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Dec 7, 2011:

8:45 PM Ticket #4666 (Write proposal for proof-of-work service) created by mikeperry
aagbsn and I dreamed up a simple proof-of-work service a week or two …
6:06 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
Adding fix for shapshot path handling (diff)
5:46 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
Adding a bundle of fixes made today (diff)
5:25 PM Ticket #4601 (Arm torrc validation fails on Tor Cloud) closed by atagar
fixed: Ah ha! I was failing to repro because the tor version I was using was …
4:26 PM Ticket #4665 (Breaks NSF award search) created by daw-bugzilla
HTTPS Everywhere breaks NSF award search. To reproduce: 1. Open the …
3:44 PM Ticket #4602 (Arm's torrc validation misses alternate Log default) closed by atagar
fixed: Issue reproed on a Tor Cloud image and fixed... …
8:02 AM Ticket #4664 (./autogen.sh puts stuff on stderr) created by Sebastian
inside autogen.sh, we call autoreconf -ivf. The -v flag means verbose …
1:35 AM Ticket #4663 (Tor proxy settings bypassed when proxy is down/broken) closed by rransom
invalid: Nothing in those images indicates that Tor is bypassing your proxy …
1:20 AM Ticket #4663 (Tor proxy settings bypassed when proxy is down/broken) created by DasFox
I'm using the latest Tor browser bundle for Linux 2.2.34-3 and I've …
12:53 AM Ticket #4662 (Revert changes from bug4312 and thereafter until 0.2.4.x) created by nickm
Our efforts to get the likes of #4626 and #4857 solved before 0.2.3.x …

Dec 6, 2011:

9:13 PM Ticket #4628 (Connection refused by peer (Win 7 SP1 x64)) closed by bylund
fixed: I've marked this ticket "fixed," but it really isn't (at least as far …
8:36 PM Ticket #4661 (When metrics fetches a consensus from each authority, remember fetch ...) created by arma
On #4250 it looks like "the consensus-health checker now downloads the …
5:09 PM Ticket #4660 (Search and find boxes aren't cleared on 'new identity') created by phobos
I frequently click the torbutton 'new identity' button to clear cache. …
4:14 PM Ticket #4659 (Simplify Linux instructions on /projects/torbrowser.html.en) created by runa
The instructions for extracting and using TBB on Linux aren't that …
4:01 PM Ticket #4658 (suse and suse-experimental do not exist) created by runa
A user reports that suse and suse-experimental does not exist on …
1:14 PM Ticket #4641 (Proposal 171 changes broke ‘tor2web mode’) closed by rransom
fixed: Replying to nickm: > Looks good; nice catch! > > I'm …
10:11 AM org/meetings/2012FrankfurtHackfest edited by arma
8:56 AM Ticket #4657 (setting myfamily on a bridge should warn (and fail?)) created by arma
Per http://archives.seul.org/tor/talk/Nov-2011/msg00209.html we should …
8:23 AM Ticket #4656 (Textboxes of "Bandwidth limits" in Vidalia squeezed) created by knut0le
In Vidalia, under Settings/Sharing and Bridge option (Help censored …
7:20 AM Ticket #4654 (Control TCP Socket not created under some circumstances) closed by Sebastian
fixed: This is fixed in master already, should be in the next alpha release.
7:20 AM Ticket #4655 (Try clearing stream-isolation state on newly opened rendezvous circs) created by rransom
When a newly created general-purpose circuit is opened, we try to …
7:09 AM Ticket #4654 (Control TCP Socket not created under some circumstances) created by cypherpunks
Hi! I had to set ControlPort to get tor to open a control socket for …

Dec 5, 2011:

9:44 PM org/meetings/2012FrankfurtHackfest edited by arma
4:56 PM Ticket #4637 (Two coverity deadcode issues) closed by nickm
fixed: merged; thanks!
4:45 PM Ticket #4651 (get datagram-transport pdf source into svn/git) closed by sjmurdoch
invalid: It's already in git: …
3:46 PM Ticket #4653 (Use SSL_state_string_long() instead of homebrewed ssl_state_to_string()) created by asn
OpenSSL has two functions to get a string version of the SSL state, …
12:58 PM Ticket #4652 (update urls in sample torrc) created by arma
src/config/torrc.sample.in has three busted URLs: …
9:12 AM Ticket #2647 (Clean up metrics Git repositories) closed by karsten
implemented: Nothing to do here anymore. Closing.
9:10 AM Ticket #2912 (Tag and release metrics-db version 0.0.1) closed by karsten
wontfix: I'm not convinced anymore that we need metrics-db releases. We should …
4:22 AM Ticket #4651 (get datagram-transport pdf source into svn/git) created by arma
Steven wrote at …
3:38 AM Ticket #4650 (DisableDebuggerAttachment pretends to be disabled if you change it and hup) created by arma
The feature from #3313 does a prctl or ptrace call if it's on during …
12:55 AM Ticket #4219 (Update docs/faq#DoesntWork) closed by phobos
fixed: lacking feedback, assuming it's good.
12:48 AM Ticket #4223 (Give chiiph the ability to upload to vescum) closed by phobos
fixed: without feedback, I'll assume this works.
12:34 AM Ticket #4649 (Check doesn't notify of new TorBrowser release) created by phobos
I gave tbb osx for someone tonight. On each start up, …
12:22 AM Ticket #4648 (Tor shouldn't call expand_filename on filenames specified on the ...) created by rransom
The Unix shell is responsible for expanding ~/... in filenames …
12:17 AM Ticket #4647 (Tor needs to parse its command line exactly once) created by rransom

Dec 4, 2011:

5:20 PM Ticket #4646 (Outdated proposals 189, 190 and 191 in torspec.git.) created by asn
Nick can you replace: * proposals/189-authorize-cell.txt
10:44 AM Ticket #4645 (Deprecate and remove is_internal_IP) created by rransom
10:41 AM Ticket #4644 (tor_addr_is_internal shows up in profiles -- can we fix that?) created by rransom
tor_addr_is_internal is in each of the three profiles on #4626. It …
10:36 AM Ticket #4636 (Add GETINFO interface_address) reopened by rransom
Tor appears to use the result of get_interface_address6 for purposes …
9:35 AM Ticket #4636 (Add GETINFO interface_address) closed by krkhan
wontfix: I re-did the get_interface_address6() part in arm so it sounds okay if …
8:53 AM Ticket #4643 (Vidalia 0.2.15 on OS X has broken menu bar) created by zoz
Vidalia 0.2.15 (both from the Vidalia bundle …
1:42 AM Ticket #4642 (Upgrade non-exit relay from old Vidalia to Vidalia 0.2.15 and get ...) created by arma
Start with Vidalia 0.2.14. Click "I want to be a relay" from the 3 …
1:35 AM Ticket #2553 (tor2web mode for accessing hidden services) closed by rransom
implemented: Replying to nickm: > Replying to rransom: > …
12:50 AM Ticket #4641 (Proposal 171 changes broke ‘tor2web mode’) created by rransom
A ‘git bisect’ traced the problem to the proposal 171 changes, and …

Dec 3, 2011:

11:45 PM Ticket #4640 (bug in saving torrc using vidalia) created by test
after saving any changes (for example adding ExcludeNodes etc) some …
9:47 PM Ticket #4639 (Tails bugs/improvements) created by cypherpunks
I tried to use the tails bug reporter but it doesn't work. It fails in …
7:16 PM Ticket #4210 (Undefined version comparisions) closed by atagar
invalid: > Empty patchlevel is already defined Ack! I'm surprised I missed …
6:01 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by WilliamAT
6:01 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by WilliamAT
5:59 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by WilliamAT
added austria and some ISPs there (diff)
4:06 PM Ticket #4638 (cant connect) created by paul.diei
Dec 15 !04:47:55.812 [Info] smartlist_choose_by_bandwidth_weights(): …
2:27 PM Ticket #4575 ( fails to bootstrap) closed by nickm
worksforme: Okay, closing. Thanks for the followup!
1:28 PM Ticket #4637 (Two coverity deadcode issues) created by Sebastian
Fixes coming soon
9:09 AM Ticket #4636 (Add GETINFO interface_address) created by krkhan
get_interface_address6() in src/common/address.c finds out the IP …

