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Sep 8, 2011:

11:34 PM Ticket #3401 (Script to install and configure Debian on the Torouter) closed by runa
fixed: We are now using the freedom-maker script to replace the current …
11:31 PM Ticket #3866 (po4a does not like the script tags in download.wml) closed by runa
fixed: Fixed in r25020.
11:25 PM Ticket #3868 (Make the farsi translations include the right ...) closed by runa
fixed: Fixed in r25021.
11:09 PM Ticket #3964 ('--service install' ignores all other command-line arguments) created by rransom
I ran tor --service install -f C:/WORK/Tor/etc/torrc as a Windows …
10:37 PM Ticket #3574 (Estimate cost of running a bridge in the cloud) closed by runa
fixed: Replying to runa: > Replying to karsten: > > …
9:55 PM Ticket #3963 ('--service install' does not prevent Tor from running normally) created by rransom
8:19 PM Ticket #3962 (Add duckduckgo searchbox to check.tp.o?) created by mikeperry
I notice duckduckgo is running an advocacy campaign. Would they like …
5:27 PM Ticket #3229 (Make content pref service memory-only + clearable) closed by mikeperry
5:27 PM Ticket #3547 (Disable all plugins but flash) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Woo hoo. It was just a stray pref on windows.
4:10 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
Added fix for path prefix not being applied to auth cookie paths (diff)
3:17 PM Ticket #2391 (Upgrade to use new SQLAlchemy and Elixir) closed by mikeperry
1:09 PM Ticket #1748 (Implement microdescriptors) closed by nickm
implemented: Closing this : microdescriptors are implemented.
9:50 AM org/sponsors/SponsorE/September2011 edited by karsten
Don't call tasks done until they're really done. (diff)
9:36 AM org/sponsors/SponsorF/November2011 edited by karsten
Clarify some of Nick's tasks. (diff)
8:59 AM org/sponsors/SponsorF/November2011 edited by karsten
Update the status of some of Mike's tasks. (diff)
8:03 AM org/sponsors/SponsorF/November2011 edited by karsten
Edit some task responsibilities. (diff)
4:58 AM Ticket #3960 (Torbutton's toggle disabled zoom.siteSpecific on TBB.) created by mikeperry
Another regression caused by #2338.
2:21 AM Ticket #3627 (Split edge_connection_t into edge_connection_t and entry_connection_t) closed by nickm

Sep 7, 2011:

