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May 9, 2018:

8:32 PM Ticket #25847 (Update boklm's key for signing Tor Browser builds) closed by boklm
fixed: The old key is removed by commit …
8:32 PM Ticket #26066 (Include clip of post summaries in sidebar) created by steph
If a summary is included in a blog post, then no preview text shows in …
6:32 PM Ticket #26065 (Please create a blog account for Amogh) created by sukhbir
Please create a blog account for …
6:05 PM Ticket #26016 (Replace n_libevent_errors logic with a rate-limiter.) closed by nickm
implemented: thanks; merged!
6:01 PM Ticket #26009 (Remove management of approx_time() from second_elapsed_callback) closed by nickm
implemented: okay -- squashed and merging!
5:26 PM Ticket #26064 (Use a mainloop timer to wake up from hibernation.) created by nickm
In lieu of #25950, we can do a much simpler version: when we go …
5:08 PM org/meetings/2018MexicoCity created by arma
initial page, still more changing to do
4:52 PM Ticket #26063 (Disable the per-second timer when we can) created by nickm
Once the children of #25375 are merged, there will be nothing left in …
4:35 PM Ticket #26062 (client: ControlPort set doesn't mean you're a client) created by dgoulet
Splitting from #19665 to avoid confusion. This ticket is solely to …
4:23 PM Ticket #26061 (Add blog posts to contributor pages) created by steph
Right now, if we click on the author of a post, we're shown a blank …
3:54 PM Ticket #25761 (hs: Reload signal (HUP) doesn't remove a disabled service) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged to 0.3.2 and forward!
1:16 PM Ticket #26060 (Invalid [Length] field when receiving RELAY cells via stem.client.Circuit) created by plcp
When receiving data via the stem.client.Circuit.send method, the …
12:26 PM Ticket #26006 (LibreSSL compilation warnings on all supported Tor versions) closed by nickm
fixed: Thanks; merging!
12:24 PM Ticket #26005 (OpenSSL-nodep fixes seem to have broken LibreSSL) closed by nickm
fixed: Okay; merging!
9:27 AM Ticket #26059 (Use mar files from the signed directory when generating incremental mars) created by boklm
When generating incremental mar files with make incrementals-alpha
8:33 AM Ticket #26058 (Revert fix for #18743) created by gk
We plan to use identity.fxaccounts.enabled to disable all sync …
6:36 AM Ticket #26057 (Make it easy to see in the logs which commit was used in nightly build) created by boklm
When the nightly builds fail, it is useful to see which commit was …
12:59 AM Ticket #26056 (Stem should optionally timeout when building circuits) created by pastly
I recently found out that `CircuitBuildTimeout …
12:10 AM Ticket #25993 (Improve deliberate test coverage for addressmap_get_virtual_address()) closed by nickm
fixed: Thanks for the review! I've added the comment you suggested in a new …
12:05 AM Ticket #23883 (document how to get Travis CI running on your fork of tor) closed by nickm
implemented: Merged!

May 8, 2018:

11:11 PM Ticket #26042 (Add a new option "RouteDNSTraffic" to prevent noobs from insecure way ...) reopened by cypherpunks
11:08 PM Ticket #26045 (Create a new MAR signing key for ESR60) reopened by sysrqb
11:06 PM Ticket #26045 (Create a new MAR signing key for ESR60) closed by cypherpunks
10:51 PM Ticket #24659 (Wrap our sha2 interface in Rust which implements the appropriate traits) closed by nickm
8:07 PM Ticket #26055 (Expire entries from 2016-01 to 2018-01 from the dirauth reject list) created by dgoulet
This is the ticket for the DocTor patch to the tracked_relays.cfg
7:30 PM Ticket #26054 (Make sure to create incrementals from previously signed MAR files) created by gk
When creating incremental MAR files we check right now only that MAR …
6:34 PM Яндекс created by Paganist
6:14 PM Ticket #25870 (Fix vanguard restrictions) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged!
6:08 PM Ticket #26008 (Make workqueue cancel code always get covered by tests.) closed by nickm
fixed: Thanks; merging! >There's some trailing whitespace in the changes …
5:54 PM Ticket #26053 (controller.signal(stem.Signal.NEWNYM) gives error) created by cypherpunks
When write this code controller.signal(stem.Signal.NEWNYM) It …
5:50 PM Ticket #26052 (man page still says CacheIPv4DNS is on by default) closed by arma
fixed: Merged into maint-0.3.3 and forward. If you (the one reading this in …
5:12 PM Ticket #26052 (man page still says CacheIPv4DNS is on by default) created by arma
in #24050 we made the SocksPort CacheIPv4DNS flag off by default, but …
4:44 PM Ticket #26051 (please make it clear that exonerator has false-negatives) created by cypherpunks
When ExoneraTor does not find an match it says: "Result is negative" …
4:39 PM Ticket #26042 (Add a new option "RouteDNSTraffic" to prevent noobs from insecure way ...) closed by cypherpunks
wontfix: - analyzing exit traffic is a no-go - manipulating destinations …
4:18 PM Ticket #26050 (achieve update "watershed" for ESR60-based Tor Browser) created by mcs
Once Tor Browser is based on the ESR60 code, because of the switch to …
3:23 PM Ticket #26049 (consider reducing the delay before the update prompt is displayed (ESR60)) created by mcs
After a browser update has been downloaded, users need to restart …
2:43 PM Ticket #26048 (potentially confusing "restart to update" message in ESR60) created by mcs
The new doorhanger-based updater UI includes the following prompt: …
9:46 AM Ticket #26047 (Create a static summary of the Tor Messenger statistics) created by irl
Before deleting the Tor Messenger page from the website in #26030, we …
9:44 AM Ticket #26046 (Add text to the Tor Messenger downloads page to explain it is no ...) created by irl
This is an intermediate step on the path to #26030. …
9:17 AM doc/bitcoin edited by Jaruga
Added COLX. (diff)
8:52 AM Ticket #25946 (There seems to be an issue with HTTPS Everywhere) closed by cypherpunks
worksforme: It hasn't happened for quiet some while, so closing for now.
8:29 AM Ticket #26045 (Create a new MAR signing key for ESR60) created by gk
Due to the new signing related code coming with ESR60 (which we intend …
7:45 AM Ticket #26044 (Create a new Tor Browser signing subkey) created by gk
The currently used Tor Browser signing subkey expires in August. We …
7:27 AM Ticket #26043 (building snowflake into a bundle of pluggable transports) created by hans
We're making a lib to make using pluggable transports like this one …
7:22 AM Ticket #25318 (Add Tor Browser nightly builds email notification) closed by gk
fixed: Looks good, thanks. Merged to master (commit …
6:58 AM Ticket #25817 (Add ansible scripts for setup of nigthly build server) closed by gk
fixed: Okay! Thanks for the explanation and fixups. I merged this to master
5:56 AM Ticket #26042 (Add a new option "RouteDNSTraffic" to prevent noobs from insecure way ...) created by cypherpunks
RouteDNSTraffic 1 (default: 1, enabled.) Analyzed my exit node's …
4:50 AM Ticket #26041 (Set Default version to 3 for new onion; V2 onion can be cracked easily) created by cypherpunks
Currently, the user should add 'Version 3' to torrc to generate V3 …

May 7, 2018:

9:56 PM Ticket #23823 (Prepopulate ipv6 checkbox if ipv6 bridges are available for the transport.) closed by isis
wontfix: Without JS, this would require an additional HTTP request to tell the …
9:05 PM Ticket #26040 (Improve getrandom handling) created by Hello71
https://cgit.alxu.ca/tor.git/commit/?h=better-getrandom Improve …
8:08 PM Ticket #26039 (<profiledir>/preferences/extension-overrides.js will not be loaded in ...) created by mcs
The code that read preferences from …
7:46 PM Ticket #26038 (Misc Rust/Cargo improvements (incl. use global cargo cache)) created by Hello71
https://cgit.alxu.ca/tor.git/log/?h=misc-rust for discussion (since …
6:38 PM Ticket #26036 (macOS regression in crypto_rand.c refactor) closed by nickm
fixed: CI likes it; merging!
6:21 PM Ticket #26037 (DirAuths should check vote signatures before parsing) created by isis
teor pointed out that vote parsing occurs before checking the votes …
5:53 PM Ticket #26036 (macOS regression in crypto_rand.c refactor) created by catalyst
The refactoring that created crypto_rand.c is missing includes of …
5:31 PM Ticket #25965 (Document default value of Nickname parameter [patch]) closed by nickm
implemented: Merged into master! (Not backporting.)
4:29 PM org/doc/ListOfServicesBlockingTor edited by dcf
www.rottentomatoes.com (diff)
4:08 PM Ticket #26014 (Fix two cases of nondeterminism in voting_schedule.c coverage) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged to master!
2:43 PM Ticket #26035 (Streamline sample quantile types used in the various modules) created by karsten
While documenting how to reproduce our various statistics, I noticed …
1:42 PM Ticket #26034 (LibreSSL 2.7.x supports some OpenSSL 1.1 APIs?) created by nickm
Toralf points me towards this Python patch: …
10:48 AM Ticket #26030 (Delete "Tor Messenger downloads and updates" section) reopened by karsten
I agree with irl that we shouldn't remove the graph right away. But …
10:35 AM Ticket #26030 (Delete "Tor Messenger downloads and updates" section) closed by irl
not a bug: Historical information may still be of interest, and you'll notice …
7:49 AM Ticket #26027 (Installation issues) closed by gk
invalid: Replying to atagar: > Hi lili. Alex maintains Nyx for …

May 6, 2018:

