404 document doesn't work for subdirectories) closed by phobos
implemented: done.

Oct 16, 2010:

9:59 PM Ticket #2055 (set errordocument 404 to /en/sitemap) closed by weasel
fixed: Replying to phobos: > I suggest undoing this and killing …
8:56 PM Ticket #2076 (The link to the TorButton design document is broken.) closed by phobos
fixed: fixed and live
6:27 PM Ticket #1744 (Tor.exe has encoutered a problem and needs to close) closed by phobos
user disappeared: closing because the user disappeared and the information available …
6:25 PM Ticket #2078 (document settings in tor browser bundles) created by phobos
We really need to ship a document in the TBB's that clearly documents …
9:02 AM doc/Preventing_Tor_DNS_Leaks edited by cypherpunks
add info about torsocks and disabling DNS prefetching (diff)
12:02 AM Ticket #1582 (Excess of trailing /s) closed by mikeperry
fixed: This should be fixed now if you write the rules without trailing /'s. …

Oct 15, 2010:

11:26 PM Ticket #1678 (HTTPS Everywhere broken with 4.0b2pre nightly build) closed by mikeperry
fixed: We merged this in to master. Should appear in 0.2.3 (the next unstable …
11:21 PM Ticket #1722 (Captcha at sorry.google.com does not follow https) closed by mikeperry
fixed: I think this is a torbutton issue. It is fixed in 1.3.0-alpha and …
11:12 PM Ticket #1674 (every from rule should contain a slash after the host part) closed by pde
fixed: Fixed in git.
10:55 PM Ticket #2077 (Overwriting files can fail on Windows) created by joebt
Using Firefox 3.6.10, Vista x64 hm prem, SP2. Crashes w/ older Tor …
10:35 PM Ticket #1990 (please exclude torperf.tpo) closed by mikeperry
10:34 PM Ticket #1946 (please exclude deb.tpo) closed by mikeperry
10:24 PM Ticket #1694 (media.torproject.org) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Exclusion added.
6:44 PM Ticket #2076 (The link to the TorButton design document is broken.) created by katmagic
The link on <a …
6:04 PM Ticket #2075 (Simplify get_predicted_ports logic in rephist) created by nickm
The old predicted ports code keeping two lists of items in synch by …
5:49 PM Ticket #2074 (Links to download Tor in other languages) created by runa
The "Download Tor" page only lists English packages. We should provide …
1:46 PM Ticket #2073 (404 document doesn't work for subdirectories) created by Sebastian
The issue is that the link to the css and images generated by head.wmi …
1:20 PM Ticket #2072 (Collect popular now-dead urls) created by Sebastian
weasel made it possible to use .htaccess files for redirect. We should …
6:10 AM Ticket #2010 (Torbutton alpha install link is broken) closed by phobos
fixed: fixed.

Oct 14, 2010:

10:42 PM Ticket #2071 (BridgeDB stuck at 500 bridges) created by mikeperry
Why is 500 the magic number for max bridges we have ever seen? …
10:35 PM Ticket #2070 (Torbutton alpha symlink dead) closed by mikeperry
duplicate: Woops. Ticket #2010 already exists for this. At any rate, I still …
10:27 PM Ticket #2070 (Torbutton alpha symlink dead) created by mikeperry
I don't appear to have permissions to fix this one: …
6:43 PM Ticket #2069 (Orbot fails to start if configured as a relay) created by agl
Orbot version: 1.0.4 Phone: Nexus One, 2.2.1 FRG83 Repo steps: In …
4:20 PM Ticket #2068 (Add a guard-status getinfo) created by Sebastian
Bridge users should get better feedback about which bridges are up and …
4:15 PM Ticket #2059 (Rename router_get_by_digest()) closed by nickm
fixed: Looks fine to me. Merged.
1:40 PM Ticket #2067 (bwauth error) created by phobos
I started receiving notices like this yesterday, NOTICE[Thu Oct 14 …
7:19 AM Ticket #2066 (no country flags/City-Country id on nodes in Tor Network Map) closed by Sebastian
invalid: This is a Vidalia problem that is solved by updating to 0.2.10. Tor's …
5:15 AM Ticket #2066 (no country flags/City-Country id on nodes in Tor Network Map) created by TorUser
Recently the country flags and City-Country names disappeared in the …
2:23 AM Ticket #2065 (Update TorCtl examples) created by mikeperry
The TorCtl examples are all old and broken. Plus atagar has made the …
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