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Jul 5, 2017:

9:35 PM Ticket #22828 (UX: RSS Feed "Edit as new Message" has still Html bar) created by cypherpunks
Torbirdy displays everything as plaintext, but if I choose to send an …
9:16 PM RustInTor edited by isis
8:14 PM Ticket #22827 (Formalise CollecTor spec for sanitised bridge descriptors and put in ...) created by isis
Perhaps we should make …
8:03 PM Ticket #22826 (Write a spec for unsanitised bridge descriptor formats) created by isis
The only places this is documented is …
7:42 PM Ticket #22652 (Adapt CollecTor to metrics-lib 1.9.0) closed by karsten
implemented: Great, thanks for checking! Pushed to master. Closing.
7:02 PM Ticket #22825 (test: Add unit tests for circuit_send_next_onion_skin()) created by dgoulet
This is a core function that has just been refactored with #22804 and …
6:29 PM doc/crashreporter edited by cypherpunks
6:27 PM Ticket #22799 (llvm.org now has HTTPS) closed by cypherpunks
fixed: Good day teor! It has been fixed and merged: …
5:46 PM Ticket #22789 (Tor crash on OpenBSD-current) closed by nickm
fixed: Thanks for the review! Merged to 0.2.4 and forward. If anybody wants …
5:17 PM Ticket #22824 (Establish guidelines for using assertions) created by catalyst
Bugs like #22789 can happen due to overuse of assertions. We should …
5:01 PM Ticket #20107 (somthings wrong about function channel_get_actual_remote_address()) closed by nickm
worksforme: Yeah -- this is rewriting stuff is _weird_, but not _wrong_.
4:49 PM Ticket #20172 (Fallback Tasks for 2016) closed by nickm
implemented: All child tickets here are closed, and 2016 is over.
4:40 PM Ticket #20028 (Fix typos in tor-spec.txt [circID -> CircID]) closed by nickm
4:00 PM Ticket #22585 (FPCentral is not working with Tor Browser 7.0) closed by boklm
fixed: Thanks. Closing this ticket.
3:59 PM Ticket #22656 (Make FPCentral recognize Tor Browser 7.0 and show "acceptable values") closed by boklm
fixed: Thanks. Closing this ticket.
3:43 PM Ticket #22535 (searching from about:tor brings me to duckduckgo but my query is discarded) closed by gk
fixed: Fixed on master with commit 32f9cf56c89ccd2e24924975dc5515e4198d28c3.
3:43 PM Ticket #21948 (Going back to about:tor page gives a "The address isn’t valid"-error) closed by gk
fixed: Fixed on master with commit 32f9cf56c89ccd2e24924975dc5515e4198d28c3.
3:39 PM Ticket #18913 (about:tor should not have chrome privileges) closed by gk
fixed: Just "eagle eyes". :) Applied to master (commit …
3:07 PM Ticket #22823 (Edit blog leading image size and alignment) created by steph
The current leading image is aligned left and is not capable of being …
3:06 PM org/operations/services/oniongit edited by hiro
3:01 PM Ticket #1667 (Give a more appropriate "I'm not an HTTP proxy" message when we get an ...) closed by nickm
implemented: I've extracted both the "not an HTTP Proxy" messages (this one and the …
2:58 PM Ticket #22822 (Cannot edit blogs) closed by hiro
fixed: I was checking CSP headers for drupal and apparently the admin …
2:40 PM Ticket #22822 (Cannot edit blogs) created by steph
The blog body editor will not load. Tommy and I have tried in Tor, …
2:37 PM Ticket #22750 (Incorrect syscall in some sandbox error messages) reopened by cypherpunks
You've added your own changes file, but the patch already includes one …
2:15 PM Ticket #15554 (Put some actual hsdescs in the unit tests for parsing) closed by nickm
implemented: squashed, added a changes file, merging. Thanks!
2:02 PM Ticket #22804 (Refactor circuit_send_next_onionskin() to be less horribly large) closed by nickm
implemented: Added a changes file and merged to master.
1:58 PM Ticket #22750 (Incorrect syscall in some sandbox error messages) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged to master; thank you!
1:49 PM Ticket #22727 (prop224: Add functions to check for HS v3 support) closed by nickm
implemented: looks fine; merging!
1:38 PM Ticket #22726 (prop224: Ignore unparseable v3 introduction points) closed by dgoulet
fixed: It is in the spec already. We just failed to put it in the code …
1:15 PM Ticket #22807 (Content Security Policy (CSP) header not implemented) closed by hiro
fixed: This is now fixed.
12:56 PM doc/crashreporter edited by nmago
12:21 PM RustInTor edited by chelseakomlo
10:43 AM Ticket #22821 (Truncated tor-browser-linux32-7.5a1_tr.mar file on mirrors) created by boklm
The file tor-browser-linux32-7.5a1_tr.mar we distribute on …
9:16 AM Ticket #22806 (http://blog.torproject.org/ should redirect to https) closed by hiro
fixed: This is now fixed.
3:04 AM Ticket #22820 (Give the Exit flag to Exits that use the secure IRC port 6697) created by teor
Igor Mitrofano suggests that the Exit flag should be given to relays …