Dec 2, 2011:

10:58 PM Ticket #3027 (Possible problem after Win7x64 updates of 4/27/11) closed by rransom
9:29 PM Ticket #3782 (Add native chroot support to Tor) closed by Sebastian
duplicate: seems to be a duplicate of #3794.
9:29 PM Ticket #3794 (tor-chroot scripts) reopened by Sebastian
eh, ugh. I meant to do it the other way around. I'm closing #3782 as a …
9:28 PM Ticket #3794 (tor-chroot scripts) closed by Sebastian
duplicate: seems to be a duplicate of #3782
9:25 PM Ticket #4169 ("foo" is not a sensible bootstrap problem) closed by nickm
fixed: Fix in 682a85ff7c69
9:19 PM Ticket #4532 (spawn_cpuworker(): implicit init of conn->addr) closed by nickm
fixed: Fixed in 5303918091d832d2986b113d60a6ba1ca328af1c
9:13 PM Ticket #4531 (connection_tls_start_handshake(): inconstistency checks of conn->tls) closed by nickm
fixed: Looks like I fixed that one in e27a26d5 but forgot a backport and a …
9:12 PM Ticket #4336 (Updated Tor crashes on Win7/x86_64) closed by rransom
fixed: Replying to Sebastian: > glad to hear this is fixed for …
9:08 PM Ticket #2749 (Persistent storage for HSDir descriptors) closed by rransom
wontfix: I no longer believe that storing HS descriptors on disk would improve …
9:07 PM Ticket #4535 (tor_accept_socket(): incosistency in code) closed by nickm
fixed: Actually, this one is in 0.2.2.x. Fixed by 2b5a0356047e7622
9:02 PM Ticket #4536 (DirAllowPrivateAddresses: Inconsistency in code) closed by nickm
fixed: Fixed by f78fc8c
8:55 PM Ticket #2751 (Don't give remotely exploitable relays the HSDir flag) reopened by nickm
Actually, I'm open to the idea.
8:51 PM Ticket #2751 (Don't give remotely exploitable relays the HSDir flag) closed by Sebastian
wontfix: I'm closing this, as we don't seem to want to do what the ticket …
8:46 PM Ticket #3017 (DNS update causes Tor to fail) closed by nickm
user disappeared: No contact since april. Please reopen if the answer to "does it …
8:41 PM Ticket #2267 (resolve_my_address() resolves incorrect address.) closed by Sebastian
not a bug
8:39 PM Ticket #3448 (Log message mentions ‘tor-ops’) closed by nickm
fixed: Fixed in cf14a520c87c7a98c1ab351b476f46b69e7be75d
8:35 PM Ticket #4530 (tor_addr_port_lookup(): addr_out filled with random bytes if transient ...) closed by nickm
fixed: Should be fixed in b7015603fa014c91056fa46cb012976a9e166cd3.
8:31 PM Ticket #4635 (Vidalia Bundle must be installed by the user account it is to run in) created by rransom
From #4336: > I usually run Tor in a Win7 user account and have been …
6:34 PM org/sponsors/SponsorE/PhaseThree edited by runa
10:32 AM Ticket #4634 (Need a VM to set up web log analysis tools) created by runa
As part of #4463, I'd like to have AWStats and Webalizer set up on a …
7:01 AM org/sponsors/SponsorF/Year1 edited by arma
5:26 AM Ticket #4610 (Recent Git master segfaults) closed by rransom
fixed: Replying to nickm: > Looks safe. merging. Did you audit …
5:22 AM Ticket #4633 (Coverity false positive about malloc(strlen(str))) closed by nickm
fixed: Seems fine; merging.
5:18 AM Ticket #4633 (Coverity false positive about malloc(strlen(str))) created by Sebastian
cid 501 and 502 are about a false positive inside …
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