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Jul 4, 2016:

10:17 PM doc/TorifyHOWTO/Polipo edited by k4-p_kn49y
Update broken gitweb URLs. Link polipo.conf to its most recent commit. (diff)
7:38 PM Ticket #19559 (The proxy server is refusing connections on mac os x 10.11.4) closed by Georgio
fixed: The problem solved by itself after completely deleting Tor and …
6:05 PM Ticket #19569 (DataChannel-only libwebrtc) created by arlolra
Equivalently, https://github.com/keroserene/go-webrtc/issues/10 This …
4:18 PM Ticket #19568 (Set CurProcD for Thunderbird/Instantbird) created by sukhbir
For Thunderbird/Instantbird, the CurProcD (topDir) is not browser/, so …
3:16 PM Ticket #19567 (SR: Fix issues Coverity found:) created by dgoulet
Issue 1: […] Issue 2: […]
2:49 PM Ticket #19566 (SR: Use BUG() instead of tor_assert() when we can) created by dgoulet
Example: […] Should be replaced by: […] The idea is to not …
2:44 PM Ticket #19565 (SR: Use trunnel for the shared random value construction) created by dgoulet
The shared random value (SRV) looks like the following for which we …
2:41 PM Ticket #19564 (SR: use macros to compute our base64 encoded length) created by dgoulet
Ticket #19531 once done should be adding some macros to compute the …
2:37 PM Ticket #19563 (Test: add unit test for tor_htonll() and tor_ntohll()) created by dgoulet
Added in commit 9744a40f.
2:35 PM Ticket #19562 (Implement a voting_schedule_free() function) created by dgoulet
The data structure voting_schedule_t has been moved to a public …
10:19 AM Ticket #19561 (Misleading prop250 log messages) created by asn
There are various instances where we combine sr_commit_get_rsa_fpr()
8:41 AM Ticket #19560 (running tor trying to access its ed25519_signing_secret_key, log ...) created by weasel
I keep my key files away from the running tor instance. For some …
8:20 AM Ticket #19559 (The proxy server is refusing connections on mac os x 10.11.4) created by Georgio
Hello! I just have tried to install tor (firstly 6.0.2, then (6.5a1)) …

Jul 3, 2016:

9:14 PM org/doc/ListOfServicesBlockingTor edited by dcf
archive.org/upload (diff)
7:13 PM Ticket #19558 (Please make the build reproducibility independent from the timezone) created by intrigeri
The Debian reproducible builds effort tells me that tor is not …
5:37 PM Ticket #17813 (IPv6 address for urras) closed by Sebastian
3:53 PM Ticket #19557 (sandboxing crash while writing stats) created by weasel
With 19556 fixed, Tor now crashes while trying to write stats. […]
3:23 PM doc/directory_authority edited by Sebastian
3:14 PM doc/directory_authority edited by Sebastian
2:24 PM Ticket #19556 (Directory /var/lib/tor/stats cannot be read) created by weasel
[…] I get these once a second on tor26. I have sandboxing …
12:10 PM Ticket #19555 (Memleaks in shared rand code) created by asn
Two memleaks: ---- There is a memleak in disk_state_reset(): …
7:55 AM Ticket #18893 (Redirect Globe requests to Atlas) closed by karsten
fixed: Alright, we probably don't need the redirection code in a Git repo. …
12:14 AM doc/gsoc edited by atagar

Jul 2, 2016:

11:36 PM Ticket #19554 (Require libevent >= 2) created by Sebastian
The supported Debian and Ubuntu versions all provide libevent 2 now, …
11:28 PM Ticket #19553 (Do not plot empty graphs) created by twim
Atlas does plot graphs even if there is no data. It should instead say …
8:16 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by surveillance104
Add bad experiences about US server provider. (diff)
4:17 PM Ticket #18239 (Add builder to build tor with libevent 1.4) closed by Sebastian
wontfix: We've just decided to drop support for libevent 1.4 :)
2:27 PM Ticket #19552 (Provide mechanism to find dirconns associated with a ...) created by andrea
It's hairy and complicated and different for every download status …
2:00 PM Ticket #19549 (Create user repository "trnnr" for phw) closed by weasel
1:59 PM Ticket #13246 (Augment static sites with a CDN) closed by weasel
1:58 PM Ticket #19244 (decommission stellatum) closed by weasel
1:58 PM Ticket #19242 (decommission mongolicum) closed by weasel
10:03 AM Ticket #9087 (Move network tests out of TorNet.py) closed by teor
fixed: Merged to master as 14bb7b8, with a note about how to call commands, …
10:03 AM Ticket #19545 (Ignore vim swap files and git mergetool backups) closed by teor
fixed: Merged to master as 5b67e24 and 7e708a5.
10:03 AM Ticket #19533 (Document CHUTNEY_LISTEN_ADDRESS) closed by teor
fixed: Fixed in master in 70a3c67.
9:48 AM org/teams/MetricsTeam/MetricsPythonStyleGuide edited by iwakeh
list for existing guides; re-arranging (diff)
9:35 AM org/teams/MetricsTeam/MetricsPythonStyleGuide created by iwakeh
9:33 AM org/teams/MetricsTeam/Documentation edited by iwakeh
added python guide placeholder (diff)
9:28 AM Ticket #19551 (Edge case test fail in shared random code) created by asn
The test_state_update() test would fail if you run it between 23:30 …
2:22 AM Ticket #19549 (Create user repository "trnnr" for phw) created by phw
Please create a git repository for me under user/phw/trnnr. The …
1:02 AM Ticket #19548 (Report bad exit button in tor browser) created by cypherpunks
when a site doesn't load properly, bad SSL certificates are shown, or …