Jul 4, 2017:

10:16 PM Ticket #22819 (Choice of compressors seems to be suboptimal) created by yurivict271
The latest tor-devel uses 2 compression libraries: zstd and lzma. …
9:19 PM Ticket #19521 (Update online source to be consistent with onine API) closed by atagar
fixed: Ick, sorry I left this broken so long. On reflection the fix is …
8:58 PM Ticket #22818 (Improve documentation for building Tor with Rust) created by chelseakomlo
We have documentation that has thus far been a work in progress at …
8:37 PM Ticket #22817 (SAFECOOKIE description in control spec does not have verifiable test ...) created by amphetamine
The SAFECOOKIE documentation in …
8:32 PM Ticket #22816 (Run tests for single Rust module) created by chelseakomlo
In Tor, we currently have the ability to run tests for a single C …
5:06 PM Ticket #22815 (Chutney tests for IPv6 only bridges) created by teor
We need an IPv6-only bridge test, so we can test #4847 and make sure …
4:57 PM Ticket #22814 (Disable clipboard.autocopy in Tor Browser) created by pqrst
On Linux Mint KDE (and possibly other distros) clicking with the mouse …
4:49 PM org/roadmaps/Tor/IPv6 edited by teor
Well, 0.2.9 was way too ambitious (diff)
3:57 PM Ticket #22813 (Multiprocess Firefox hangs! (on Windows)) created by cypherpunks
Security set to High, but during reading Wikipedia it (7.0.2) hangs …
3:50 PM Ticket #22812 (find_dl_min_and_max_delay's DL_SCHED_DETERMINISTIC case is never used) closed by teor
not a bug: Turns out these are actually used, I added comments in my #17750
2:54 PM Ticket #22812 (find_dl_min_and_max_delay's DL_SCHED_DETERMINISTIC case is never used) created by teor
find_dl_min_and_max_delay is never called with DL_SCHED_DETERMINISTIC …
2:32 PM Ticket #22811 (Upgrade libraries to new Debian stable) created by karsten
This ticket is the ExoneraTor equivalent of #22800. I'll attach a …
1:56 PM Ticket #22810 (prop224: Make the client/service extend properly to the IP/RP) created by dgoulet
For a prop224 service to extend to a rendezvous point (RP) or a client …
9:27 AM Ticket #22809 (Tor Browser does not provide red security warning for downloading ...) created by naif
This ticket is to enhance Tor Browser that today does not provide red …
8:36 AM Ticket #22808 (Always apply Do Not Track, and disable checkbox to prevent changing it.) created by cypherpunks
In current TBB, user can disable DNT by uncheck it. This will …
7:49 AM Ticket #22807 (Content Security Policy (CSP) header not implemented) created by cypherpunks
Mozilla Observatory reports that blog.torproject.org does not have a …
6:45 AM Ticket #22391 (Add torrc.d configuration directory on deb packages) closed by weasel
4:33 AM Ticket #22806 (http://blog.torproject.org/ should redirect to https) created by arma
[…] Shouldn't it instead be redirecting me to the https version of …
4:12 AM Ticket #22805 (Remove or_circuit_t.is_first_hop, because it's not accurate any more) created by teor
Tor relays set or_circuit_t.is_first_hop when a client uses …
2:13 AM doc/TorBrowser/Sandbox/Linux edited by yawning
Add a note about the unexpected multithreading warning. (diff)
12:36 AM doc/gsoc edited by phoul

