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Sep 1, 2014:

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10:50 PM Ticket #4234 (Deploy experimental builds using the Firefox update process) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Ok. I think we should have the reproducibility issue (and any other …
10:47 PM Ticket #12622 (Automate update package distribution for TBB updater) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Ok, I can't wait to try this out for our next alpha release! Calling …
10:30 PM Ticket #12623 (Deploy our TBB update archives on a secure machine) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Ok, we're going to go with www for this.
10:30 PM Ticket #12954 (Need more space for Tor dist files (e.g. split www and dist?)) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Ok, it sounds like all the mirrors should be all set then. Vescum is …
10:16 PM Ticket #10065 (Improve Hardening for TBB3.0) closed by mikeperry
fixed: I think we can call this fixed! The hardening in TBB 4.0-alpha-2 …
10:15 PM Ticket #13031 (Provide full RELRO protection on Linux) created by mikeperry
Our fix in #12103 to provide RELRO protection causes checksec to …
10:11 PM Ticket #10512 (Firefox.exe doesn't have DEP enabled) closed by mikeperry
fixed: This should be fixed in 4.0-alpha-2.
10:10 PM Ticket #9150 (Fully hardening the tor binary does not work in TBB 3.0a2 on Linux) closed by mikeperry
fixed: I think this should be fixed in 3.6.5 and 4.0-alpha-2?
10:10 PM Ticket #10515 (Compile Firefox with buffer overflow protection) closed by mikeperry
fixed: I believe we fixed this in 4.0-alpha-2.
10:09 PM Ticket #5024 (compile time hardening of TBB (RELRO, canary, PIE)) closed by mikeperry
fixed: This should be fixed in 3.6.5 and 4.0-alpha-2. We have at least …
10:08 PM Ticket #10505 (Broken ASLR in windows executable) closed by mikeperry
10:06 PM Ticket #12156 (Provide a helper script/instructions to package up a non-gitian ...) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Isis ended up doing this in …
9:51 PM Ticket #13030 (Tor unexpectedly exited) created by cypherpunks
OS: Windows Vista Home premium sp2 Just downloaded Tor browser 3.6.4, …
9:43 PM Ticket #13029 (Add a ruleset for covoiturage.fr) created by delaune
Hello, covoiturage.fr is a popular European website for car-sharing. …
9:42 PM Ticket #13028 (Grovel through Firefox source for non-nsHTTPChannel networking) created by mikeperry
I still need to perform my typical search for new non-proxied network …
9:41 PM Ticket #12621 (Review and audit Firefox changes since Firefox 24) closed by mikeperry
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Tor.SE help (diff)
9:38 PM Ticket #13027 (Make WebWorkers use spoofed navigator.* useragent values) created by mikeperry
We spoof the navigator values through various …
9:36 PM Ticket #13026 (Verify screenX and screenY are spoofed sanely) created by mikeperry
In Firefox 28, window.screenX and window.screenY were changed to …
9:35 PM Ticket #13025 (Lie about the screen orientation) created by mikeperry
Screen orientation is now exposed as a JS property: …
9:33 PM Ticket #13024 (Disable resource timing API?) created by mikeperry
We disable the navigation timing API (by making it report 0s by …
9:30 PM Ticket #13023 (Disable the Gamepad API) created by mikeperry
The GamePad API allows JS to silently query all attached videogame …
9:27 PM Ticket #13022 (Several WebGL1 extensions became features) created by mikeperry
If I recall correctly, WebGL extensions could be queried for video …
9:24 PM Ticket #13021 (Prompt before allowing Canvas isPointIn*() calls) created by mikeperry
There were some changes to the HTML5 canvas object. I think toBlob() …
9:21 PM Ticket #13020 (Audit gstreamer usage for proxy safety) created by mikeperry
