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Apr 11, 2013:

11:30 PM Ticket #8690 (imgbox bad syntax causes failure) created by SilverbackNet
The rule Imgbox.xml currently contains: to="https://$imgbox.com/$2" …
10:32 PM Ticket #8689 (Periodically verify signatures in /dist) created by mo
Give the recent bad signatures of some files in /dist that only came …
10:13 PM Ticket #8587 (Test for curve25519-donna-c64 usability is borken.) closed by nickm
fixed: Weasel likes it; merging.
5:33 PM doc/badRelays edited by atagar
Ok, this is stupid. No one cares enough about public disclosure of … (diff)
3:11 PM Ticket #8688 (bwauths need to upgrade (to start measuring even non-Fast relays)) created by arma
With the recent commit of #8435 to Tor, directory authorities will …
2:47 PM Ticket #8687 (Issue with RelayBandwidthBurst handling) created by atagar
Miłosz reports... […]
2:42 PM Ticket #8686 (padlock or colored url bar for connections to hidden services) created by proper
When connected to https protected websites, there is a nice looking …
2:37 PM org/meetings/2013SummerDevMeeting edited by asn
2:26 PM Ticket #8685 (Document how authorities choose relay status flags) created by arma
#8273 and #8435 are confusing in part because we don't know what …
2:22 PM Ticket #8684 (bwauth files don't include opinions about Authorities) created by arma
It appears that moria1's bwauth doesn't provide an opinion about …
8:05 AM Ticket #8678 (atlas search box doesn't find some things?) closed by karsten
implemented: Implemented. Searching for "rutgers" now returns relay …
7:44 AM Ticket #3875 (TBB's Firefox should use optimistic data socks handshake variant) closed by mikeperry
fixed: I merged this for the next TBB alpha and stable release (I merged it …
7:08 AM Ticket #8683 (moria1 isn't voting for Fast flag when it should) created by arma
moria1 running master (and thus #8273 and #8435) is voting weirdly …
6:54 AM Ticket #7920 (TBB does not follow the current Windows theme) closed by mikeperry
fixed: I merged this. It should appear in the next TBB stable and alpha releases.
6:53 AM Ticket #8628 (Inconsistent image cache key usage) closed by mikeperry
fixed: This has been fine for me for a while, so I merged it. I suppose at …
6:51 AM Ticket #8338 (Write source mirror watch scripts) closed by mikeperry
fixed: These are now merged. We should get some people to actually run the …
6:50 AM Ticket #8286 (Fetch software during TBB build process only over trusted HTTPS) closed by mikeperry
fixed: This is now merged.
5:43 AM Ticket #7302 (Hibernating v0.2.3.x nags about failure connect) closed by nickm
fixed: This still seems right to me, and it's simple, and it doesn't affect …
5:34 AM Ticket #5178 (Adaptive circuit-build timeout code does not match spec) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged; thanks!
5:32 AM Ticket #8682 (Bad exit node) created by Jens
I'm not sure how/where to report this properly. Sorry about that. …
5:22 AM Ticket #8681 (Stem Integ Tests fail on Windows) created by ashishnitinpatil
Stem Integ tests use "resource" library which is not available under …

Apr 10, 2013:

11:09 PM Ticket #8680 (CPU 100% - conn_write_callback(): socket # wants to write.) closed by nickm
10:46 PM Ticket #8679 (Tor: 100% CPU usage) closed by nickm
duplicate: Looks like a duplicate of #5650. Good info though. I've got some …
10:45 PM Ticket #8680 (CPU 100% - conn_write_callback(): socket # wants to write.) created by alphawolf
Running as a relay on Debian Wheezy x86_64, installed from tor …
10:22 PM Ticket #8679 (Tor: 100% CPU usage) created by VladV
Sometimes Tor server starts using abnormally high CPU, occupying one …
9:48 PM Ticket #8678 (atlas search box doesn't find some things?) created by arma
Go to atlas.torproject.org and type in "rutgers" in the search box. No …
9:05 PM BlockingBittorrent edited by mo
added a disclaimer: do not actually use this (diff)
4:48 PM doc/gsoc edited by atagar
Noting our gsoc announcement for 2013 (diff)
4:04 PM Ticket #8669 (account for Lunar) closed by weasel
fixed: done.
3:45 PM Ticket #7828 (Run descriptor parser over all prior descriptors) closed by atagar
fixed: Great, thanks for the help! Given how successful this was at finding …
3:41 PM Ticket #8677 (Continuous testing for descriptor parsing) created by atagar
Thanks to Karsten we have reasonably good assurance that we can parse …
3:37 PM Ticket #8676 (Research an HTTP pluggable transport that actually uses a browser and ...) created by asn
Research like www.cs.utexas.edu/~shmat/shmat_oak13parrot.pdf makes it …
3:13 PM doc/badRelays edited by atagar
Yet another ssl mitm (diff)
12:57 PM org/meetings/2013SummerDevMeeting edited by mo
munich ccc hackerspace (diff)
11:19 AM Ticket #8675 (Unnecessary connection to check.torproject.org) created by cypherpunks
On every startup, HTTPS-Everywhere version 3.1.4 (Firefox 20.0) …
9:58 AM Ticket #6509 (Add fields and parameters to Onionoo to search for disappearing or ...) closed by karsten
implemented: mo says the two new parameters work for him. Merged and deployed. …
3:20 AM Ticket #8674 (Installing HTTPS Everywhere + ...) created by pjpii
Issue: With "HTTPS Everywhere" installed and the Firefox setting …