Jul 1, 2016:

11:40 PM Ticket #19547 (Updating Pluggable Transport page(s)) created by mrphs
I'm updating PT pages, pushing the updates to PT branch of my …
7:54 PM Ticket #16943 (Implement prop250 (Random Number Generation During Tor Voting)) closed by dgoulet
fixed: Wow code, Much feature, Such closing!
7:49 PM Ticket #19012 (Refactor code that looks at voted-on parameters during voting) closed by dgoulet
fixed: It has been merged with commit id 6927467 now upstream.
7:46 PM Ticket #17435 (Patch dir-spec with the shared randomness info) closed by dgoulet
fixed: #16943 has been merged. This is now upstream in torspec.
5:44 PM Ticket #19546 (HTML5 youtube video save / saving BROKEN, destroyed) created by ELiMiNATOR
Some time ago I updated TBB from 5.5 to 6.0.2, and found out that …
4:44 PM doc/gsoc edited by atagar
4:34 PM doc/gsoc edited by atagar
2:31 PM Ticket #19545 (Ignore vim swap files and git mergetool backups) created by cypherpunks
While working on #9087 i noticed the Chutney git ignore list does not …
2:00 PM Ticket #19530 (Bug: Directory m��V�W�ٱq����/(��>� delivered a consensus, but a ...) closed by nickm
fixed: merged to master!
1:53 PM Ticket #18849 (Fix router_picked_poor_directory_log() before 0.2.8 release) closed by nickm
fixed: merged!
8:40 AM Ticket #19478 (File API leaks ms-resolution time) closed by gk
fixed: Seems we are done here as well. tor-browser-45.2.0esr-6.5-1 has the …
8:37 AM Ticket #16998 (Make sure <link rel="preconnect"> adheres to URL bar domain isolation) closed by gk
fixed: The patches look good to me as well. I applied them to …
8:08 AM Ticket #19544 (Add graph on bridge users by country and transport) created by karsten
The following idea came up in the …
5:47 AM Ticket #19543 (GETINFO exit-policy/reject-private/relay and ...) created by teor
Please merge my torspec branch bug18456 on …
12:41 AM org/doc/ListOfServicesBlockingTor edited by cypherpunks
added blocked sites (diff)

Jun 30, 2016:

9:03 PM doc/meek edited by dcf
Link to May 2016 cost email. (diff)
8:44 PM Ticket #19540 (Update libraries and instructions to current Debian stable) created by karsten
Last week or so we upgraded the Metrics host from wheezy to jessie and …
8:08 PM Ticket #19539 (Add red/green circles to indicate uptime/downtime) created by twim
At the moment Atlas shows confusing 'uptime' for relays that are down …
7:59 PM Ticket #19538 (Replace raster glyphicons with vector icons for flags) created by twim
Vector icons looks way better than tiny PNGs (especially on bigger …
7:35 PM doc/gsoc edited by atagar
7:06 PM Ticket #19537 (Cryptic description for download GETINFO options) created by atagar
Hi there, descriptions for the recent …
6:49 PM Ticket #19536 (Fix the link to bugtracker) closed by phw
fixed: Nice catch! The patch looks good to me, thanks twim. It's now merged …
6:35 PM Ticket #19536 (Fix the link to bugtracker) created by twim
There is a 'wrong' link at the footer.
5:43 PM Ticket #19323 (controller: expose Download timer/timeout/retry information) closed by nickm
implemented: 8917c4f19fccbe26ccea78b7fdb6d4730ef017c4 is the documentation poke. …
3:54 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by surveillance104
Add reduce exit policy. (diff)
3:19 PM Ticket #18322 (Log unparseable votes so they can be analysed) closed by nickm
implemented: M E R G E D !
3:04 PM Ticket #19483 (Unit test util/time is broken on OpenBSD) closed by nickm
fixed: lgtm; merged to master; thanks!
2:57 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by surveillance104
2:52 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by surveillance104
Add pro-privacy vps provider that support build tor service and … (diff)
2:38 PM doc/ISPCorrespondence edited by surveillance104
Add new vps provider that support tor exit nodes (diff)
1:45 PM org/operations/Infrastructure edited by karsten
Update Globe entry to say that it's just a redirect to Atlas which … (diff)
12:55 PM Ticket #19535 (A can't-happen case for one-hop circuits actually can happen) created by andrea
On commit 4dc7b3ca2825741311b6b849ed109053c643ee23, using the …
11:49 AM Ticket #19534 (Не могу зайти в ТОР) created by Lollypoper
Я мог раньше заходить в ТОР, но после обновления не могу из-за чего …
8:00 AM Ticket #19533 (Document CHUTNEY_LISTEN_ADDRESS) created by cypherpunks
The environment variable was added in #18826 but was not added to the …
3:11 AM Ticket #18826 (Allow setting the listen address for all Chutney hosts) closed by teor
fixed: Merged to chutney master as 83ca28c with the following changes: * …