In Firefox30, the Linux builds began using gstreamer by default for …
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Tor.SE: Facebook and Baghdad (diff)
9:18 PM Ticket #13019 (New locale fingerprinting capabilities in FF31ESR) created by mikeperry
Various element properties …
9:14 PM Ticket #13018 (Math routines are OS fingerprintable) created by mikeperry
The Math class now exposes high-precision versions of several …
9:12 PM Ticket #13017 (Determine if AudioBuffers/OfflineAudioContext are a fingerprinting vector) created by mikeperry
WebAudio allows you to write data to AudioBuffers and perform …
9:09 PM Ticket #13016 (Remove access to all Mozilla-prefixed media queries) created by mikeperry
In Firefox25, Mozilla added a couple scary media queries …
8:23 PM Ticket #12878 (reject6 is undocumented) closed by nickm
fixed: Looks like an improvement to me! Cherry-picked to maint-0.2.5 and …
8:07 PM Ticket #8796 (500 Internal Privoxity error) closed by nickm
invalid: We don't support privoxy. Closing this ticket.
8:03 PM Ticket #6763 (Combine "m" lines with identical hash values) closed by nickm
implemented: Looks like we did this in with …
7:50 PM Ticket #11315 (Invalid write of size 8) closed by nickm
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #12985, which has a patch.
7:42 PM Ticket #12928 (Review of 197d8550094d0509bed9e682b4a7b723dd948141) closed by nickm
fixed: Hang on; there's already an ARRAY_LENGTH in util.h. Tweaking the …
7:25 PM Ticket #13015 (Update gitian signing+sig check+upload scripts to use tag/branch) created by mikeperry
We should standardize the directory location of candidate builds, to …
6:01 PM doc/TorBrowser/Hacking edited by boklm
update link to test results (diff)
5:34 PM Ticket #13010 (deb.torproject.org-keyring fails upgrade to 2014.08.31) closed by weasel
fixed: rebuilt on wheezy.
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Help desk Roundup (diff)
4:53 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by ChadParry
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3:00 PM Ticket #13014 (copy and paste trick could be used to deanonymise users) created by cypherpunks
This website
2:59 PM Ticket #12244 (Configure travis to run ooni-backend tests regularly with public reports) closed by hellais
fixed: This is now done.
2:47 PM Ticket #13013 (Please create user/karsten/metrics-lib repository) closed by Sebastian
fixed: .
2:04 PM doc/build/BuildSignoff edited by T(A)ILS developers
1:35 PM Ticket #12896 (ContactInfo not added with a SIGHUP) closed by karsten
worksforme: Assuming the bug is now fixed. If not, please re-open.
10:55 AM Ticket #13013 (Please create user/karsten/metrics-lib repository) created by karsten
Please create a user/karsten/metrics-lib repository for me with …
9:27 AM Ticket #12934 (Vagrant file and the like) closed by karsten
implemented: Okay, here's what I did: - Added maxmemory.value to build.xml. …
8:00 AM Ticket #12746 (TBB 3.6.3 Windows 7 64-bit : no firefox window after connect to TOR network) closed by gk
duplicate: Ok, I think this is actually #10804.
7:55 AM Ticket #12103 (Fully hardening firefox binary is broken since 3.5.3 on Linux) closed by gk
fixed: Replying to cypherpunks: > Instead of removing …
7:50 AM Ticket #10077 (Build mingw-w64 compiler for TBB bundles from source) closed by gk
fixed: Replying to gk: > While we don't need a separate binutils …
6:12 AM Ticket #13012 (Reviewing Bug #3229: Make content pref service memory-only + clearable) created by arthuredelstein
I noticed that nsContentPrefService.js can be expected to store prefs …
4:38 AM Ticket #13011 (Typo on Tor Project: Jobs page (English)) closed by arma
fixed: Wow. Ugly typo. Thank you. Fixed -- please look for more!
1:24 AM Ticket #13011 (Typo on Tor Project: Jobs page (English)) created by sprang
There's a typo on the Jobs page: …