Apr 9, 2013:

11:44 PM Ticket #8673 (Host a flashproxy-reg-http listener on s3.amazonaws.com) created by proper
10:04 PM Ticket #8672 (Extra trailing line feed in translated string.) created by feedline
Please remove the trailing "\n" from the string "Installer un …
9:17 PM org/meetings/2013SummerDevMeeting edited by mo
kz visit anyone? (diff)
6:34 PM Ticket #8535 (HTTPS Everywhere reportedly breaks sevenforums.com) closed by mikkoharhanen
fixed: It's been three weeks and sevenforums.com is still not working with …
6:31 PM Ticket #8563 (Zend Download page broken/Partial content) closed by mikkoharhanen
fixed: Thanks for informing. I'm going to label this as mixedcontent: …
6:27 PM Ticket #8496 (svt.se won't load with HTTPS) closed by mikkoharhanen
fixed: The ruleset in master branch is fine. The stable branch has a minor …
6:04 PM Ticket #8671 (Add a custom role for trac tickets) created by atagar
It would be useful if, in our sphinx docs, we could use... […] …
5:52 PM Ticket #8670 (SSL Observatory request flood when server unreachable (Firefox)) created by karukoff
I am using HTTPS Everywhere 3.1.4 and Firefox 20.0 under Linux. While …
2:40 PM Ticket #8669 (account for Lunar) created by weasel
1:37 PM Ticket #8668 (WWE.com videos broken due to ruleset) created by cypherpunks
1:08 PM Ticket #8211 (Make the flashproxy opt-in page a bit more user friendly) closed by asn
fixed: I think this is implemented and deployed.
7:48 AM Ticket #8667 (Distinguish between permanent and temporary Onionoo errors) created by karsten
As of now, Onionoo has a "maintenance mode" that I'm planning to use …
6:19 AM Ticket #8666 (Disable Hellebaard because of mismatching with MJOPR) created by pander
Please disable HTTPS Everywhere for hellebaard.nl and *.hellebaard.nl. …

Apr 8, 2013:

9:20 PM Ticket #8665 (https://www.torproject.org/docs/faq.html.en is incomplete) created by gsathya
There is a "Running a Tor hidden service:" sub-heading with no content …
4:34 PM Ticket #8664 (Firefox 23 blocks loading of HTTPS/HTTP mixed content, breaking nytimes.com) created by cypherpunks
HTTPS Everywhere should disable rules for "mixed content" sites (such …
3:49 PM Ticket #8663 (HTTPS-Everywhere 4.0dev6 breaks www.nrc.nl) created by cypherpunks
When visiting www.nrc.nl with HTTPS-Everywhere 4.0dev6 enabled …
3:30 PM doc/stem edited by atagar
Adding a checklist for stem releases (diff)
3:10 PM Ticket #8661 (Update to April GeoIP database) closed by nickm
fixed: done!
1:22 PM org/sponsors/SponsorF/Year3 edited by karsten
Sathya says item 4 is done. (diff)
11:50 AM Ticket #8662 (Make Torperf log circuit failures) created by karsten
Mike, Rob, and I briefly discussed at the dev meeting that we could …
10:20 AM Ticket #8661 (Update to April GeoIP database) created by karsten
Please review my branch …
7:18 AM Ticket #8660 (Connection interrupted while page was loading) created by daw-bugzilla
I got the following errors today (while on a page on fastmail.fm, …
6:54 AM Ticket #7895 (Add new Onionoo document type containing fast-exit history) closed by karsten
wontfix: I think this ticket has become moot with #8505. Please re-open if …
12:30 AM Ticket #8431 (Navigation menus) closed by atagar
implemented: He now have a spiffy css-style navbar menu... …

