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Sep 21, 2011:

10:31 PM Ticket #4078 (Herd wombats into writing a proposal for #2905) created by mikeperry
I foolishly offered to try to help everyone untangle #2905 and related …
9:52 PM Ticket #3877 (IETF rule broken with OCSP verification enabled.) closed by pde
invalid: This is a transient operational problem with IETF's CA(s), not an …
9:24 PM Ticket #3740 (Reportedly we break streaming on Bandcamp) closed by pde
fixed: Fixed in 1.0.2 and 2.0development.1
9:24 PM Ticket #3734 (HTTPS Everywhere breaks OpenDNS domain tagging screenshots) closed by pde
fixed: now fixed in both the development and stable branches
9:19 PM Ticket #3918 (Comprehensive wikipedia support) closed by pde
fixed: This is now done in both the stable and devel branches.
9:03 PM Ticket #4077 (Remove UseMicrodescriptors 0 from BwAuthority torrc) created by aagbsn
#3851 resolves this issue; we should remove "UseMicrodescriptors 0" …
8:08 PM Ticket #4076 (Investigate speed improvements in 64-bit builds) created by nickm
In a comment on #4008, tmpname0901 says, >A related quick-fix is to …
7:50 PM Ticket #4075 (Tracking of Bridge reachability) created by runa
Item 5.2 on …
6:42 PM Ticket #3696 (Learn how to write your own rulesets link opens window that you can't ...) closed by jacobske87
fixed: Fix committed: …
6:39 PM Ticket #4074 (Tor Network Map not working) created by dfsjafi
Hello, There's a bug in  vidalia-bundle when changing the …
5:14 PM Ticket #4073 (Set up Request Tracker on rt.torproject.org) created by runa
As part of #4068, I'd like to have Request Tracker set up on …
3:57 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
Adding the dual auth torctl ticket (diff)
3:55 PM Ticket #4072 (Firefox configuration modification) created by ancientmariner
There are a few modifications to the default Firefox configuration …
12:38 PM Ticket #4071 (Tor logo alt text displays with missing space in Firefox) created by rransom
As https://weather.torproject.org/ loads, Firefox displays the alt …
11:01 AM Ticket #4070 (torbutton 143 breaks ff 602) created by ottosykora
Have runs number of test and foud out that torbutton 1.4.3 does have …
10:16 AM Ticket #4069 (Develop a short overview and walk-through of using Tor for new users) created by runa
Users often ask a lot of the same questions when they email …
9:52 AM Ticket #4068 (Set up a Tor support system) created by runa
We need to set up a Tor support system to better handle support …
9:06 AM Ticket #4067 (Update BwAuthority README) created by aagbsn
BwAuthority README should be updated: 1. Mention compatibility issue …
8:43 AM Ticket #4066 (BwAuthority sample db_url should refer to distinct databases) created by aagbsn
The sample db_url strings in scanner[1-4]/bwauthority.cfg should …
8:05 AM Ticket #4065 (Vidalia: No return in nonvoid function) created by dmacvicar
Our build service static analyzer detects this error on …
8:03 AM doc/TorifyHOWTO/IrcSilc edited by nella
7:33 AM Ticket #4064 (Add more privacy-related firefox-addons to the bundles) created by runa
We got an email from a user who wants us to look into adding the …
4:36 AM Ticket #2992 (bridge-by-default bundle links on blog are transient) closed by arma
fixed: Looks like bridge-by-default bundles are now happily linked from the …
4:32 AM Ticket #3127 (Incorrect tor executable path) closed by arma
user disappeared: I think we can safely close this one. The user has left no contact info.
3:40 AM Ticket #4021 (mailinglist auto moderate) closed by phobos
fixed: I've configured rejects for non-members on tor-consensustracker and …
3:32 AM Ticket #2942 (Please Update Abuse FAQ To Include ISP Shutdowns Due To Virus Activity) closed by phobos
wontfix: This can go on the trac wiki if you still think it's a problem. So …
3:30 AM Ticket #2426 (Disable inline image support in Trac tickets and wiki pages) closed by phobos
worksforme: it appears the problem has been resolved either on its own, or by the …