10:27 PM Ticket #17810 (TorFlow should ignore self-reported bandwidths when measuring relays) closed by teor
wontfix: We won't fix this issue in Torflow. The conversation continues on …
9:38 PM Ticket #26033 (Unable to launch Tor) created by dutiel
Ocx0000022 is the error "The application was unable to start …
9:16 PM Ticket #26032 (suggestion URL is broken (duplicate [[]])) created by cypherpunks
5:52 PM Ticket #26029 (onion_extend_cpath) closed by nickm
duplicate: Thanks! This looks like a duplicate of #25691.
5:35 PM doc/packages edited by atagar
Bump txtorcon archlinux version. (diff)
4:07 PM torbirdy edited by sukhbir
4:02 PM torbirdy edited by sukhbir
12:15 PM Ticket #26031 (suspected bug in exit_addresses - no IPv6 addresses?) created by cypherpunks
It is strange that there is not a single IPv6 adresses in …
9:48 AM Ticket #12230 (Seeking guidance on useful bandwith floor) closed by cypherpunks
fixed: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/TorRelayGuide#Bandwidthan
9:26 AM Ticket #12518 (Investigate why it took so long to reach stable 0.2.5 after patch-freeze) closed by rl1987
wontfix: Not relevant anymore.
9:26 AM Ticket #26030 (Delete "Tor Messenger downloads and updates" section) created by cypherpunks
5:33 AM Ticket #26029 (onion_extend_cpath) created by whiteshield
tor_bug_occurred_(): Bug: circuitbuild.c:2772: onion_extend_cpath: …

May 5, 2018:

7:21 PM Ticket #3982 (MAPADDRESS for IP ranges (CIDR, etc)) reopened by cypherpunks
This would be good help as we want program certain exists around the …
6:34 PM Ticket #26026 (ValueError: "blue" isn't a valid color - color_interface is not working) closed by atagar
fixed: Thanks cypherpunks, great catch! …
1:13 PM Ticket #26028 (HLS Player doesn't use the centralized Proxy Selector.) created by igt0
GeckoHLSPlayer uses the DefaultHttpDataSource to create an Object …
8:59 AM Ticket #26027 (Installation issues) created by lili
Installation of NYX (on Arch) % wget …
7:36 AM Ticket #26026 (ValueError: "blue" isn't a valid color - color_interface is not working) created by cypherpunks
Hi, I came across an error while editing my configuration file for …
12:15 AM Ticket #26024 (cargo vendor rand-0.5.0-pre.1 dependency) closed by nickm
fixed: The followup fix is #26025 .
12:14 AM Ticket #26025 (make distcheck failing for rust builds due to missing include) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged!

May 4, 2018:

11:17 PM Ticket #11301 (Tor does not reconnect after network loss with guards used as bridges) closed by teor
11:16 PM Ticket #1776 (Allow regular relays (if they have a dirport open) to be used as bridges) closed by teor
fixed: We think this is fixed in 0.3.1. Please reopen a new ticket if it …
11:14 PM Ticket #12201 (Don't weight by bandwidth when selecting among bridges) closed by teor
wontfix: Isis, I think you will fix this issue by implementing a bridge …
10:59 PM Ticket #23412 (Do bandwidth authorities reset history when the relay fingerprint changes?) closed by teor
fixed: We are unlikely to do tests like this on torflow.
10:41 PM Ticket #22741 (Make a tool that sends bandwidth to relays stuck with low measurements) closed by teor
duplicate: #22453 and sbws should fix this issue.
10:23 PM Ticket #26025 (make distcheck failing for rust builds due to missing include) created by isis
The src/rust/external/crypto_rand.rs file added in #24660 is missing …
8:15 PM Ticket #26024 (cargo vendor rand-0.5.0-pre.1 dependency) created by isis
I think we can also remove the src/ext/rust/vendor/rand-8c5b0ac51d
7:31 PM Ticket #26020 (pdf.js doesn't work on highest security settings because of JS disabled) closed by cypherpunks
worksforme: I guess you had a PDF embedded in an iframe in which case it won't …
6:37 PM Ticket #26023 (BridgeDB won't start due to Stem throwing a ValueError on a weird ...) closed by isis
fixed: See my bug26023
6:07 PM Ticket #26023 (BridgeDB won't start due to Stem throwing a ValueError on a weird ...) created by isis
5:30 PM torbirdy/changes edited by sukhbir
4:24 PM org/doc/ListOfServicesBlockingTor edited by cypherpunks
3:44 PM Ticket #26022 (Fix a flaw in the noise-removing code in our onion service statistics) created by karsten
I think I found a flaw in the aggregation part of our onion service …
3:29 PM Ticket #26021 (Compile with Intel Control Flow Guard instruction) created by cypherpunks
Intel Control Flow Guard technology is now supported by GCC.
3:26 PM Ticket #26020 (pdf.js doesn't work on highest security settings because of JS disabled) created by cypherpunks
Isn't PDF.js a privileged part of browser?
3:24 PM Ticket #26019 (Allow javascript.options.ion, javascript.options.baselinejit, and ...) created by cypherpunks
At the highest security level JavaScript for webpages is disabled, so …
4:50 AM Ticket #25844 (Delete DownloadSchedule options in chutney) closed by teor
fixed: Fixed in 57dd950 in master.
1:00 AM doc/emailLists edited by teor
Add the community council and tor-security to encrypted lists, and … (diff)
12:48 AM doc/emailLists edited by teor
Fix network team link (diff)
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