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Jun 11, 2013:

8:22 PM org/meetings/2013SummerDevMeeting edited by mbanck
Fix public transport hotel directions from the airport. U4/U5 don't go … (diff)
8:19 PM org/meetings/2013SummerDevMeeting edited by mbanck
Fix distance between hotel and subway station - the hotel is literally … (diff)
7:25 PM Ticket #9051 (Ally.com has no ruleset) created by cypherpunks
ally.com has https support, but there is not rule for it. Not sure if …
6:56 PM Ticket #9050 (Ooni Not Working on Ubuntu 13.04) created by cl34r
Hi. After running […] on Ubuntu 13.04, it tells me It appears …
4:34 PM Ticket #8877 (Create Tor AMI based off of instance stores) closed by runa
wontfix: Micro instances are only available via the EBS root device, so that …
4:01 PM Ticket #9009 (TypeError: this.relay_s is undefined) closed by dcf
fixed: Thanks. I think this bug came to light with …
3:38 PM Ticket #9049 (Mac OS X leaves a trace in Safari's Develop menu.) created by Sherief
User reported on RT #10687 that he would like to remove his Tor …
3:19 PM doc/translation/Introduction edited by runa
1:47 PM org/sponsors/SponsorF/Year3 edited by karsten
Add internal milestones to Linus' item 18. (diff)
12:10 AM Ticket #9048 (GetTor doesn't respond to googlemail.com addresses) closed by sukhbir
fixed: Yup, makes sense. Fixed.
12:00 AM Ticket #9048 (GetTor doesn't respond to googlemail.com addresses) created by mttp
Each google user with a *[at]gmail.com address automatically receives …

Jun 10, 2013:

10:43 PM Ticket #9047 (Discontinuity in position in microdescriptor cache) created by cypherpunks
[Mon Jun 10 22:35:05 2013] Tor Software Error - The Tor software …
10:39 PM Ticket #9046 (OS X toolbar button looks broken in Firefox with 4.0dev8) created by cypherpunks
I think this is related to the new counter. See the screenshot.
9:18 PM Ticket #9045 (Don't let the call frequency of update_networkstatus_downloads() ...) created by ln5
In #8532 we start calling update_networkstatus_downloads() more often …
6:29 PM Ticket #9030 (tor-fw-helper confused exit code) closed by nickm
fixed: Thanks! I've added a changes file and a reference to the bug number, …
6:05 PM Ticket #9044 (oonib: oonib.conf should handle relative paths) closed by hellais
wontfix: I think it should be highly discouraged to use relative paths in …
6:01 PM Ticket #5170 (crypto_pk_get_digest (et al.?) use i2d_RSAPublicKey obsoletely) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged that, plus 7f9066ceee32f4df6d94b18c7b65e92d1730fce8 and …
5:00 PM Ticket #9044 (oonib: oonib.conf should handle relative paths) created by isis
Reported by KheOps on IRC: […] KheOps also noted that there is a …
4:39 PM Ticket #8813 (Get the Tor Launcher add-on translated) closed by runa
4:38 PM Ticket #8717 (Create translation teams on Transifex) closed by runa
fixed: Done, teams created.
4:26 PM Ticket #9017 (Crash in assert_connection_ok) closed by nickm
fixed: Okay. I've made a branch "bug9017" and merged it to 0.2.3 and forward. …
4:25 PM Ticket #9038 (debian.html still lists wheezy as testing) closed by cypherpunks
fixed: yes it does (no you don't) :) fixed than, thanks!
3:37 PM Ticket #9043 (Replace `pkey_eq` with `EVP_PKEY_cmp`) created by marek
In tortls.c the comment says: […] Which is true, but AFAIK tor …
3:15 PM Ticket #9039 (Request for a Git repository for enhancing GetTor) closed by nickm
implemented: I've added a user/sukhbir/gettor repository; you can make any branches …
12:50 PM Ticket #9042 (Too resource hungry) created by myopenid
After a few hours of running Tor it uses up all CPU cycles and unusual …
8:37 AM Ticket #9041 (User-Agent in torcheck) created by sanren
It would be nice, if there was user-agent shown on main torcheck page. …
1:29 AM Ticket #8827 (Use Accept-Language for badge localization) closed by dcf
fixed: Thanks, merged.
12:05 AM doc/AppArmorForTBB edited by proper
backup (diff)