Aug 31, 2014:

7:49 PM Ticket #13010 (deb.torproject.org-keyring fails upgrade to 2014.08.31) created by highflux7
On lucid (10.04): $ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade Reading package …
7:43 PM Ticket #13009 (Tor Browser wont open - it seems blocked) created by PJsuperguy
I have a PC with Windows XL and Norton 360 I have used Tor many times …
7:42 PM Ticket #12989 (Add a check for number of unmeasured relays in a vote) closed by atagar
implemented: Check is now enabled with the threshold lowered to 5%. Resolving.
7:26 PM org/doc/ListOfServicesBlockingTor edited by cypherpunks
5:54 PM Ticket #13008 (Create a Nagios check to ensure that Onionoo is updating correctly) created by karsten
Can we have a Nagios check that fetches …
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4:52 PM Ticket #12994 (deb.torproject.org archive signing key expired) closed by weasel
fixed: Expiration date updated. If people want their copy of the key update …
4:03 PM Ticket #13007 (orbot and orweb) created by jackandjill828
Keep getting "incorrect captcha entered" messages when trying to …
3:47 PM Ticket #12869 (protocol api separation) closed by karsten
fixed: Agreed. Closing this ticket, now that the API discussion has moved to …
3:07 PM Ticket #7585 (CAPTCHA not displayed on topix.com) reopened by djerome2000
A user reports that she is unable to post on topix.com because the …
10:00 AM Ticket #13006 (EHLO is not a good choice) created by ww
Torbirdy uses to identify itself when sending mail. …
7:07 AM Ticket #12905 (onionoo protocol version field) reopened by karsten
On second thought, this idea is great for clients to decide whether …
7:02 AM org/doc/ListOfServicesBlockingTor edited by cypherpunks1
7:02 AM org/doc/ListOfServicesBlockingTor edited by cypherpunks1
6:54 AM Ticket #12905 (onionoo protocol version field) closed by karsten
implemented: Sounds good, I added two sentences explaining what's a minor and …
6:07 AM Ticket #12988 (deb.torproject.org signing key expired, cannot install) closed by arma
duplicate: Closing in favor of #12994.
4:26 AM Ticket #2710 (Migrate old vidalia trac tickets to Tor's trac) closed by arma
wontfix: I'm going to call this one done.
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2:09 AM Ticket #13005 (Please document Tor Browser environment variables) created by mttp
It's not uncommon for users to want Tor Browser to use their already …

Aug 30, 2014:

11:49 PM Ticket #12942 (ATLAS) closed by phw
duplicate: I believe that the problem was/is Onionoo, Atlas' backend. Please see …
11:43 PM Ticket #12992 (Atlas without Javascript?) closed by phw
wontfix: > Is there any way that Atlas could be made to work without …
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3:38 PM Ticket #13004 (Decide what documentation should exist for Onionoo) created by karsten
Onionoo needs documentation for users, service operators, and …
3:23 PM Ticket #13003 (Figure out a better strategy to avoid concurrent Onionoo executions) created by karsten
The current strategy for the hourly cronjob to avoid concurrent …
3:00 PM Ticket #13002 (Please apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk on yatei and sewerzowi) created by karsten
See ticket summary. Thanks!
1:31 PM TorWeeklyNews/BugsToPlug edited by karsten
Update already-covered items. (diff)
1:29 PM TorWeeklyNews/BugsToPlug edited by karsten
#11264 is already in needs_review and thus is not a good candidate anymore. (diff)
3:04 AM doc/meek edited by dcf
Link blog post. (diff)
2:56 AM Ticket #12964 (Increase disk space on stellatum.torproject.org) closed by phobos
implemented: done. 38GB free.
1:24 AM Ticket #13001 (HTTPS Everywhere breaks eloconcursos.com.br) created by juniorelson4
When HTTPS Everywhere is activated, I can't properly load videos from …
12:10 AM Ticket #13000 (Should relays wait with publishing a descriptor until they've run a bw ...) created by Sebastian
Otherwise the first descriptor will be published using an observed bw …

Aug 29, 2014:

11:22 PM Ticket #12999 (Use one clock skew per URL bar domain) created by arthuredelstein
When #3455 lands, Tor Browser will have a separate Identity (i.e., …
10:44 PM Ticket #12998 (missing "security.nocertdb" pref) created by arthuredelstein
I discovered while working on a regression test that the patch for …
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8:46 PM Ticket #12996 (Relay operators see "Unexpected onionskin length after decryption: 58") closed by nickm
fixed: Merged bug12996b to maint-0.2.5 and forward.
8:13 PM Ticket #12997 (More specific warning than "Tried to establish rendezvous on non-OR or ...) closed by nickm
implemented: Great; merged into 0.2.5 and later.
8:03 PM Ticket #12997 (More specific warning than "Tried to establish rendezvous on non-OR or ...) created by nickm
8:01 PM Ticket #12996 (Relay operators see "Unexpected onionskin length after decryption: 58") created by arma
We've had one or two reports lately of people seeing […] in their …
7:11 PM Ticket #12995 (default font seems seems to leak system locale information) created by cypherpunks
I recently changed the default system locale on my GNU Linux system, …
6:29 PM Ticket #12994 (deb.torproject.org archive signing key expired) created by TorAmateurDev
Hello, while trying to update Tor on Debian Wheezy I noticed that the …
6:24 PM Ticket #12993 (Fastly breaks www.whitepages.com) created by cypherpunks
The Fastly rule prevents proper rendering of pages on whitepages.com …
5:54 PM Ticket #12992 (Atlas without Javascript?) created by dongxi
I find it a bit odd that Tor places such an emphasis on the fact that …
5:46 PM Ticket #12991 (Atlas gives no information for relays) closed by dongxi
5:40 PM Ticket #12991 (Atlas gives no information for relays) created by dongxi
When I go from https://check.torproject.org/?lang=en_US to the link …
5:37 PM Ticket #12990 (route certificate errors) created by saint
So on August 17th, I experienced a weird error and haven't noticed it …
5:01 PM Ticket #12989 (Add a check for number of unmeasured relays in a vote) created by Sebastian
This could help identify bwauth issues
4:58 PM Ticket #12955 (New tests for routerset.c) closed by nickm
implemented: Seems better now; thanks! Applied to master.
4:07 PM Ticket #12988 (deb.torproject.org signing key expired, cannot install) created by torfan
subkey expired, main key expires soon: pub 2048R/886DDD89 …
3:56 PM Ticket #12987 (www.MapMyRide.com not fully loading) created by cypherpunks
This site suddenly started failing for all the graphical parts, hover …
3:42 PM Ticket #12986 (Pearson MyLab & Mastering Blocked) created by thankyouterror
Hello, the Pearson MyLab site …
3:41 PM doc/PluggableTransports edited by dcf
New bridge howto section. (diff)
3:24 PM Ticket #12985 (call tor_event_free, not tor_free, on events in connection_free().) created by nickm
In connection_free_, we do a probably-redundant call to tor_free on …
2:09 PM Ticket #12984 (DuckDuckGo search engine link) created by jc86035
The DuckDuckGo search engine in the toolbar should be changed to the …
11:10 AM Ticket #12983 (TBB hangs on startup, no browser window) closed by gk
duplicate: Duplicate of #10804.
10:17 AM Ticket #12983 (TBB hangs on startup, no browser window) created by Emory Hubbard
New user, have been enjoying Tor for a couple days now. Windows 7. …
10:05 AM Ticket #12982 (Port Meek to Android) created by cypherpunks
Meek should be ported to Android, so it can be added to obfsclient of …
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Aug 28, 2014:

