Enabling Automatic Updates on RPM Distributions

CentOS and RHEL

For CentOS and RHEL the yum-cron package is the preferred approach:

yum install yum-cron

In /etc/yum/yum-cron.conf set:

download_updates = yes
apply_updates = yes

Enable and start automatic updates via:

systemctl start yum-cron.service


First, you need to install the automatic update package

zypper install  yast2-online-update-configuration

Then start the configuration tool (ncurses based) with:

yast2 online_update_configuration

Enable the following settings:

  • Automatic Online Update
  • Interval: Daily
  • Skip Interactive Patches
  • Agree with Licenses
  • Use delta rpms

Confirm your configuration with OK.

The official openSUSE documentation can be found here


On Fedora you enable automatic updates via:

dnf install dnf-automatic

In /etc/dnf/automatic.conf set:

apply_updates = yes

Now enable and start automatic updates via:

systemctl enable dnf-automatic.timer
systemctl start dnf-automatic.timer
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