Jul 3, 2017:

11:33 PM Ticket #20975 (Tor Browser fails to launch after update(?)) reopened by yawning
Well, this happens since I hit it going from 7.0.1 to 7.0.2, I'm not …
10:30 PM Ticket #22212 ([warn] channelpadding_compute_time_until_pad_for_netflow(): Bug: ...) reopened by teor
Replying to toralf: > {{{ > Jul 03 20:51:39.000 [notice] …
8:40 PM Ticket #22804 (Refactor circuit_send_next_onionskin() to be less horribly large) created by nickm
There are three big sections to the abovementioned function: "CREATE", …
7:53 PM Ticket #22803 (Memory leak in link-handshake/certs_ok_ed25519) created by nickm
================================================================= …
6:28 PM doc/stem edited by atagar
Removing page. Trac deletions are irreversable so just gonna blank it … (diff)
6:19 PM doc/stem edited by atagar
Drop workaround section. Removed the only thing listed here, and this … (diff)
5:37 PM org/teams/NetworkTeam/TeamRotations edited by asn
3:18 PM TROVE edited by nickm
3:12 PM Ticket #22802 (Avoid use of "0" with tor_parse_foo()) created by nickm
The tor_parse_long() functions and family can behave a little …
2:52 PM Ticket #22801 (Warnings from isnan, isinfinite, signbit on mingw) created by nickm
We're seeing these on jenkins. They're somewhat annoying. I have a …
1:22 PM Ticket #22800 (Upgrade libraries to new Debian stable) closed by karsten
implemented: Merged. Thanks for looking! Closing.
1:09 PM org/teams/NetworkTeam/TeamRotations edited by dgoulet
Cleanup a bit (diff)
1:07 PM Ticket #22791 (Prop 224 encrypted public key) closed by dgoulet
invalid: There seems to be many confusion here. The HS-DESC-FIRST-LAYER is …
12:13 PM Ticket #21097 (try open https://abcnews.go.com/ not work) closed by cypherpunks
fixed: This has been fixed (version 5.2.18).
9:50 AM org/teams/MetricsTeam edited by karsten
Make a first attempt at evaluating OKRs (diff)
8:21 AM Ticket #22800 (Upgrade libraries to new Debian stable) created by karsten
The new Debian stable is out, and we should upgrade our library …
8:09 AM Ticket #22799 (llvm.org now has HTTPS) created by teor
Hi, Please update your rulesets to make llvm.org use HTTPS: …
8:00 AM Ticket #22593 (Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript resources on all websites of the ...) closed by hiro
fixed: Sources are now minified.
6:40 AM Ticket #22687 (Please remove text from "Jobs" webpage) closed by hiro
fixed: Text was removed.
5:27 AM Ticket #22798 (Windows relay is several times slower than Linux relay) created by Vort
I have launched two relays: first one in native mode on Windows, …
5:26 AM Ticket #22797 (macOS should use ULIMIT_BUFFER for open files) created by teor
The workaround to use OPEN_MAX for open files doesn't subtract …
5:04 AM Ticket #22542 (Tor Browser 7.0 Security Settings Window too small on macOS 10.12) reopened by teor
This works for me using macOS 10.12.5 outside a VM (retina), but …
3:08 AM Ticket #22387 (Make unapproved comments visually different from approved comments) closed by arma
fixed: I'm going to close this one as good enough, since there's a clear word …
1:24 AM org/doc/ListOfServicesBlockingTor edited by cypherpunks
Add Burger King (diff)
12:09 AM Ticket #22796 (Default browser in Ubuntu doesn't work properly) created by macho.p
When I set tor as the default browser, and click on a link in another …

