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TROVE: Tor Registry Of Vulnerabilities and Exposures

This page is an experimental registry of Tor software security problems, as we find them. We assign each one a number based on the year, the month, and an index.

For more information on the security policy we're using here, see the network team Security Policy page.

TROVE ID Ticket Synopsis CVE Id extra
TROVE-2016-10-001 #20384 , #20894 buf_t buffer read beyond end CVE-2016-8860 (Debian: tracker DSA-3694 DLA-663-1)
TROVE-2016-12-002 #21018 parse HS descs one byte past end CVE-2016-1254 (Debian: tracker DSA-3741 DLA-754-1)
TROVE-2017-001 #21278 Signed integer overflow when comparing versions
TROVE-2017-002 #22253, #22246 Remotely triggerable assertion failure in relays
TROVE-2017-003 #22268 Impersonation of a single fallback directory mirror