The Tor Project is participating in the Outreachy round that runs December 2017 to March 2018.


Outreachy is an internship program for people from groups generally underrepresented in free and open source software, including women internationally and underrepresented people of color in the US. See the main page with program details for info.


About Tor

The ability to access the Internet anonymously and free from repressive observation is critical for the protection of basic freedoms, especially for vulnerable and marginalized populations including journalists, activists, political dissidents, human rights workers.

The Tor Project is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization advancing human rights and freedoms by creating and deploying free and open source anonymity and privacy technologies, supporting their unrestricted availability and use, and furthering their scientific and popular understanding.

The Tor network and Tor Browser are currently used by about 1.5 million people every day to protect their privacy, safety, and freedom of expression on the Internet.

Contact Information

The coordinator for this Outreachy period is Tommy Collison (tommyc AT torproject DOT org, t0mmy on IRC). Drop him an email or ping him on IRC with any questions you have during the application period.

The Project

The Tor Project is looking for an intern to serve as a bridge between Tor’s non-technical users and Tor’s team of developers. We are looking for a user advocate — someone who can see how users interact with the Tor network and where there are issues, and then relay this information to developers. This person will also help the communications and community teams craft responses to highly technical questions from users, researchers, and the press. This person must be comfortable explaining technical concepts to non-technical people. We do not currently have an individual dedicated to this work. Instead, we call upon developers who may not have the capacity to follow up, which delays and lowers the quality of our responses.

The intern will work closely with the Communication and Community Teams, and will also work with other teams at Tor.

Here are some examples of recent press inquiries where we could use an Outreachy intern to help us draft responses. Feel free to respond to one or more of these and send your answers to our mentors (contact info below) so we can see an example of your work!

  • Is ANONABOX better or worse than Tor? Can you combine the two, and, if so, would that be even better?
  • Ever heard of double encryption or double VPN? Would that provide strong security?
  • How safe is Tor? Does it give absolute anonymity? or is there still room to improve? If so, how?
  • Why is the Tor network threatening to law enforcement and at the same time essential to freedom and anonymity for many people around the world?

Visit Outreachy's intern page for application details.

Some first activities:

  • Hang out on #tor-project and #tor-dev to get a sense of the community. Introduce yourself as someone interested in Tor usability. If you're not familiar with IRC, Fedora has a good beginner's guide and ​OFTC's website has info on connecting to our specific IRC server. If you're can't figure out how to connect, drop Tommy an email, and he'll be happy to help.
  • If you can, attend the IRC meetings of the Community Team (18:00 UTC every second Wednesday) and the Development Team (17:00 UTC on Mondays) and introduce yourself.
  • Read some of the recent press articles. What things come up again and again?
  • Check out some of the Community Team's and Network Team's current projects.


We're committed to helping you get the most of your Outreachy experience.

We have two excellent mentors for this round: Alison Macrina (alison AT torproject DOT org or flexlibris on IRC) and Stephanie A. Whited (steph AT torproject DOT org or stephw on IRC).

The best way to get support is by hopping onto one of our ​IRC channels. See above for instructions on how to connect to IRC. #tor-project and #tor-dev would be a great place to ask any questions.

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