Jun 9, 2013:

11:43 PM Ticket #9040 ([Firefox] News Corporation rule breaks Photos of the Day on WSJ Blogs) created by cypherpunks
HTTPS Everywhere 3.2.2 (not sure why this version is not listed below) …
10:00 PM Ticket #9039 (Request for a Git repository for enhancing GetTor) created by sukhbir
I need a Git repository so that I can push the Dropbox-support code …
7:12 PM Ticket #8830 (Automatic export of localized badge graphics) closed by dcf
fixed: Thanks, this was really great work.
6:09 PM Ticket #9025 (Badge portuguese translation) closed by dcf
fixed: Thanks, applied.
5:56 PM Ticket #8829 (Lower-case language tags) closed by dcf
fixed: Thanks, applied.
5:44 PM Ticket #8828 (Recognize other subtags in language tags) closed by dcf
3:52 PM Ticket #9038 (debian.html still lists wheezy as testing) created by cypherpunks
Hi, https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en#ubuntu currently …
2:42 PM Ticket #9037 (non-free hide.png icon in Vidalia alpha branch) created by intrigeri
In Vidalia alpha Git branch, the src/vidalia/res/32x32/hide.png icon …
10:48 AM Ticket #5299 (obfsproxy: Support SOCKS per-connection transport arguments) closed by asn
fixed: Replying to arma: > asn, what's the story here now that …
3:03 AM doc/stem edited by atagar
More suggestions from Karsten. (diff)
2:28 AM doc/stem edited by atagar
Adding a compression option suggested by Karsten. (diff)

Jun 8, 2013:

9:42 PM Ticket #9036 (Changing GetTor Message Body) created by mrphs
GetTor body needs to be temporary changed to let users know we're …
9:40 PM Ticket #9035 (Reddit ruleset) created by cypherpunks
There doesn't seem to be a ruleset that redirects http://reddit.com/
6:20 PM doc/gsoc edited by arma
3:56 PM org/meetings/2013SummerDevMeeting edited by nickm
nick has travel dates (diff)
5:28 AM Ticket #7721 (Chrome browser add-on) closed by dcf
fixed: I'm changing the ticket title to "Chrome browser add-on" and marking …
5:26 AM Ticket #9034 (Firefox browser add-on) created by dcf
Migrating from comment:7:ticket:7721. …
5:18 AM org/meetings/2013SummerDevMeeting edited by StrangeCharm
Uh, right, my dates! (diff)
4:19 AM Ticket #9031 (Internal Error : Tor (git-91b8bc26f160f172)) closed by bastik
duplicate: It should be a duplicate of #2077 (why ever it only appears on …

Jun 7, 2013:

6:55 PM Ticket #9033 (Make use of tor-fw-helper for NAT traversal) created by arlolra
See the attached. Unfortunately, tor-fw-helper is not being …
6:45 PM Ticket #9032 (TorrentFreak.com rule doesn't redirect to HTTPS) created by trr
- In short: The built-in rule "TorrentFreak.com" doesn't redirect …
6:32 PM Ticket #9031 (Internal Error : Tor (git-91b8bc26f160f172)) created by marinaldo.jesus
[sex 7. jun 15:18:21 2013] Erro de software Tor - O software Tor …
6:29 PM Ticket #9030 (tor-fw-helper confused exit code) created by arlolra
On success, it's returning the number of initialized backends. That …
3:05 AM Ticket #9029 (Site don't work with activated addon) created by cypherpunks
Don´t work on http(s):www.myquix.de/QUIX Only completly disabled …

Jun 6, 2013:

9:02 PM Ticket #9028 (TorBrowser has Stopped Working) created by dmanson
Im not that into all the technical stuff so im happy just using the …
8:02 PM Ticket #9027 (Download failed -) created by cypherpunks
Download failed: Link does not support https: …
6:37 PM Ticket #9026 (Hotmail / Live rule breaks some Microsoft downloads) created by cypherpunks
The "Hotmail / Live" rule seems to break some Microsoft download …
10:15 AM org/meetings/2013SummerDevMeeting edited by karsten
Add Cologne city tour idea (diff)
5:38 AM Ticket #9025 (Badge portuguese translation) created by eduardostalinho
Adding a portuguese translation. The real translation for Internet …
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