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Aug 4, 2015:

11:28 PM Ticket #16731 (TBB 5.0 a3/a4 fails to download a file on right click) created by marc
Steps to reproduce: 1. Go to …
11:04 PM Ticket #16730 (NoScript alters whitelist on updates) created by mikeperry
Noscript sometimes alters its whitelist during updates unless the pref …
10:36 PM Ticket #16729 (New YouTube HTML5 video player doesn't load with non-default security ...) created by cypherpunks
throws javascript exception browser: 4.5.3 security slider: High …
9:47 PM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting edited by n8fr8
9:24 PM Ticket #16448 (isolate favicon requests and caching by URL bar domain) closed by mikeperry
fixed: I filed #16728 for the test cases. Closing this ticket.
9:24 PM Ticket #16728 (Test cases for favicon isolation) created by mikeperry
We need either unittests or integration tests for #16448
9:16 PM Ticket #16524 (Don't vote HSDir if we aren't voting Valid) reopened by arma
Reopening because #8712 actually broke things, causing this ticket to …
8:55 PM Ticket #16464 (Add Android calls) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Ok, I merged this. Thanks Amogh!
8:39 PM Ticket #16572 (Verify cache isolation for XMLHttpRequests in Web Workers) closed by mikeperry
fixed: This looked OK to me. I merged it.
8:24 PM Ticket #15864 (Differentiate between build and release sha256sums.txt) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Release process updated.
8:21 PM Ticket #13780 (Warn or die if the configuration file doesn't exist) closed by ilv
fixed: [https://gitweb.torproject.org/user/ilv/gettor.git/commit/?h=develop&id
8:18 PM org/roadmaps/GetTor edited by ilv
Added status report for July and reference to "send mirrors" ticket (diff)
7:41 PM Ticket #16720 (Please create new mailing list berlin2015@) closed by weasel
7:39 PM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting edited by isis
6:07 PM Ticket #16727 (Tor Browser about:healthreport shows Data Sharing ON) created by teor
When I open Help > Tor Browser Health Report or about:healthreport in …
6:04 PM Ticket #13338 (Rewrite tor-fw-helper in Go (or another memory-safe language)) closed by nickm
implemented: Merged. Yawning, I've added a tor-fw-helper repository on the tor git …
5:08 PM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting edited by dgoulet
3:59 PM org/sponsors/SponsorT edited by elation
3:38 PM Ticket #16726 (Should Tor Browser delay keystrokes to avoid dwell and gap analysis?) created by teor
Some sites are using the dwell and gap times of user typing to …
3:27 PM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting edited by phw
Philipp is not coming. (diff)
2:25 PM doc/gsoc edited by atagar
This round's status reports. (diff)
1:23 PM TorWeeklyNews/2015/30 edited by nicoo
Embed the body in a code block (diff)
12:55 PM TorWeeklyNews/2015/30 created by BitingBird
creation from template + Tails june report
11:33 AM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting edited by qbi
corrected Lunar's entry (diff)
11:01 AM Ticket #16725 (TorBrowser fails maximizing while using diffrent homepage) created by kleft
I installed the latest version 4.5.3 on my Windows 7 x64. As soon as I …
10:33 AM Ticket #16724 (Tor Browser 5.0a4 crashes with fonts.conf file) created by gk
Using dcf's fonts.conf file makes Tor Browser 5.0a4 crash. This does …
10:27 AM Ticket #16723 (randomize HH:MM in AccountingStart for a more even distribution of ...) created by cypherpunks
AccountingStart defaults to 0:00 local time. This results in may …
9:06 AM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting edited by lunar
add myself (diff)
8:30 AM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting edited by karsten
Update airport section. (diff)
8:14 AM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting edited by Julius
7:33 AM Ticket #16722 (New tab "Tiles" feature re-enabled after upgrade) created by mikeperry
After an upgrade from 5.0a3 to 5.0a4 on Linux, the …
7:03 AM Ticket #16721 (Can we close the valencia2015@ mailing list?) created by karsten
Can we close the valencia2015@ mailing list? (This question is …
6:56 AM Ticket #16720 (Please create new mailing list berlin2015@) created by karsten
Please create a new mailing list berlin2015@ and make ​arma@… …
4:39 AM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting edited by arma
4:36 AM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting edited by arma
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4:32 AM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting edited by arma
4:29 AM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting edited by arma
4:25 AM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting edited by arma
4:18 AM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting edited by arma
4:18 AM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting edited by arma
4:17 AM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting edited by arma
put some dates and a location on it (diff)
4:15 AM Ticket #16719 (Please create berlin2015@ mailing list) created by arma
Please create a new mailing list ​berlin2015@… and …
3:58 AM Ticket #16718 (PT users per type per country) closed by mrphs
duplicate: uh found it. dup of #10218
3:53 AM Ticket #16718 (PT users per type per country) created by mrphs
Can we please have a graph, showing the number of PT users per country …

Aug 3, 2015:

7:47 PM Ticket #16717 (https://fr.msi.com/) created by cypherpunks
This website doesn't work when https-everywhere is enabled
7:25 PM Ticket #16716 (GetTor should have a way to send TPO mirrors) created by ilv
As the summary says. This is part of the work being done in the Summer …
5:46 PM Ticket #16715 (use ThreadsafeIsCallerChrome() instead of IsCallerChrome()) created by mcs
This is a spinoff from #14205. For Tor Browser 5.0, we should replace …
5:32 PM Ticket #16714 (Debian package for Ubuntu Precise Pangolin 12.04 provides ...) created by nrbrtx
Dear Tor developers! I have Ubuntu Precise Pangolin 12.04.5 installed …
4:47 PM Ticket #16713 (ooniprobe pip installation error (using install.sh)) created by anadahz
Testing the install.sh script: …
4:31 PM Ticket #15854 (get rid of doxygen.torproject.org) closed by weasel
8:56 AM Ticket #16708 (Globe is unusable with TBB experimental 5.0a3) closed by gk
duplicate: I get […] Enabling IndexedDB (which is *not* recommended) solves …
4:57 AM Ticket #16710 (Graph or plot test coverage over time?) created by arma
In reading our Sponsor S quarterly report draft, I found a section …

Aug 2, 2015:

10:12 PM Ticket #16708 (Globe is unusable with TBB experimental 5.0a3) created by cypherpunks
It seems that Globe is unusable with TBB experimental 5.0a3 also …
2:03 PM Ticket #16707 (Packaged fonts in Tor Browser make websites partly unreadable on OS X ...) created by gk
It seems the packaged fonts make webites partly unreadable. I …
1:35 PM Ticket #16692 (New twitter feature makes Tor Browser crash) closed by gk
duplicate: IIRC this was fixed for you in 5.0a4. Thus, resolving this as a …
1:09 PM Ticket #16688 (Mozilla Firefox security settings) closed by gk
not a bug: Safebrowsing is currently disabled in Tor Browser pending an audit. …
1:07 PM Ticket #16689 (Some interesting links for Tor future) closed by gk
not a bug: Thanks for the links! I guess, the tor-talk mailing list would have …
2:13 AM Ticket #16706 (Too many connection_edge_process_relay_cell warnings) created by s7r
Hosting multiple hidden services on a Debian server running Tor …

Aug 1, 2015:

9:47 PM Ticket #16705 (Update instructions for Debian/Ubuntu) created by qbi
Within IRC the follwing comment was made: > 20:28:38 andol | Not sure …
2:37 PM Ticket #15895 (Remove andrew ldap account) closed by weasel
2:46 AM Ticket #16704 (Why are we suggesting people to run relays on Tor Browser?!) created by mrphs
When you search for "how to run a relay" …

Jul 31, 2015:

7:55 PM doc/ReducedExitPolicy edited by grarpamp
trying more accurate/wordy in critical area of sending mail/spam, and … (diff)
3:42 PM Ticket #16703 (If we touch the Ed25519 master ID key, Tor ignores the torrc file ...) created by s7r
Tor on Debian Jessie. Tor generated an Ed25519 master …
2:53 PM Ticket #13973 (Old bug back or something is tampering HS?) closed by s7r
2:49 PM Ticket #16702 (Broken INTRODUCE2 cell on an intro circ bothers Tor) created by s7r
This was mentioned before in #8864 and #13973 which I've closed in …
10:36 AM Ticket #10415 (Finish adding Fedora support for setup-dependencies.sh) closed by anadahz
fixed: Fedora support for ooniprobe installation has been added …
10:35 AM Ticket #14796 (OONI Unsupported OS) closed by anadahz
fixed: This is fixed …
12:31 AM org/Strategy/SurveyFAQ created by Sue Gardner
starting FAQ page about the strategy surveys

Jul 30, 2015:

11:40 PM Ticket #16697 (set_max_file_descriptors() failures after upgrade to Tor v0.2.7.2-alpha) closed by nickm
fixed: merged; thanks!
8:02 PM Ticket #16698 (Split directory_handle_command_get into per-command functions) created by nickm
7:18 PM doc/ISPCorrespondence edited by i9998
5:58 PM Ticket #16697 (set_max_file_descriptors() failures after upgrade to Tor v0.2.7.2-alpha) created by fk
After upgrading Tor from v0.2.7.1-alpha to v0.2.7.2-alpha I get a new …
4:33 PM Ticket #16696 (BWauth no-consensus fallback logic may need revision) created by starlight
At present both 'longclaw' and 'maatuska' have dropped out of the BW …
2:40 PM Ticket #16695 (Decouple generating controller events from sending them to controllers) created by nickm
In [http://archives.seul.org/tor/dev/Mar-2015/msg00197.html my …
2:39 PM Ticket #16694 (Tor browser users don't know about the guard design, and become worried) closed by yawning
duplicate: #16665. Reopen if I'm wrong though I think the idea discussed there …
1:55 PM Ticket #16694 (Tor browser users don't know about the guard design, and become worried) created by arma
We get a small but steady stream of confused users, contacting us …
10:05 AM Ticket #16693 (Isolate TLS Channel-Bound Cookies) created by mikeperry
http://www.browserauth.net/channel-bound-cookies. I believe these are …
4:55 AM Ticket #16692 (New twitter feature makes Tor Browser crash) created by mrphs
There's this new feature in twitter that if you move your mouse over …
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