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     41Toward a better performance measurement tool
     44“I just finished a first draft of a tech report sketching out the
     45requirements and a software design for a new Torperf implementation“
     46announced Karsten Loesing [XXX] on the tor-dev mailing list.
     48The report begins with: “Four years ago, we presented a simple tool to
     49measure performance of the Tor network.  This tool, called Torperf,
     50requests static files of three different sizes over the Tor network and
     51logs timestamps of various request substeps. These data turned out to be
     52quite useful to observe user-perceived network performance over
     53time [XXX]. However, static file downloads are not the typical use case
     54of a user browsing the web using Tor, so absolute numbers are not very
     55meaningful. Also, Torperf consists of a bunch of shell scripts which
     56makes it neither very user-friendly to set up and run, nor extensible to
     57cover new use cases.”
     59The specification lay out the various requirements for the new tool, and
     60details several experiments like visiting high profile websites with an
     61automated graphical web browser, downloading static files, crafting a
     62canonical web page, measuring hidden service performance, and checking
     63on upload capacity.
     65Karsten added “neither the requirements nor the software design
     66are set in stone, and the implementation, well, does not exist yet.
     67Plenty of options for giving feedback and helping out, and most parts
     68don't even require specific experience with hacking on Tor. Just in case
     69somebody's looking for an introductory Tor project to hack on.”
     71Saytha already wrote that this was enough material to get the
     72implementation started [XXX]. The project needs enough work for anyone
     73interested. Feel free to join him!
     75  [XXX]
     76  [XXX]
     77  [XXX]
    4279Monthly status reports for XXX month 2013
    175212 * another research paper about hidden services
    176213 * fox-it blog post
    177  * Karsten's first draft of Requirements and Software Design for a Better Tor Performance Measurement Tool
    178214 * Tor encryption vs. latest revelations about NSA
    179215 * Testing flash proxy infrastructure