Sep 20, 2011:

11:15 PM Ticket #2657 (Two Questions I have about Tor usage) closed by arma
not a bug: Ah ha. I just found this trac ticket. You didn't give it a …
10:33 PM Ticket #788 (Enabling Tor enabled Java regardless of settings in Preferences) closed by arma
wontfix: Closing because this Torbutton version is so old. If the bug remains …
10:22 PM Ticket #3853 (Support email flooding tor-assistants) closed by arma
fixed: I'm going to call this one solved now that #3932 is solved. One day …
9:47 PM Ticket #4063 (Tor 0.2.2 CBT notices are confusing users) created by arma
Now that Tor 0.2.2 has gone stable, ordinary users are experiencing …
8:52 PM Ticket #4062 (Tor Bundle for OSX doesn't open) created by bc123
I downloaded TorBrowser-2.2.32-4-dev-osx-x86_64-en-US.zip, unzipped …
7:09 PM Ticket #4049 (make ldap account for aagbsn) closed by weasel
fixed: Final information collected: Aaron Gibson <aagbsn@…>: …
5:17 PM Ticket #2399 (Add torsocks to deb.tpo) closed by weasel
wontfix: Don't think this one is relevant still. If it is it needs somebody …
5:03 PM doc/BlockNonTorTrafficDebian edited by nella
5:00 PM doc/BandwidthLimitChangeController edited by nella
4:59 PM doc/CronBandwidthLimit edited by nella
4:57 PM doc/WebProxyHowto edited by nella
4:54 PM doc/RunTwoPrivoxys edited by nella
4:53 PM doc/TorShirt edited by nella
4:46 PM doc/Wikipedia edited by nella
4:44 PM doc/PrivoxyPatches edited by nella
4:43 PM doc/TSocksPatches edited by nella
4:42 PM doc/Publicfile edited by nella
4:38 PM doc/PreventingDnsLeaksInTor edited by nella
4:32 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by nella
4:22 PM doc/EmbeddedTips edited by nella
4:20 PM doc/DebianLive edited by nella
4:19 PM doc/LiveCDBestPractices edited by nella
4:08 PM doc/HTTPSEverywhere/SSLObservatorySubmission edited by pde
4:07 PM doc/HTTPSEverywhere/SSLObservatorySubmission edited by pde
4:05 PM doc/Portable_Tor edited by nella
4:05 PM doc/HTTPSEverywhere/SSLObservatorySubmission edited by pde
4:04 PM doc/HTTPSEverywhere/SSLObservatorySubmission edited by pde
4:03 PM doc/TorWin32TorWS edited by nella
4:02 PM doc/OpenbsdChrootedTor edited by nella
3:58 PM doc/TorFAQ edited by erinn
3:51 PM Ticket #4061 (Orbot on non-rooted Honeycomb 3.2 can use hidden built-in Proxy) created by scrambler
The help text in Orbot for non-rooted systems suggests using approved …
3:50 PM doc/OpenbsdChrootedTorScript edited by nella
3:45 PM doc/TorInChroot edited by nella
3:41 PM doc/ConnectOverSSH edited by nella
3:38 PM doc/TransparentProxy edited by nella
3:31 PM doc/OperationalSecurity edited by nella
3:27 PM Ticket #3986 (puppettor.html.en is empty) closed by atagar
fixed: Karsten moved the cheese. This page was removed in svn r25088, resolving.
3:24 PM doc/TorIPCOP edited by nella
3:21 PM doc/FireFoxTorPerf edited by nella
3:16 PM doc/SshPortForwardedTor edited by nella
3:09 PM doc/SupportPrograms edited by nella
3:05 PM doc/TorifyHOWTO edited by nella
2:57 PM doc/TorFAQ edited by nella
2:40 PM org/projects edited by nella
2:34 PM doc/Preventing_Tor_DNS_Leaks edited by nella
2:23 PM Ticket #4059 (Small, untested patch to OpenBSD_malloc_Linux.c) closed by nickm
fixed: Looks right to me; merging into 0.2.2 and later.
1:15 PM doc/TorifyHOWTO/IrcSilc edited by nella
Updated mIRC instructions. (diff)
1:06 PM doc/TorifyHOWTO/IrcSilc edited by nella
mIRC leaking DNS requests comment added. (diff)
2:16 AM Ticket #4060 (Add a global enable / disable to the Toolbar Menu) created by pde
Semantically, this is similar to, but not quite the same as, the …
1:49 AM Ticket #4059 (Small, untested patch to OpenBSD_malloc_Linux.c) created by cypherpunks
See patch.
12:01 AM Ticket #4058 (Some links open a new tab in Torbutton 1.4.0+) created by mikeperry
Someone in #tor claimed that if you click on the "segue" link in the …