Jul 2, 2017:

10:36 PM Ticket #22795 (torrc has an optional final newline) created by teor
doc/torrc_format.txt says that every line has to have a linefeed: In …
2:10 PM Ticket #22794 (Don't open AF_INET/AF_INET6 sockets when AF_LOCAL is configured.) created by yawning
Discovered when trying to resolve #20775. Unsandboxed Tor Browser …
11:52 AM Ticket #22712 (AT-SPI: Could not obtain desktop path or name) closed by yawning
fixed: https://gitweb.torproject.org/tor-browser/sandboxed-tor-browser.git/com
11:46 AM Ticket #22793 (Printing does not work under specific circumstances with Tor Browser) created by Td8F
Printing freezes the browser (all tabs) and does not print under the …
11:43 AM Ticket #22712 (AT-SPI: Could not obtain desktop path or name) reopened by yawning
After rethinking this, I'll suppress the error if it's that easy to do.

Jul 1, 2017:

10:40 PM Ticket #22792 (Add an option to ignore self-signed certificate error for .onion) created by cypherpunks
Hey, when will you add an option to ignore .onion's HTTPS certificate …
10:11 PM Ticket #22791 (Prop 224 encrypted public key) created by Dbryrtfbcbhgf
In prop 224 the "HS-DESC-FIRST-LAYER" is is encrypted to prevent a …
5:40 PM Ticket #22790 (Stem jenkins tests unable to invoke tor) created by atagar
Hi wonderful sysadmin folks. Starting yesterday …
12:41 PM Ticket #22789 (Tor crash on OpenBSD-current) created by fredzupy
Hi, After a few hours running, my new freshly compiled Tor …
11:36 AM Ticket #22788 (PDF.js overloads CPU when opening large PDFs on higher security slider ...) created by teor
When downloading a large PDF, such as …
4:17 AM Ticket #22787 (Fontconfig warning: remove 'blank' configuration) created by cypherpunks
In the log: > Fontconfig warning: line 145: blank doesn't take any …
12:54 AM Ticket #22786 (The blog's search box is hard to find, particularly on high security mode) created by teor
There's no line around the search box on the blog, making it look like …

Jun 30, 2017:

10:03 PM Ticket #22785 (Show an alternative icon for features that are blocked and not broken.) created by linda
Tor Browser blocks certain features, and especially so if the user is …
10:02 PM Ticket #7520 (Design a social bridge distributor) closed by isis
10:02 PM Ticket #7522 (Design a user interface for redeeming invite tokens) closed by isis
fixed: Please see [https://patternsinthevoid.net/hyphae/hyphae.pdf the Hyphae …
10:00 PM Ticket #7521 (Design a system for generating delegation tokens) closed by isis
fixed: Please see [https://patternsinthevoid.net/hyphae/hyphae.pdf the Hyphae …
7:02 PM Ticket #22784 (Check for external resource being loaded by the tor-bootstrap template) created by hiro
External resource prevent the site to be displayed properly on Tor browser.
6:59 PM Ticket #22783 (Remove fontawsome from the blog template) created by hiro
Glyphicons are not loaded on high security level in Tor browser. The …
6:05 PM Ticket #22436 (Some blog users have blogger role, and others don't?) closed by hiro
6:05 PM Ticket #22388 (Put a favicon in place) closed by hiro
6:04 PM Ticket #22724 (New blog comment css has only one layer of comment replies) closed by hiro
6:02 PM Ticket #22624 ("See all upcoming events" shows you events in 2008) closed by hiro
6:02 PM Ticket #22622 (You aren't allowed to use tags that haven't already been used) closed by hiro
5:56 PM Ticket #22655 (Blog: feed has broken redirection) closed by hiro
3:54 PM Ticket #19982 (Remove all openssl calls outside of crypto*.c, tortls*.c) closed by nickm
duplicate: Duplicate of #21841
3:51 PM Ticket #20000 (Improve our release process: we need fewer surprises.) closed by nickm
worksforme: I believe 0.3.0 and 0.3.1 have been going much much better, due to …
3:50 PM org/teams/MetricsTeam edited by iwakeh
adapted planned releases (diff)
3:49 PM Ticket #19945 (tor connecting/binding to (regression)) closed by nickm
not a bug
3:48 PM Ticket #19926 (BUG warning in connection_ap_attach_pending: waiting for rendezvous desc :*) closed by nickm
user disappeared
3:46 PM Ticket #19795 (Make Tor be built with cmake) closed by nickm
wontfix: I'm not saying we're going to be on autotools forever, but we aren't …
3:42 PM Ticket #19740 ((new ?) efficient attack against an exit relay) closed by nickm
worksforme: Closing as worksforme because there just isn't enough info here to …
3:35 PM Ticket #22782 (Additional domain fronts for Snowflake rendezvous) created by cypherpunks
China and Iran people have google blocked => snowflake's domain front …
3:35 PM org/teams/MetricsTeam edited by iwakeh
added recent releases (diff)
3:32 PM Ticket #19485 (Use Intel Control-flow Enforcement Technology) closed by nickm
not a bug: Once there are compiler options for this, we can use it. But for now, …
3:25 PM Ticket #19364 (Implement improved guard-node design) closed by nickm
implemented: This was prop 271, implemented in 0.3.0.x
3:17 PM Ticket #22781 (hs: Unify link specifier API/ABI) created by dgoulet
In hs_descriptor.{c|h}, link specifiers are used to encode the …
1:53 PM Ticket #19312 (Teach module callgraph tool to look for critical edges) closed by nickm
implemented: Actually, my calltool tool does this. Neat!
1:45 PM Ticket #22683 (adapt metrics-web to metrics-lib 2.0.0/1.9.0 changes) closed by karsten
fixed: Merged to master. Re-closing. Thanks!
1:45 PM Ticket #22780 (Remove code to produce the deprecated torperf.csv) closed by karsten
implemented: Merged to master. Thanks for checking! Closing.
9:39 AM org/teams/MetricsTeam edited by karsten
Update roadmap and OKRs. (diff)
8:22 AM Ticket #22780 (Remove code to produce the deprecated torperf.csv) created by karsten
As of May 12, 2017, the torperf.csv data file has been replaced by …
8:19 AM Ticket #22509 (Put "Reply" bar at the bottom of comment) closed by hiro
fixed: This was implemented as part of the blog redesign process.
3:12 AM Ticket #22773 (Stop generating too-long random nicknames) closed by atagar
fixed: Thanks catalyst! I was wondering about it this morning but didn't have …
1:30 AM Ticket #22779 (choose_good_entry_server() is no longer used to choose entry guards) created by teor
choose_good_entry_server() says: […] But in 0.3.0 and later, we …
1:20 AM org/teams/NetworkTeam/SecurityPolicy edited by teor
Follow-up TROVE-2017-006 #22753 by categorising path selection bugs as … (diff)
12:58 AM Ticket #22778 (Exit relays dedicated to onion only traffic) closed by yawning
invalid: Circuits to .onion do not use Exits at all, so this is a nonsensical …
12:26 AM Ticket #22778 (Exit relays dedicated to onion only traffic) created by Dbryrtfbcbhgf
Allowing exit relay operators to set up their exit node to only …
12:25 AM Ticket #22777 (Implement a backend HTTP server for Hyphae's credentials) created by isis
We'll need an HTTP server which implements Appendix B of …
12:16 AM Ticket #22362 (Tor Browser freezes when loading https://www.facebook.com/tr/ on a website) reopened by ma1
Of course disabling the XSS filter is an undesirable work-around. …
12:11 AM Ticket #22776 (Implement the remaining cryptographic protocols for Hyphae) created by isis
We'll need: 1) Back-Maxwell Rangeproofs (requires Borromean Ring …
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