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Dec 28, 2010:

11:55 PM Ticket #2325 (Document torrc format) created by rransom
We currently do not seem to have a specification for Tor's torrc …
10:53 PM Ticket #2324 (realloc should check SIZE_T_CEILING too?) created by arma
Our recent code security fixes made malloc check […] but we didn't …
10:29 PM Ticket #2323 (directory src/TorCtl does not exist) created by qbi
I cloned the ARM repository today to r23979 and wanted to install the …
10:16 PM doc/DNSHijacking edited by aolsson
10:14 PM doc/DNSHijacking edited by aolsson
HTTP to HTTPS. (diff)
10:05 PM doc/Torouter edited by rransom
start explaining that the Tor transproxy is not meant to provide anonymity (diff)
9:42 PM doc/Torouter edited by ioerror
Fix markup for wiki link (diff)
9:41 PM doc/Torouter edited by ioerror
Add status disclaimer (diff)
9:27 PM Ticket #2322 (circuit_build_times_disabled() and others missing function comments) created by arma
There are many functions at the beginning of circuitbuild.c that are …
9:20 PM Ticket #2321 (sketchy integer casting in circuit_build_times_shuffle_and_store_array) created by arma
In circuit_build_times_parse_state() we have […] which we increment …
9:00 PM Ticket #2320 (var_cell_t with payload_len 0 risky) created by arma
In fetch_var_cell_from_buf(), we do […] If length is 0, then in …
11:15 AM org/meetings/2011MiniDevMeeting edited by aolsson
"tor" to "Tor". (diff)
8:11 AM Ticket #2319 (Windows Vidalia Bundle stores Tor DataDirectory and Vidalia config dir ...) created by rransom
The Vidalia Bundle for Windows stores Tor's DataDirectory and …
5:50 AM Ticket #2263 (vidalia was unable to athinticate to tor software (control socket is ...) closed by rransom
invalid: See https://www.torproject.org/docs/faq#VidaliaPassword.
5:44 AM Ticket #2318 (Tor dies after you quit Vidalia on Mac) closed by rransom
wontfix: Replying to aaronsw: > I installed the Mac version of …
5:19 AM doc/OperationalSecurity edited by cypherpunks
5:14 AM doc/OperationalSecurity edited by cypherpunks
Fixed broken link to article on browsing web and reading email as admin (diff)
3:36 AM Ticket #2318 (Tor dies after you quit Vidalia on Mac) created by aaronsw
I installed the Mac version of Tor and opened Vidalia. While it was …

Dec 27, 2010:

9:53 PM org/meetings/2011MiniDevMeeting edited by ioerror
add flight info (diff)
4:58 PM Ticket #2317 (Missing sanity checks for cbtnummodes consensus parameter) created by Sebastian
[]<doors> wtf. devs inserted trapdoors!? …
2:52 PM Ticket #2316 (TOR crashes computer when downloading a particular JPEG) created by thornja
libevent2 version 1.4.12-1pclos2010 tor version …
2:37 PM Ticket #2315 (torbutton advices using the obsolete TorVM) created by intrigeri
The external application poppup advices using TorVM which is AFAIK …

Dec 26, 2010:

3:13 PM doc/Torouter edited by cypherpunks
1:44 PM doc/TransparentProxy edited by rransom
The PF transproxy rules for *BSD do work on OpenBSD 4.6 . (diff)
9:39 AM Ticket #2314 (Compile warnings on windows) created by Sebastian
maint-0.2.1, -0.2.2 and master all have compile warnings on windows …

Dec 25, 2010:

9:18 PM doc/VerifyingSignatures edited by cypherpunks
MediaWiki link format isn't valid on TracWiki (diff)

Dec 24, 2010:

12:20 PM Ticket #2313 (pthreads on windows includes config.h) created by Sebastian
Attempting to compile Tor fails for me, because we use …
6:10 AM Ticket #2312 (TBB for Linux tarball contains symlinks) created by rransom
The Tor Browser Bundle for Linux tarball (version 1.1.1) contains …

Dec 23, 2010:

12:40 PM doc/Torouter edited by tpno
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