Sep 19, 2011:

8:46 PM Ticket #4057 (cloud.torproject.org needs a website, logo, look and feel) created by phobos
Currently hosted at http://torcloudservers.com/, we need to create a …
8:30 PM Ticket #4056 (bridgedb tracebacks) created by arma
[…] running 054560d33d74e7 with no new lines added to my config …
4:57 PM doc/BlockNonTorTrafficDebian edited by efsdfdsvc
added information about ubuntu and gentoo (diff)
3:32 PM Ticket #4055 (HTTPS Everywhere breaks LastPass saved login) created by Kaeltis
When HTTPS Everywhere is enabled for LastPass.com, the LastPass plugin …
3:19 PM Ticket #4054 (Absence of a 'MAT' component in trac) created by jvoisin
Trac bugs don't have a 'MAT' component, it would be nice to have one.
2:56 PM Ticket #4053 (please give dererk upload access to the deb.tpo repo) created by erinn
dererk has been maintaining Vidalia in the Debian proper repositories …
10:53 AM Ticket #4052 (Improve Tor cloud documentation) created by runa
marlowe suggested the following improvements to the documentation on …
9:18 AM Ticket #4051 (Research other cloud providers for the Tor cloud project) created by runa
We are currently developing and maintaining bridge-by-default images …
8:02 AM Ticket #4050 (HTTPS-Everywhere is on dev channel) created by mikeperry
We seem to have the dev channel version of HTTPS-Everywehre as opposed …
7:14 AM Ticket #3641 (TOR high CPU then crashes) reopened by YorkshireJumbo
OK - turned off using it for torrent tracking (and left it off for …
3:32 AM Ticket #4047 (proxy application arguments should expand tildes) closed by chiiph
invalid: We could do shell-like expansion, but this is more a polipo bug than a …
3:12 AM Ticket #4049 (make ldap account for aagbsn) created by arma
We should make an account for aagbsn so he can have a gitweb …
3:08 AM Ticket #4048 (If Tor leaves behind its port.conf file, Vidalia and Tor race at next ...) created by arma
If your Tor dies in an unclean way, its port.conf file stays around. …
2:58 AM Ticket #4047 (proxy application arguments should expand tildes) created by arma
If the user sets things like […] Vidalia won't expand "~" and the …
12:23 AM Ticket #4046 (Add aagbsn and rransom to tor-exitscanner) created by mikeperry
We need aagbsn at extc org, exitscanner extc org and rransom.8774 at …

Sep 18, 2011:

11:19 PM Ticket #4042 (Setup won't install Torbutton in Palemoon) closed by rransom
wontfix: Installing Torbutton is the Vidalia Bundle installer's problem. But …
8:30 PM Ticket #3641 (TOR high CPU then crashes) closed by silver
fixed: Read https://blog.torproject.org/blog/bittorrent-over-tor-isnt-good-idea
7:54 PM Ticket #4034 (GetTor does not accept macos-i386 as a request) closed by kaner
fixed: Fixed. Closing.
7:28 PM Ticket #4045 (Test Vidalia-0.3.1-rc (alpha release)) created by chiiph
I've uploaded the 0.3.1-rc tarballs here: …
7:09 PM Ticket #4039 (MAT patches (multiselect bug, etc.)) closed by jvoisin
fixed: Thank you very much. I merged everything.
4:22 PM Ticket #4044 (Orbot release that includes 0.2.2.x stable?) created by arma
I notice that the last orbot release uses Tor Here …
3:54 PM Ticket #4043 (Provide an option to get rid of relays running a non reccomended ...) created by tornewbie
There are some relays , some temporary other stable ones, which are …
12:22 PM Ticket #4042 (Setup won't install Torbutton in Palemoon) created by cobje
When installing the Vidalia Bundle, Setup doesn't detect Pale Moon and …
2:41 AM Ticket #4041 (Default Relay Exit Policy) closed by atagar
duplicate: > Less than half of all Relays are exit Relays considerably …

Sep 17, 2011:

9:51 PM Ticket #4041 (Default Relay Exit Policy) created by ancientmariner
There are two opposite points of view as to what should be the default …
9:34 PM Ticket #4040 (Display helpful tip for setting up a Relay) created by ancientmariner
When setting up a Relay, the Tor website advises people if they are …
8:33 PM Ticket #4039 (MAT patches (multiselect bug, etc.)) created by 4ZM
I've made a few bug fixes/cleanups to the Metadata Anonymisation …
8:02 PM Ticket #4038 (connection refused/vidalia) created by cypherpunks
On occasion vidalia says 'connection refused by peer', while having …
6:39 PM Ticket #4037 (Search for Relay) created by ancientmariner
In the Vidalia Tor Network Map, a search feature would reduce the time …

Sep 16, 2011:

10:56 PM Ticket #2392 (Support PostGre/mysql backend) closed by aagbsn
fixed: resolved in #3834
10:24 PM Ticket #2947 (BwScanner does not clear stream data between slices) closed by aagbsn
fixed: Update: This issue has been resolved.
8:03 PM Ticket #4036 (Tor relays/bridges can detect when they are being filtered by SSL cert) created by arma
The blocking events from Iran in January 2011 and September 2011, and …
7:52 PM org/sponsors/SponsorF/November2011 edited by arma
7:21 PM org/sponsors/SponsorF/November2011 edited by arma
12:15 PM Ticket #4035 (tor unable to connect/use/get network consensus) created by mr-4
When I start tor (note this is the new alpha version of tor-client!) …
8:20 AM Ticket #4034 (GetTor does not accept macos-i386 as a request) created by runa
I tried requesting macos-i386 from GetTor, but GetTor keeps emailing …
7:34 AM Ticket #4033 (Cron for automatic package updates) created by runa
We should add a cron job to the cloud images that ensures automatic …
6:44 AM org/sponsors/SponsorE/September2011 edited by karsten
Mark the last open ticket as done! (diff)
5:21 AM Ticket #4032 (HTTPS Everywhere breaks "see all videos" and "large window" in YouTube) created by Alan_De_Smet
(The links below might not be safe for work, there is some swearing. …
4:52 AM doc/TorAbuseTemplates edited by mikeperry
2:46 AM Ticket #3939 (please create a tor-qa list) closed by phobos
implemented: tor-qa list created per erinn's parameters.
2:36 AM Ticket #3316 (update our dmca-template from eff's new version) closed by phobos
implemented: done, replaced it with EFF's version.
2:35 AM Ticket #3315 (update our tor-legal-faq from eff's new version) closed by phobos
implemented: replaced our copy with EFF's.
12:06 AM Ticket #4001 (Update to September GeoIP database) closed by arma
fixed: I cherry-picked it back to maint-0.2.1, so we can close the bug.
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