Apr 7, 2013:

9:47 PM doc/TorBOX/Dev edited by proper
9:47 PM doc/TorBOX/Dev edited by proper
6:01 PM doc/TorBOX/Dev edited by proper
5:49 PM doc/TorBOX/Dev edited by proper
moved closed tickets to archive (diff)
5:49 PM doc/TorBOX/Dev/ArchivedDiscussion/MISC edited by proper
5:49 PM doc/TorBOX/Dev/ArchivedDiscussion/INFRASTRUCTURE edited by proper
5:49 PM doc/TorBOX/Dev/ArchivedDiscussion/SHELLSCRIPTS edited by proper
5:49 PM doc/TorBOX/Dev/ArchivedDiscussion/SECURITY edited by proper
2:01 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by tmpname0901
9:22 AM Ticket #8416 (Programmatize PT bundle building) reopened by weasel
Good work! A couple comments/wishlist items: * You probably …
8:42 AM Ticket #8659 (INSTALL references obsolete Makefile.cvs) created by intrigeri
It was reported to Debian (http://bugs.debian.org/704861) that …
5:31 AM Ticket #8274 (PyInstaller binaries have build username in them) closed by dcf
fixed: Doesn't seem to be a problem now with py2exe.
5:24 AM Ticket #8430 (PyInstaller binaries detected as malware) closed by dcf
fixed: py2exe seems to get rid of the false positives.
5:07 AM Ticket #8644 (Pluggable transports bundles need an independent version number) closed by dcf
fixed: We have this working now with the "pt1" scheme with #8416.
5:06 AM Ticket #8416 (Programmatize PT bundle building) closed by dcf
fixed: This is as automated now as I want it. The procedure is now 1. Run …
12:29 AM Ticket #8261 (Periodic test run against tor) closed by atagar
implemented: This is now chugging along happily and sending me emails for testing …
12:25 AM Ticket #8157 ('test_skip_nondescriptor_contents' and 'test_non_ascii_descriptor' fails) closed by atagar
worksforme: Great, resolving.
12:25 AM Ticket #7905 (Package Stem) closed by atagar
implemented: Dropped OSX so we can resolve this and track it separately.
12:20 AM Ticket #7908 (Gentoo Packaging) closed by atagar
user disappeared: No reply from Jesse, nor more recently with Anthony (though to be fair …
12:17 AM Ticket #8635 (Troubleshoot jenkins test failures) closed by atagar
fixed: Fixed the consistent test failures. There seems to still be an …
12:15 AM Ticket #8658 (Use gcov when available) created by atagar
We should utilize a code coverage tool like gcov for checking the tor …

Apr 6, 2013:

11:47 PM Ticket #8596 (Inconsistent addrmap events when resolving hostname (regression)) reopened by atagar
Sorry to reopen but I need a little clarification about the new CACHED …
8:06 PM Ticket #8657 (Bad russian exit node attacks connections to Wikipedia) created by cypherpunks
I detected a man-in-the-middle attack due to a bad exit node. While …
7:48 PM Ticket #8656 (Translation string replacement) created by Sherief
Since this domain is no longer in use [http://www.vidalia-project.net/
3:07 PM Ticket #8655 (replace link to gnupg.org/related_software/frontends.html) created by proper
The link http://www.gnupg.org/related_software/frontends.html is …
12:51 PM Ticket #8654 (NYTimes rule breaks http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com) created by raghos
As the subject says, the NYTimes rule keeps the photojournalism blog …
8:18 AM Ticket #8653 (Implement an efficient form of simple ruleset for domains that Just ...) created by pde
MB asked me for this a while ago. It would help incrementally with …
8:08 AM Ticket #5477 (Surprising DOM origins before HTTPS-E/NoScript redirects have completed) closed by pde
fixed: Now fixed in the wild. (Drugoy, if you'd like to confirm that the …
5:54 AM Ticket #8652 ([patch] Google Maps local_url exclusion) created by kenyon
Clicking on a link in Google Maps which starts with …
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