Jun 29, 2016:

10:51 PM Ticket #19483 (Unit test util/time is broken on OpenBSD) reopened by teor
9:46 PM Ticket #12646 (Make `requirements.txt` version constraints identical to hash constraints.) closed by willscott
wontfix: ooni no longer has the more specific md5 hashed requirements listed at …
9:40 PM Ticket #6072 (OONI proxy) closed by willscott
duplicate: This seems to be supplanted by "Add support for cloudfronted and HTTPS …
9:02 PM Ticket #19489 (dir-spec.txt: Clarify identity key) closed by nickm
fixed: sure; seems fine. Merged. Thanks!
9:01 PM Ticket #19492 (dir-spec.txt: Simplify router-sig-ed25519 description) closed by nickm
fixed: applied and extended based on arma's comment
8:47 PM Ticket #19283 (Specify "tunnelled-dir-server" in dir-spec.txt) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged!
8:39 PM Ticket #19500 (dir-spec.txt: Fix typos) closed by nickm
fixed: merged!
8:37 PM Ticket #19493 (dir-spec.txt: Fix a typo) closed by nickm
fixed: merged!
8:37 PM Ticket #19495 (dir-spec.txt: Fix a typo) closed by nickm
fixed: merged!
8:26 PM Ticket #19503 (typo in src/or/routerkeys.c) closed by nickm
fixed: merged!
8:18 PM Ticket #19504 (--passphrase-fd is undocumented) closed by nickm
fixed: merged!
8:17 PM Ticket #19505 (tor-gencert --passphrase-fd bad text) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged!
7:10 PM doc/PluggableTransports edited by mrphs
some clean up -- adding pageoutline (diff)
6:58 PM Ticket #19449 (Remove --disable-transparent configure option?) closed by nickm
implemented: merged!
6:21 PM Ticket #6359 (make use of stream isolation) reopened by adrelanos
Replying to ioerror: > If the user has Tor 0.2.3.x, they …
5:31 PM doc/SupportPrograms edited by vynX
added remotor (diff)
3:27 PM Ticket #19532 (nsXREDirProvider breaks Orfox) created by amoghbl1
toolkit/xre/nsXREDirProvider.cpp breaks the Orfox build with the error …
3:16 PM torbirdy edited by sukhbir
2:36 PM Ticket #19531 (Major cleanup in our baseXX APIs) created by dgoulet
Our base16/32/64 APIs are quite inconsistent and a timebomb of …
1:38 PM Ticket #19483 (Unit test util/time is broken on OpenBSD) closed by nickm
fixed: ok, merging. (Wow, math in C is hard.)
1:35 PM Ticket #19530 (Bug: Directory m��V�W�ٱq����/(��>� delivered a consensus, but a ...) created by arma
Running a normal Tor client from git master, using a normal bridge, I …
12:48 PM Ticket #6528 (Combine cache isolation patches and bind to pref) closed by gk
fixed: This is done.
11:57 AM Ticket #19526 (Bug: Squid does not like URLs longer than 4095 bytes, and this one is ...) closed by arma
duplicate: Awesome! I am going to close this bug as a duplicate of those two …
9:02 AM Ticket #19519 (Java Layer Network Audit for Firefox 45) closed by gk
fixed: Thanks, applied to the tor-browser-spec master branch (commit …
9:00 AM Ticket #19529 (Remove Globe component) closed by karsten
fixed: Done, closing.
8:59 AM Ticket #19529 (Remove Globe component) created by karsten
Globe is retired and we should avoid that new tickets can be assigned …
8:19 AM Ticket #19528 (The build id stays the same with every Firefox update) created by gk
#19400 was among other things a result of our hard-coded …
2:14 AM Ticket #19526 (Bug: Squid does not like URLs longer than 4095 bytes, and this one is ...) created by arma
On moria1, running git master, shortly after startup:[…]
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