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Apr 24, 2013:

11:17 PM Ticket #8769 (Vidalia translations to spanish updated) created by Envite
I have updated in Transifex all the Vidalia, Vidalia-alpha and …
4:47 PM Ticket #4952 (managed proxies: "[notice] Failed to terminate process with PID '%d'" ...) closed by nickm
duplicate: Closed as a duplicate of #8746
4:40 PM Ticket #5650 (Tor hogging CPU) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged into maint-0.2.3
5:48 AM Ticket #8768 (Tor Cloud documentation not up to date) created by Envite
I have set up a new Tor Cloud instance and there is a screen for …
1:17 AM Ticket #8693 (WolframAlpha is broken for certain queries in FF) closed by schoen
fixed: I thought I had a fix for this based solely on removing the …

Apr 23, 2013:

6:26 PM org/meetings/2013SummerDevMeeting edited by lunar
Add myself (diff)
6:18 PM Ticket #8767 (Please create a user/phw/scramblesuit.git repository) closed by weasel
12:45 PM Ticket #8767 (Please create a user/phw/scramblesuit.git repository) created by phw
Please create user/phw/scramblesuit.git for me. It will be used for …
10:18 AM doc/support/Introduction edited by phoul
10:18 AM doc/support/Introduction edited by phoul
3:15 AM Ticket #8766 (Tor never recovers when started with skewed clock) created by proper
How to reproduce... Start Tor with a skewed clock. For example, +/- …

Apr 22, 2013:

9:58 PM Ticket #8729 (spurious geoip6 warnings) closed by eli
fixed: My error, I had actually written into torrc, GeoIPv6File …
9:54 PM doc/Tips_to_running_tor_bridges edited by martin__
8:43 PM Ticket #8765 (Include Arabic Vidalia Help - links.pot translation) created by Sherief
Arabic Translation for Vidalia Help - links.pot was revised and …
8:33 PM Ticket #8762 (arm crashes) closed by atagar
invalid: > The git version of arm I cannot get to run at all.. > When it runs I …
8:29 PM Ticket #8764 (Include Arabic torbirdy.properties translation) created by Sherief
Arabic Translation for torbirdy.properties was revised and completed, …
8:26 PM Ticket #8763 (Port to Firefox mobile) created by cypherpunks
Please make port for Firefox for Android. I am guessing that this …
7:54 PM Ticket #8762 (arm crashes) created by drforbin
The git version of arm I cannot get to run at all.. When it runs I get …
7:06 PM Ticket #8760 (Include Arabic https-everywhere.dtd translation) created by Sherief
Translation for https-everywhere.dtd was revised and completed, Please …
7:04 PM Ticket #8759 (Include Arabic https-everywhere.properties translation) created by Sherief
Translation for https-everywhere.properties was revised and completed, …
6:58 PM Ticket #8758 (Include Arabic torbutton-properties translation) created by Sherief
Translation for torbutton-properties.pot was revised and completed, …
4:28 PM Ticket #8454 (ooni: setup.py is currently failing) closed by hellais
fixed: The build is now passing: …
1:41 PM Ticket #8757 (typo on running-a-mirror.wml) closed by phobos
fixed: fixed in svn 26164
1:40 PM Ticket #8757 (typo on running-a-mirror.wml) created by phobos
By the way, there's a typo at …
11:19 AM Ticket #8747 (Add transports field to Onionoo's details documents) closed by karsten
wontfix: On second thought, we already have the "pool_assignment" in details …
10:27 AM Ticket #8713 (Track down and fix Onionoo's heap space problem with Tomcat) closed by karsten
fixed: Allowing Tomcat to use up to 512M on the heap solved this problem. …
1:20 AM Ticket #8756 (scary ooni ascii art) created by cypherpunks
The ascii art on …
1:04 AM Ticket #8440 (ooni: tls_handshake.py host and port options do not work) closed by isis
fixed: The port option works as it should. And --host is broken, you're …

Apr 21, 2013:

11:21 PM Ticket #8755 (Controller handles content as unicode in python 3.x) created by aj00200
I am getting some errors when using Stem with Python 3 when iterating …
8:56 PM Ticket #8754 (Remove mentions of code.google.com) created by dgoulet
./README ./src/torsocks.c ./test/expectedresults.txt
12:14 PM Ticket #8753 (Add support for following redirects in the HTTPT Test template) created by hellais
Currently the HTTPT Test Template will only follow the first redirect …
12:12 PM Ticket #8452 (ooni: create virtualenv bootstrap script that allows us to create raw ...) closed by hellais
wontfix: Since no further feedback was received on this ticket in 3 week I am …
1:12 AM Ticket #8752 (bindings to other languages) closed by atagar
wontfix: Hi proper. Your request confuses me. You could use …
12:09 AM Ticket #8752 (bindings to other languages) created by proper
Not sure if I am asking for too much here, could you convert stem into …

Apr 20, 2013:

11:00 PM Ticket #8751 (do something about TLS HELLO gmt_unix_time) created by proper
= Assumptions = When not using Tor... - For example, when using wget …
10:47 PM Ticket #8611 (Create git repo for TorBirdy) closed by sukhbir
fixed: Repository was created.
1:50 PM Ticket #8748 (Update path-specs to educate about family) closed by bastik
implemented: Replying to arma: > Agreed that talking about families in …
12:34 PM Ticket #8750 (Lack of retina display support due to FF version) created by Sherief
Users owning the new Macbook Pro (with "retina display" …
11:07 AM Ticket #8749 (Return information about the leaking application) created by bastik
Log from where the leaking request came. When Tor says (in the …
10:50 AM Ticket #8748 (Update path-specs to educate about family) created by bastik
I'm not sure what Component I should select. As suggested here: …
9:50 AM Ticket #8747 (Add transports field to Onionoo's details documents) created by karsten
Bridges announce their pluggable transports in their extra-info …
2:55 AM Ticket #8746 (Tor tries to kill nonexistent proxy PID on second SIGINT) created by dcf
This is what 180-pluggable-transport.txt says about proxies and …

Apr 19, 2013:

11:35 PM Ticket #8173 (Amazon Cloud instructions for port forwarding) closed by martin__
10:43 PM Ticket #8704 (Controls broken on TuneIn due to Cloudfront rules) closed by pde
fixed: Merged.
10:41 PM Ticket #8041 (Ruleset breaks Juno Download search) closed by pde
fixed: Merged.
9:18 PM Ticket #8740 ([patch] FBI.gov gives 502, redirect to www.fbi.gov) closed by pde
fixed: applied in git
9:10 PM Ticket #8572 (CloudFront CDN "Access Denied" with HTTPS) closed by pde
fixed: Merged in 3.0, and cherry-picked into master. I think I got both of …
7:55 PM Ticket #8745 (Add thread safe support with documentation) created by dgoulet
At the moment, torsocks does not seems to be thread safe so this would …
7:48 PM Ticket #8744 (The show_msg() does not save correctly the errno value) created by dgoulet
The "show_msg" function tries to save the errno of the caller but …
7:40 PM Ticket #8743 (Add IPv6 support) created by dgoulet
The title is quite self explanatory.
5:14 PM Ticket #8652 ([patch] Google Maps local_url exclusion) closed by pde
fixed: I've applied this in git.
4:43 PM Ticket #8631 (Integ tests rename process) closed by atagar
fixed: Very nice catch! The str_tools module has methods for unicode/bytes …
2:48 PM Ticket #8742 (Byte history leaks information about local usage/hidden services) created by alphawolf
Not sure if this is related to #516. When acting as a relay, Tor …
2:00 PM doc/OONI/DevelopmentWorkflow edited by isis
1:51 PM Ticket #8741 (Transifex does not like the new bridgedb.pot file) created by runa
The new …
10:03 AM Ticket #8574 (Reset cypherpunks password) closed by sysrqb
fixed: yup :)
7:18 AM Ticket #8735 (Create LDAP account for Micah Lee, the incoming HTTPs-Everywhere maintainer) closed by weasel
5:53 AM Ticket #8740 ([patch] FBI.gov gives 502, redirect to www.fbi.gov) created by kenyon
5:27 AM doc/TorifyHOWTO/EMail/Thunderbird edited by dkg
2:55 AM Ticket #8489 (Personal Timetable - Persönlicher Fahrplan - Bahn.de won't load with ...) closed by pde
2:47 AM Ticket #7845 (parse error: Malformed object: missing object end line) closed by nickm
duplicate: Closing as duplicate of #8031.
2:45 AM Ticket #8711 (authorities should say on their flag-threshold lines in their vote ...) closed by nickm
implemented: Trivial; implemented in b933360ee848873db6c051eabe5aecd01b3f67a3. …
2:13 AM Ticket #7941 (joomla.org https connection fails.) closed by pde
duplicate: I think this was fixed in #8307
2:11 AM Ticket #8061 (vimeo video fails to load) closed by pde
fixed: This appears to have been fixed in 2013.3.7.
2:07 AM Ticket #8488 (AirAsia.com won't load with HTTPS) closed by yan
2:05 AM Ticket #8569 (Chrome - Dell website broken, mixed content) closed by pde
fixed: Marked as mixedcontent in git, shipping soon.
1:52 AM Ticket #8022 (Firefox Plug-in Glitches Displaying Bing Rewards Website) closed by schoen
1:48 AM Ticket #8738 (Chrome - www.fbi.gov broken (mixed content)) closed by pde
fixed: Flagged as mixed content in git, will ship in the next release.
1:42 AM Ticket #8715 (Lenovo (partial): breaks lenovo.de/.fr/.nl/.at redirect) closed by micahlee
1:05 AM Ticket #8604 (Most of links on https://blogs.adobe.com redirected to http://) closed by pde
fixed: Fixing in git now.
12:34 AM Ticket #8739 (Amazon.com "edit reviews" reported broken) created by schoen
Per e-mail: When clicking an "edit review" link on Amazon, the page …
12:21 AM Ticket #7492 ([CHROME] Do not flag cookies from HTTP origins as "secure") closed by pde
fixed: Well, it shipped, and we had "review" from the Chrome userbase.
12:17 AM Ticket #8110 (Chrome and Basecamp.com) closed by pde
worksforme: I'm closing this; please reopen if you can reproduce it!
12:07 AM Ticket #8738 (Chrome - www.fbi.gov broken (mixed content)) created by alphawolf
It appears the entire site has mixed content. https://www.fbi.gov/
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