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Apr 5, 2011:

8:25 PM Ticket #2559 (connection buckets get not decremented in a private tor network) closed by nickm
implemented: Thanks! Fixing the credits and merging into the master branch; this …
10:48 AM Ticket #2860 (Research TCP connection patterns produced by web browsing) created by rransom
We suspect that Tor connections (and other TCP-based encrypted tunnel …
4:39 AM Ticket #2591 (Mike Perry's Iteration Report 20110220-20110305) closed by mikeperry
2:58 AM Ticket #2606 (Torbutton Iteration 20110220-20110305) closed by mikeperry
2:57 AM Ticket #2211 (HTTPS Everywhere >0.2.2 silently fail to work on Firefox 3.0.x) closed by mikeperry
wontfix: Firefox 3.0 is dead.
2:41 AM Ticket #2859 (Transform perf tech report outline into latex draft) created by mikeperry
The submission deadline is Apr 25th, so we should have a passable …
2:40 AM Ticket #2858 (Transform W3C Identity outline into draft) created by mikeperry
This should be quick writing. I've written this same thing down in …
2:26 AM Ticket #2857 (Mike Perry's Iteration Report 20110417) created by mikeperry
= Goals = …
2:20 AM Ticket #2782 (Mike Perry's Iteration Report 20110403) closed by mikeperry
1:37 AM Ticket #2789 (toolbar button not working as expected) closed by mikeperry
worksforme: Please use 1.3.2-alpha. Also note that the Tor Browser Bundles are …
1:35 AM Ticket #2788 (date hooks not applied) closed by mikeperry
duplicate: Please use 1.3.2-alpha.
1:20 AM Ticket #2781 (Review Robert Hogan's WebKit patches) closed by mikeperry
1:19 AM Ticket #2855 (Blog post asking for review of FIrefox 4 + Torbutton) closed by mikeperry
fixed: https://blog.torproject.org/blog/web-developers-and-firefox-hackers-hel
1:16 AM Ticket #2856 (Test using FF4's new JS engine for anti-fingerprinting) created by mikeperry
Firefox 4 may have tossed us a bone in terms of new Javascript APIs to …
1:13 AM Ticket #2855 (Blog post asking for review of FIrefox 4 + Torbutton) created by mikeperry
I want to reach out to the community to get some more eyeballs on …
1:10 AM Ticket #2854 (Clean up Tor Abuse FAQ) closed by mikeperry
1:10 AM Ticket #2854 (Clean up Tor Abuse FAQ) created by mikeperry
We wanted to make the Tor Abuse FAQ entries more clear wrt our …
1:06 AM Ticket #2853 (Review Some GSoC Proposals) closed by mikeperry
1:06 AM Ticket #2853 (Review Some GSoC Proposals) created by mikeperry
Over the past week, I reviewed a few GSoC proposals and spent a bit of …
12:54 AM Ticket #2638 (Document 1.3.x in Torbutton Design Doc and update Firefox Bug List) closed by mikeperry
12:54 AM Ticket #2770 (Perform experiments to determine optimal circuit build timeout cutoff) closed by mikeperry
12:47 AM Ticket #2852 (File new Firefox bugs for TLS and fingerprinting issues) created by mikeperry
We should file bugs for the issues in ticket #2482 that require better …
12:44 AM Ticket #2851 (Document Torbutton + Firefox bounties) created by mikeperry
We need to figure out where/how to to document bounties for fixing our …

Apr 4, 2011:

9:15 PM Ticket #2850 (use of SO_REUSEADDR socket option, was: Error binding network socket: ...) created by Falo
Blutmagie and Tory exits frequently log the error Apr 04 15:27:48.706 …
8:15 PM Ticket #2849 (Tor Button Alpha causes random FF 4 crash) created by queso
I have FF4 (final) and Torbutton 1.3.2-alpha (among other add-ons). …
7:37 PM Ticket #2702 (Create a configure flag for building a static Tor) closed by nickm
fixed: Ok, merged sebastian/static-work, with a changes file. Thanks, all!
3:20 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
Correcting error with the merge instructions. (diff)
3:05 AM Ticket #2848 (Ship TBB-Firefox as a separately downloadable package) created by rransom
I and other Tor users will want to use Tor without Polipo, without …
2:48 AM Ticket #2847 (Bring back livemarks wrapped component) created by mikeperry
While updating the design doc, I realized we still do in fact need to …
2:09 AM Ticket #2846 (Patch GPG to support SOCKS proxies) created by rransom
Currently, GPG supports using HTTP proxies, but not using SOCKS …
1:59 AM Ticket #2845 (Start building Firefox from source on Windows) created by rransom
We need to start building Firefox from source on Windows so that we …
1:40 AM Ticket #2329 (Cannot Start Tor in Win XP or 7 (Vidalia.exe - Entry Point Not Found)) closed by rransom
worksforme: Tor Browser Bundle works for us on Windows.
1:30 AM Ticket #2154 (Tor Browser crashes every time on Windows 7) closed by rransom
not a bug
1:18 AM Ticket #2844 (Remove Polipo from all Tor Project bundles) created by rransom
We have been shipping Polipo with several known security holes for …

Apr 3, 2011:

11:01 PM Ticket #2843 (Check an environment variable for a SOCKS port) created by mikeperry
To ease TBB deployment, Torbutton should check to see if it has been …
4:38 PM Ticket #2842 (make download-easy the default download page) created by arma
Does it need to exist still? We have people translating it but I …
4:24 PM Ticket #2841 (Implementing the pluggable-transport spec (external proxies)) created by asn
We should implement the proposals/ideas/xxx-pluggable-transport.txt. …
4:22 PM Ticket #2840 (Make obfsproxy modular) created by asn
Creating pluggable transport modules for obfsrpoxy should be "easy". …
9:35 AM Ticket #2839 (Diagnose session store issues) created by mikeperry
We are *still* getting weird crashes/restart issues due to the session …
8:18 AM Ticket #2838 (Cookie protections dialog is inaccessible) created by mikeperry
Switching the Torbutton perferences to use the cookie protections …
7:42 AM Ticket #2837 (Torbutton's ‘banned ports’ make it detectable when off) created by rransom
Torbutton leaves ports 8118, 8123, 9050, and 9051 in Firefox's ‘banned …
7:20 AM Ticket #2836 (Plugins Missing from FF4 TBB?) closed by rransom
duplicate: Duplicate of #2828.
7:20 AM Ticket #2836 (Plugins Missing from FF4 TBB?) created by cgp3cg
Download the x86 Linux version of TBB w/FF4 from …
6:42 AM doc/arm edited by atagar
Minor spacing issue noticed while on another system. (diff)
6:04 AM doc/arm edited by atagar
Marking off the last few bug fixes for the 1.4.2 release. (diff)
5:57 AM Ticket #2835 (Vidalia ‘Find Bridges Now’ button doesn't work) created by rransom
The ‘Find Bridges Now’ button in Vidalia 0.2.10 does not work: it …
4:24 AM Ticket #1961 (Polipo not starting with Vidalia-TOR when in autostart) closed by rransom
worksforme: I have never seen this bug on my 64-bit Windows 7 systems. Perhaps we …
4:04 AM Ticket #1803 (OSX 10.6.4, Downloads bigger than 30MB stall) closed by rransom
duplicate: Duplicate of #1149.
3:59 AM Ticket #2834 (Download from Firefox hangs if file is greater than 30MB) closed by rransom
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #1149 and #2303. To avoid this Polipo bug, you …
3:53 AM Ticket #2834 (Download from Firefox hangs if file is greater than 30MB) created by Twisted
Download consistently hangs if I try and use Firefox to download a …

Apr 2, 2011:

11:58 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
Removing some fixed bugs and delaying other tasks until the following … (diff)
8:04 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
Delaying a port of the descriptor popup until the next release. (diff)
6:25 PM Ticket #2833 (Conflict with downthemall when torbutton is on) created by malef
Hi all! I have a problem that maybe not a bug but I cant find a …
3:49 PM Ticket #2832 (HTML5 Youtube no workee) created by pstumpf
HTML5 video works perfectly with most sites using Torbutton + Firefox …
11:56 AM Ticket #2831 (Set up backups of the Tor Weather database) created by rransom
Tor Weather stores its state (including subscription information and …
10:51 AM Ticket #2830 (Arm should redraw on CTRL-L) created by np
In some conditions arm fails to redraw itself properly. In particular …
10:47 AM Ticket #2829 (Tor weather should check its db before sending Welcome notices.) created by np
When a node becomes "Stable" the operator receives a mail advertising …
1:51 AM doc/arm edited by atagar
Additional issues spotted while looking for parity with the old … (diff)
1:37 AM doc/arm edited by atagar
Marking connection panel improvements for supporting hidden services (diff)

Apr 1, 2011:

11:43 PM Ticket #2777 (Clear OCSP cache during toggle) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Fixed in origin/master. Should appear in the next release.
11:24 PM Ticket #2774 (Write down an outline of the performance tech report) closed by mikeperry
11:16 PM Ticket #2773 (Outline for W3C Identity Workshop) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Sent a draft to nick + arma. If anyone else wants to see it, please …
6:51 PM Ticket #2828 (FF4 tor browser bundle for linux missing extensions) created by phobos
There is no way to configure torbutton, noscript, better privacy, nor …
6:47 PM Ticket #2827 (FF4 in Linux TBB finds plugins) created by phobos
64-it ff4 tor browser bundle for linux searches and finds gnash …
6:44 PM Ticket #2826 (TBB 2.2.x for Linux Firefox tries to load skypebuttons.so, crashes) created by phobos
the new ff4 tor-browser-bundles for linux, 64-bit crashes with: Apr …
4:57 PM Ticket #2825 (TorCtl 104 In _loop) created by atagar
Hi Mike. While experimenting with HS configurations I started getting …
4:09 PM Ticket #2820 (tor- alpha fails to compile on Mac OS X 10.4.11, PowerPC, G3) closed by cypherpunks
worksforme: Compiles properly after installing Xcode 2.2.1 off of the Mac OS X …
1:21 PM Ticket #2786 (Extract certificates from votes and make them available on the metrics ...) closed by karsten
implemented: A tarball of v3 certificates is now available on the …
2:52 AM Ticket #2824 (Make Linux TBB not fail in a non-obvious manner when run as root) created by rransom
Currently, the Linux Tor Browser Bundle tarball contains files owned …

Mar 31, 2011:

11:56 PM Ticket #2823 (Test button for firewall setting, not just UPnP) created by DesperateDan
Currently you provide a test button against the option "Attempt to …
7:00 PM Ticket #2822 (fix for 2279 causes addresses mapped to private addresses to fail) created by arma
As part of the fix to #2279 we committed 411ec3c0 which made tor …
5:21 PM Ticket #2821 (Give Vidalia a bootstrap option for torrc) created by erinn
Currently, unless a torrc is specified with the appropriate options, …
4:58 PM Ticket #2784 (https anywhere for firefox mobile (fennec)) closed by mikeperry
duplicate: Let's use #2471 for this. I already did the groundwork and the UI. It …
4:58 PM Ticket #2820 (tor- alpha fails to compile on Mac OS X 10.4.11, PowerPC, G3) created by cypherpunks
Version of gcc installed by default is: gcc (GCC) 3.1 20020420 …
1:22 PM Ticket #2688 (BridgeDB re-assigns unallocated bridges from/to file buckets without need) closed by karsten
fixed: Looks good. I added a small change (fileName -> filename) that …
11:47 AM Ticket #2814 (Sidenav does not show up on Polish pages) closed by runa
fixed: Fixed in r24516. Changes will be live as soon as someone builds and …
11:44 AM Ticket #2815 (Include Polish translation of overview-image) closed by runa
fixed: Fixed in r24518. I have also updated the Polish translation on Transifex.
11:39 AM Ticket #2816 (Include Polish translation of *.wmi) closed by runa
fixed: Fixed in r24516.
6:13 AM doc/TransparentProxy edited by torguy
Allow and don't redirect outbound loopback packets (breaks some apps). … (diff)
5:14 AM org/roadmaps/Website edited by JonCharge
formatting (diff)
5:11 AM org/roadmaps/Website edited by JonCharge
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