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    18 On 5th September, Roger Dingledine announced the release of a new release candidate
    19 for Tor 0.2.4 series [XXX]. It comes with very handy feature in the current situation [XXX]
    20 - prioritizing faster and safer circuit-level handshakes "NTor" over "TAP" used by
    21 0.2.3 clients.
    23 “Relays now process the new "NTor" circuit-level handshake requests with higher
    24 priority than the old "TAP" circuit-level handshake requests. We still process
    25 some TAP requests to not totally starve 0.2.3 clients when NTor becomes popular.
    26 A new consensus parameter "NumNTorsPerTAP" lets us tune the balance later if we
    27 need to. Implements ticket 9574 [XXX].”
    29 Roger asks relay operators to consider upgrading to version due the huge
    30 circuit overload we see nowadays [XXX]. Upgrading to development branch is surprisingly
    31 easy using this guide [XXX].
     18There are now confirmations [XXX] that the sudden influx of Tor clients which
     19started mid-August is indeed coming from a botnet. “I guess all that
     20work we've been doing on scalability was a good idea” wrote Roger
     21Dingledine wrote in a blog post about “how to handle millions of new
     22Tor clients” [XXX].
     24On September 5th, Roger Dingledine announced the release of the third
     25release candidate for the tor 0.2.4 series [XXX]. This is an emergency
     26release “to help us tolerate the massive influx of users: 0.2.4 clients
     27using the new (faster and safer) ‘NTor’ circuit-level handshakes now
     28effectively jump the queue compared to the 0.2.3 clients using ‘TAP’
     29handshakes” [XXX].
     31It also contains several minor bugfixes and some new status messages for
     32better monitoring of the current situation.
     34Roger asked relay operators to upgrade to [XXX]: “the more
     35relays that upgrade to, the more stable and fast Tor will be
     36for 0.2.4 users, despite the huge circuit overload that the network is
     39For relays running Debian or Ubuntu, upgrading to the development branch
     40can be done using the Tor project's package repository [XXX]. New
     41versions of the beta branch of the Tor Browser Bundle are also
     42available [XXX] since September 6th.
     44Hopefully, this will be the last release candidate. What looks missing
     45at this point to declare the 0.2.4.x series stable is simply enough time
     46to finish the release notes.
     48  [XXX]
     49  [XXX]
    3350  [XXX]
    34   [XXX]
    3551  [XXX]
    3652  [XXX]
    3753  [XXX]
    39  XXX:Expand
     54  [XXX]
    4156The future of Tor cryptography
    303318 * George forgot the torrc modification in his howto
    304319 * Karsten's notes on IRC dev-meeting / Nathan's
    305  * Tor
    306  * arma's blog post
    307320 * another research paper about hidden services
    308  * fox-it blog post
    309321 * Testing flash proxy infrastructure
    310322 * Quickly testing TOR using Chutney and Fluxcapacitor