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    11''Very first edition of [wiki:TorWeeklyNews Tor Weekly News]. Covering what's happening since June, 26th 2013. To be released on July, 3rd 2013.''
    3 ''EXPAND:'' crowdfunding
     3'''Subject:''' Tor Weekly News — July, 3rd 2013
     7Tor Weekly News                                           July, 3rd 2013
     10Welcome to the very first issue of Tor Weekly News, the weekly
     11newsletter meant to cover what is happening in the vibrant Tor
     17Yawning Angel announced [1] the very first release [2] of
     18`obfsproxyssh`, a pluggable transport that uses the ssh wire protocol to
     19hide Tor traffic. Its author describes the behaviour as “identical to a
     20user sshing to a host, authenticating with a RSA public/private key pair
     21and opening a direct-tcp channel to the ORPort of the bridge.”
     23The announcement contains several open issues and questions. Feel free
     24to have a look and voice your comments!
     29Crowdfunding for Tor exit relays and bridges
     32Moritz Bartl announced [3] that he hast started a crowdfunding campaign
     33for Tor exit relays and bridges.
     35The donations will be distributed equally among all
     36partner organizations (Zwiebelfreunde e.V., DFRI, Nos Oignons, Swiss
     37Privacy Foundation, Frënn vun der Ënn and NoiseTor).
     39For a faster and better network, chip in and spread the word!
     43Jenkins + Stem catching their first regression
     46Quoting Damian Johnson: “Our automated Jenkins test runs caught
     47their first instance of tor regression. This concerned LOADCONF's
     48behavior after merging a branch for ticket #6752”. A bug [4] was
     49opened after Damian properly identified the issue.
     53Wave of reports for June, 2013
     56The wave of monthly reports has started. Damian was the first [5].
     61This issue of Tor Weekly News has been assembled by Lunar, XXX and
     64Want to continue reading TWN? Please help us create this newsletter.
     65We still need more volunteer writers who watch the Tor community
     66and report about what is going on. Please see the project page [XXX]
     67and write down your name if you want to get involved!