10:14 PM Ticket #12981 (Add backends for encrypted storage, scrypt) created by nickm
We need an encrypted storage format for private keys that is better …
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1:27 PM Ticket #12647 (updater needs to support use of symlinks) closed by mcs
fixed: The changes to support symlinks in the updater landed as part of the …
1:08 PM Ticket #12980 (Implement ed25519 primitives for proposals 220, 224, 228) created by nickm
For proposal 220, we need ed25519 with detached signatures. (#12498) …
12:39 PM Ticket #12382 (Changed upstream langpack xpis prevent reproducibility of 3.6.2) closed by gk
wontfix: I think we WONTFIX this for 3.6.2 but the issue should go away with …
12:36 PM Ticket #12948 (TBB Linux 4.0-Alpha-1 HashedControlPassword not working) closed by nickm
fixed: Looks like that branch was against release-0.2.5, not maint-0.2.5? …
9:49 AM Ticket #11055 (Investigate potential DNS leak on Windows when using SSPI) closed by gk
fixed: Fixed by disabling negotiate HTTP Auth in #12974.
9:39 AM Ticket #12979 (Opening new windows/resizing them with JavaScript should not leak ...) created by gk
In #9881 we switched browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction to 0
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5:57 AM org/meetings/2015UXsprint edited by dcf
Link OpenITP page on user survey. (diff)
3:23 AM org/sponsors/SponsorS/Outreach edited by phobos
3:21 AM org/sponsors/SponsorS/Outreach created by phobos
2:06 AM Ticket #8940 (Move RecommendedTBBVersions from check.torproject.org to www.torproject.org) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Done. The new versioncheck URL will be …
2:04 AM Ticket #12852 (Switch RecommendedVersions file to www.tpo) closed by mikeperry
duplicate: Duping this back to #8940.
1:36 AM Ticket #12974 (Disable NTLM and Negotiate HTTP Auth) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Fixed. Will appear in 3.6.5 and 4.0-alpha-1.
1:33 AM Ticket #9881 (Javascript can create/resize windows to consume the entire desktop) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Pref is set. Will appear in 3.6.5 and 4.0-alpha-2.
12:56 AM Ticket #12977 (Fix Firefox's Full Screen Permissions Prompt) created by mikeperry
It looks like it may be slightly tricky but not impossible to fix the …
12:17 AM Ticket #12976 (Orbot's new identity feature is not mentioned anywhere in app or ...) created by cypherpunks
Nowhere in the app UI, wizard or websites can I find any mention of …

Aug 27, 2014:

11:55 PM doc/meek edited by afisk
Typo fix (diff)
11:15 PM doc/meek edited by dcf
Link Lantern sitescanner. (diff)
10:04 PM Ticket #12975 (Ensure NTLMv2 is still disabled) created by mikeperry
In #12974, we disabled NTLMv1 and Negotiate auth. Mozilla is also …
10:00 PM Ticket #12974 (Disable NTLM and Negotiate HTTP Auth) created by mikeperry
This is technically an embargoed Mozilla bug, so I probably shouldn't …
9:45 PM Ticket #12973 (Expedia broken) created by cypherpunks
Use of Expedia.com (to search for hotels or flights, for example) …
9:44 PM Ticket #12972 (create a tor-blog git repo) closed by Sebastian
fixed: created with description "The Tor blog". If you want a different …
9:14 PM doc/TorBrowser/Hacking edited by mikeperry
Link to BuildingWithGitian page (diff)
8:38 PM Ticket #10477 (Argue about which git-based blog-system to use) closed by phobos
implemented: Those that have done the work have decided on jekyll for the content …
8:35 PM Ticket #12972 (create a tor-blog git repo) created by phobos
Hi, I assume we do more than git --init --bare for repos on cupani. …
8:15 PM Ticket #12971 (Invalid SOCKS5 response to UDP associate request) created by yurivict271
The attached script sends UDP ASSOCIATE request to tor socks5 server. …
3:51 PM Ticket #12970 (dir-spec's a-line shouldn't mention portlists) created by atagar
Really quick thing …
2:45 PM Ticket #11515 (Trademark violation and Malware at sf.net) closed by phobos
2:44 PM Ticket #12949 (Blog arithmetic captcha has gone missing) closed by phobos
1:41 PM Ticket #12496 (Saint requests SVN access to website content) closed by phobos
implemented: Access granted.
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12:51 PM doc/TorBrowser/BuildingWithGitian edited by tom
6:28 AM Ticket #5463 (BridgeDB must GPG-sign outgoing mails) reopened by isis
This appears not to be fixed.
6:17 AM Ticket #9874 (Research/design a way to automate testing of BridgeDB's HTTPS and ...) closed by isis
fixed: Replying to isis: > For the TESTING_BRIDGEDB envvar, …
4:04 AM Ticket #12953 (Leekspin munges `flag-thresholds` and `published` lines for bridge ...) closed by isis
fixed: I've repackaged Leekspin for 0.2.1, and from my tests so far this …
3:07 AM Ticket #12968 (Specify HEASLR (High Entropy Address Space Layout Randomization) in ...) created by mikeperry
Mozilla patched mingw-w64 to allow the specification of "high-entropy" …
3:04 AM Ticket #12967 (Support a multi-lingual TBB that can switch between localizations) created by mikeperry
I think for our hardened and/or alpha series, we should just include …
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