11:14 PM Ticket #3958 (pytorctl should learn to try both CookieAuth and PasswordAuth) created by arma
pytorctl apparently suffers from the same problem Vidalia did in …
11:08 PM Ticket #3957 (Vidalia 0.2.x does not display warning-level status events to the user) created by rransom
I started TBB for Linux on a Debian Live CD, and Tor got stuck in an …
8:38 PM Ticket #3956 (BwAuthority Socks5Error 'Connection Refused' correlated with a single exit) created by aagbsn
We've been seeing Tracebacks from Socks5Error with 'Connection …
7:47 PM Ticket #3421 (control socket owned by root) closed by nickm
fixed: Looks good ; merged it!
7:17 PM doc/Wikipedia edited by qbi
changed links to secure.wiki… (diff)
7:08 PM doc/Wikipedia edited by qbi
added some headings (diff)
7:05 PM Ticket #3327 (Overzealous descriptor regeneration bug remains) closed by nickm
fixed: Okay, I've cleaned it up, squashed it, tested it a little, and merged it.
6:42 PM Ticket #2649 (Make the interval to become a hsdir a little longer) closed by nickm
fixed: Okay, merging this one onto 0.2.2 and master. Thanks!
4:27 PM Ticket #3955 (Torbutton addon for firefox makes gmail buggy) created by nblouveton
Hi ! Torbutton add-on for firefox induces server error 103 when an …
4:11 PM Ticket #3953 (micro-revision and source sha1sums do not work when not building in ...) created by weasel
configure allows you to build your binaries in a dedicated build tree …
3:57 PM Ticket #3909 (Tor no longer cross compile (to iOS)) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged after revisions and comments from rransom. Thanks, all!
3:20 PM Ticket #3547 (Disable all plugins but flash) reopened by erinn
So far I have only tested this on MacOS, and I think I would say it …
3:20 PM Ticket #3851 (FetchUselessDescriptors, or something, should make us fetch old-style ...) closed by nickm
fixed: Still looks good to me. Merging this one and hoping for the best.
2:46 PM Ticket #3658 (Vidalia.pot typo, #: MainWindow.cpp:1653) closed by chiiph
fixed: This has been fixed in commit 4a084f175d5995c89666df71083cb5a334b3524e
2:05 PM Ticket #3578 (180-pluggable-transport.txt changes) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged; thanks!
10:43 AM Ticket #3547 (Disable all plugins but flash) closed by mikeperry
fixed: erinn: This is done in mikeperry/bug3547, but it needs testing on …
10:30 AM Ticket #3952 (Connection Refused By Peer) created by jakelikessnakes
Vidalia and Tor were working fine for the past two weeks; suddenly …
7:59 AM Ticket #3338 (Why do our user graphs have these huge spikes?) closed by arma
implemented: Closing this one, on the theory that the original question is now …
7:55 AM Ticket #3951 (Enable DirReqStatistics and ExtraInfoStatistics in 0.2.2.x?) created by arma
As part of #3338, we learned that about 20% of the relays by capacity …
5:43 AM Ticket #3950 (Torstatus beta index page doesn't list any relays?) created by arma
http://www.torstatusbeta.org/index/ shows that there are 47 pages to …
5:13 AM Ticket #3949 (TorStatus frontpage graph makes me think the network is dead) created by arma
I've attached the graphic I'm seeing on the front page of …
3:58 AM Ticket #3933 (app.update.auto is getting changed to true) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Fixed in origin/master. Will appear in Torbutton 1.4.3.
3:17 AM Ticket #3948 ("fooport auto" should be able to get a hint) created by arma
In #3945 we learned that "socksport auto" (as implemented in #3076) on …
3:14 AM Ticket #3947 (Design a new website and binary package mirroring system) created by phobos
It's clear that as torproject.org is blocked, spoofed, or otherwise …
3:06 AM Ticket #3244 (Research moving mirrors to a bittorrent distro model) closed by phobos
wontfix: killing this ticket, as bittorrent should be one function of a better …
2:28 AM Ticket #3946 (consensus param for min bw to get Fast flag) created by arma
To allow simpler network-wide testing, we should have a consensus …
1:53 AM Ticket #3945 (tbb's socksport auto confuses windows users who try to use other apps) created by arma
Now that TBB sets socksport auto, we have a number of users who try to …
1:49 AM Ticket #3860 (Release Torbutton 1.4.2) closed by mikeperry
1:44 AM Ticket #3944 (TBB prefs are set as user_prefs (may cause exceptions/settings errors?)) created by mikeperry
All of the prefs we change in TBB appear to be set as user prefs. This …
12:25 AM Ticket #3923 (tor dies in assert on reloading config when TrackExitHosts ...) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged into 0.2.2 and later. Thanks! (I've credited you in the …
12:11 AM Ticket #3943 (self-test the socks port before bootstrapping is complete?) created by arma
Some users (e.g. those in #3941) have local firewalls that will let …

Sep 6, 2011:

10:26 PM Ticket #3442 (non-relays shouldn't mark_my_descriptor_dirty) closed by arma
duplicate: Closing in favor of #3942, which has the same issue but more words.
10:22 PM Ticket #3753 (Release Tor closed by arma
9:13 PM Ticket #3942 (Tor client "Decided to publish new relay descriptor") created by fk
When logging at info level, my Tor client informs be about once per …
4:26 PM doc/TorifyHOWTO/EMail edited by npj
3:55 PM org/sponsors/SponsorF/November2011 edited by karsten
Rephrase a task. (diff)
2:19 PM org/sponsors/SponsorE/September2011 edited by karsten
Remove comments and mark one item done. (diff)
1:52 PM Ticket #3941 (Windows users + firewalls having trouble with automatic port selection) created by erinn
We've been seeing a lot of complaints from Windows users with …
12:28 PM Ticket #3940 (Allow MapAddress .exit even if AllowDotExit is 0) created by sjmurdoch
If AllowDotExit is 0 (the default) MapAddress doesn't permit a .exit …
12:05 PM org/sponsors/SponsorF/November2011 edited by karsten
Update status of change-my-IP interface task. (diff)
11:12 AM org/roadmaps/Tor/023 edited by karsten
Add October 1 deadline for proposal 118. (diff)
11:02 AM org/sponsors/SponsorF/November2011 edited by karsten
Update bridges on IPv6 task. (diff)
1:28 AM Ticket #3939 (please create a tor-qa list) created by erinn
It's me vs. 1000 tor packages. I am not keeping up and I don't think …
12:04 AM Ticket #2901 (Firefox 4 Tor Browser Bundle: execstack required by libcrypto (Fedora ...) reopened by cypherpunks
This problem is present in …

