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Tor in Delhi : User Sessions

This page summarises the research carried out at two user sessions held in Delhi during February 2019.

New Delhi activity 1

Date and Time: Tuesday, 12th, 2019 - 10 AM - 1 PM
Venue: SFLC.IN - K-9, Second Floor, Birbal Road,Jangpura Extension, New Delhi-110014, India.
Organizations invited: Software Freedom Law Centre (SFLC)
space: 25 people

Activity: Tor Training, threat model exercise - 11 people (mixed crowd: journalists, lawyers, technologists)

User group: Journalists and lawyers
Audience size: 11 people

During the threat modelling exercise, the following were found to be most recurring:
Assets: mails from publishers and sources (for journalists) and private communication with clients (for lawyers), especially clients from politically heated cases or cases being followed in the media
Threats: from the government, and from specific political or personal adversaries (for both journalists and lawyers)

The questions that were repeatedly asked:

  • The tools I can use along with Tor to make my assets secure?(mail clients, etc.)
  • What about my communication from other mobile apps?
  • Does using Tor with VPN make it more secure for me?
  • Can I hide the fact that I am using Tor? (most participants were unaware of bridges and pluggable transports)

Suggestions and ideas from the audience:

  • Including a course or module on cyber security in the journalism and law curriculums in the country
  • organising Tor sessions on campuses of prominent journalism and law institutes in the country to train professionals early on.
  • a general interest in participating in #tor-south meetings.

New Delhi activity 2

Date and Time: Tuesday, 12th, 2019 - 5pm - 8pm
Venue: IIT Delhi (devclub IITD) - LHC, building LH-318
Poster url:
Organizations invited: students from IIT

Activity: Tor Training, user needs discovery - +60 students

User group: Students (from freshman to final year, mainly computer science grads but other streams also present)
Audience size: 60-70 people

The User Needs Discovery was carried out by dividing the audience into three parts and assigning separate tasks to each group:

Group A: Installing Tor Browser
This task includes:

  • [ ] Find the download page
  • [ ] Find the right bundle
  • [ ] Download bundle
  • [ ] Install Tor Browser

Group B: Launching Tor Browser
This task might include:

  • [ ] Config a proxy
  • [ ] Config a bridge

Group C: Browsing with Tor Browser
This task includes:

Findings and Observations:

  • Most users did not face any problems with any of the tasks, owing to their comfort levels in using the internet
  • During general interaction, most users in Group A and B reported finding the on-boarding experience friendly and helpful
  • Users of Group C faced some problems with accessing the .onion link
  • A lot of students were interested in knowing about the deep and dark web
  • Some students were interested in contributing to Tor
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