Onionspace (aka "zwiebelraum") is a hackerspace / office for Tor-affiliated and privacy tools hackers located in the Wedding district in Berlin, Germany.

We have a mailing list, an IRC channel, and a GitLab page.

Generally, the space is not open to the public. But if you'd like to come here to work and chat to some Tor people and our friends, just contact us via one of the methods above, and we'll give you more details.

The space is about 130m2, split into one big main room with 4 big desks seating 6-8 people each, two smaller side rooms, a bathroom+toilet with shower, and a mezzanine "chill-out" area directly above this. We have several couches, several bookshelves with a growing collection of computing / sci-fi / random books, two printers, a projector, the big BVG wall map of Berlin, and a piano. Our internet connection is 50Mbps down / 10Mbps up, and we're also in the process of getting a second connection with Freifunk. The space is non-smoking.

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