Sep 5, 2011:

10:02 PM Ticket #3938 (Extension seems to interfer with new wikimedia upload wizard) created by AzaToth
The new upload wizard created for the wikimedia commons project in …
9:50 PM Ticket #3937 (HTTPS Everywhere Identica ruleset incomplete, causes contant error messages) created by deltaVector
With the Identica ruleset enabled, the error console constantly gets …
6:43 PM Ticket #3936 (Combination of TransPort and TransListenAddress in old syntax ...) created by fk
I've been using the following Tor directives for years: TransPort …
5:11 PM Ticket #3935 (Vidalia from Mac OS X Tor Browser Bundle 2.2.32-3-dev crashes on startup) created by sjmurdoch
Tor Browser Bundle 2.2.32-3-dev-osx-i386-en-US crashes for me on …
4:57 PM Ticket #3934 (Vidalia crashes on Mac OS X) created by daemoneye
The TorBrowser crashes on Mac OSX 10.6.8
4:04 PM Ticket #2525 (start-tor-browser script doesn't work when symlinked) closed by rransom
fixed: Fixed in TBB for Linux 2.2.32-3.
3:21 PM Ticket #3913 (Enable pipelining) closed by erinn
fixed: Implemented as of 2.2.32-3. Closing.
3:14 PM Ticket #3904 (TBB build package lacks patches) closed by erinn
fixed: I've fixed this bug as of 2.2.32-3. Closing. thanks for the report!
3:13 PM Ticket #3906 (TBB for Linux ships exploitable libpng) closed by erinn
fixed: Fixed in 2.2.32-3. Closing.
12:16 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by morphium
11:19 AM Ticket #3933 (app.update.auto is getting changed to true) created by erinn
We currently ship a prefs.js in TBB that disallows auto updating of …
10:35 AM Ticket #3932 (Create new address for GetTor second level support) created by ioerror
I propose that we create a new email address for inclusion rather than …
8:37 AM Ticket #3111 (Find a good way to put two alphas on the download page) reopened by nickm
Reopening and renaming. 0.2.2.x-alpha is now a thing of the past, but …
7:16 AM Ticket #3931 (Display Options in TorStatus have duplicate entries) created by karsten
Comment from the blog: "There are multiple selections of the same …
6:06 AM Ticket #3930 (tor crashes with SIGSEGV on SSL_CIPHER_get_name) created by monochromec
When running in daemon mode as a relay, tor crashes with a SIGSEV in …
3:26 AM Ticket #3929 (Remove CNNIC) created by mikeperry
We should remove CNNIC. What have they done for us lately?
3:20 AM Ticket #3928 (Auto-scroll broken on Twitter w/ Torbotton/TBB) created by mikeperry
The auto-scroll JS to get more than a page worth of results is broken …
12:24 AM Ticket #3927 (Vidalia torrc editor 'Save settings' checkbox is useless) created by rransom
Changes made using Vidalia's torrc editor are always saved to disk, …

Sep 4, 2011:

8:42 PM Ticket #3925 (tbb should set font document fonts to 0) closed by mikeperry
duplicate: There are two types of "Website fonts": Local fonts specified by CSS, …
5:43 PM Ticket #3584 (Tor Browser Bundle 1.1.12 X86_64 fails on Kubuntu 11.04) closed by rransom
duplicate: Duplicate of #2826.
3:10 PM Ticket #2578 (Add BridgeDB to Transifex) closed by Sebastian
fixed: done
3:09 PM Ticket #2643 (Cron job to pull translations from Transifex) closed by Sebastian
fixed: Implemented. Currently only bridgedb and orbot can be pulled …
3:09 PM Ticket #3180 (Add torbel to git.tpo) closed by Sebastian
fixed: done
3:08 PM Ticket #3105 (Pushed bytes reported by Heartbeat are wrong with bufferevents enabled) closed by Sebastian
fixed: I think this is probably fixed in ( #3803 ). Please …
3:00 PM Ticket #3897 (TBB build does insecure download of source files) closed by rransom
duplicate: Duplicate of #1348.
1:58 PM Ticket #3926 (download-easy page needs updates) created by phobos
Now that we have a great new download page, we need the download-easy …
1:51 PM Ticket #2842 (make download-easy the default download page) closed by phobos
1:50 PM Ticket #1596 (Make a separate page to be the homepage for TBB users) closed by phobos
fixed: closing this because we have a redesigned check.tpo page that tells …
1:48 PM Ticket #3917 (website TBB source page mentions Polipo) closed by phobos
fixed: removed.
1:48 PM Ticket #2369 (Sponsor F phase one (May2011) deliverables) closed by phobos
1:45 PM Ticket #3111 (Find a good way to put two alphas on the download page) closed by phobos
fixed: now that the 0.2.2.x is stable, 0.2.3 is alpha and is on the download page.
1:44 PM Ticket #3248 (Use javascript to detect the viewer's operating system) closed by phobos
fixed: this went live with the new download page.
1:32 PM Ticket #3925 (tbb should set font document fonts to 0) created by phobos
I notice with the ff6 bundles, I can have the website force font …
11:27 AM Ticket #1983 (Port tor-fw-helper to Windows) closed by sjmurdoch
fixed: This code was merged in along with #2046.
6:39 AM Ticket #3924 (Vidalia doesn't recognise that Tor has started. Doesn't start polipo.) created by yehudi
Vidalia starts normally. Vidalia progress bar shows Tor is starting. …
1:42 AM Ticket #3923 (tor dies in assert on reloading config when TrackExitHosts ...) created by laruldan
Tor dies in assert on reloading config or control/SETCONF …
12:33 AM Ticket #3922 (Torbutton (TBB Linux x86_64-2.2.32-2-dev-en) pops up warning box when ...) created by arma
When I started TBB I got: […] The partition I had TBB on was …

Sep 3, 2011:

11:52 PM Ticket #3921 (Allow windows+de in addition to windows_de) created by arma
I see lines like "windows_en" and "windows_de" in recent gettor …
11:09 PM Ticket #3920 (macos tbb too big for gmail) created by arma
I can imagine two options: A) Figure out how to make it smaller. What …
8:36 PM Ticket #3919 ( PSI FAKE FILES ?) created by falcontor
i use a software called peerguard on my linux server to block somme IP …
7:00 PM Ticket #3855 (When gettor acknowledges your request, it should tell you what it ...) closed by kaner
fixed: Hint about what was requested added. Closing.
6:59 PM Ticket #3829 (Make GetTor ship TBB for MacOS X i386 instead of the Vidalia-Bundle) closed by kaner
fixed: MacosX TBB added. Unfortunately its pretty big (>30MB) so that nobody …
6:58 PM Ticket #3772 (gettor email instructions should explain what to do with the .z file) closed by kaner
fixed: Description for .z files added. Closing.
6:57 PM Ticket #2796 (GetTor should describe the available packages) closed by kaner
fixed: Fixes as described. Closing.
6:52 PM Ticket #3381 (GetTor does not respond to requests for a second Tor package) closed by kaner
fixed: Fixed. Users can now request a configurable number of packages …
6:51 PM Ticket #3379 (GetTor reply omits GPG instructions) closed by kaner
fixed: Fixed. Closing.
3:39 PM Ticket #3918 (Comprehensive wikipedia support) created by pmarquesmota
HTTPS has been enabled on all components of the wikipedia web site …
3:12 PM Ticket #3917 (website TBB source page mentions Polipo) created by keb
but Polipo is not included in the distributed software page: …
11:43 AM Ticket #3914 (Experimental website traffic fingerprinting defense) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Patch is in my TBB firefox-6.0.1 branch awaiting merge. It should show …
10:27 AM Ticket #3916 (Rebase Firefox patches to 6.0.1) closed by mikeperry
8:32 AM Ticket #3916 (Rebase Firefox patches to 6.0.1) created by mikeperry
We need to rebase to 6.0.1 and drop the diginotar patch.
8:20 AM Ticket #3915 (Control listener on /var/run/tor/control) created by toruser32
why does tor open a control listener on /var/run/tor/control? This …
7:10 AM Ticket #3914 (Experimental website traffic fingerprinting defense) created by mikeperry
For grins, I decided to make an experimental fingerprinting defense to …
6:58 AM Ticket #3754 (SafeCache implementation breaks OCSP validation) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Ok, this is fixed using the #3666 patch. Fix is pushed to origin, will …
4:14 AM Ticket #3666 (SafeCache key is only 32bit) closed by mikeperry
fixed: I created a cacheDomain in nsICachingChannel. Patch is in my …
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