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Thirteenth issue of Tor Weekly News. Covering what's happening from September 17th, 2013 to September 24th, 2013. To be released on September 25th, 2013.


Subject: Tor Weekly News — September 25th, 2013

Tor Weekly News                                     September 25th, 2013

Welcome to the thirteenth issue of Tor Weekly News, the weekly newsletter that
covers what is happening in the XXX Tor community.

Tails 0.20.1 is out

Tails saw its 33rd release on September 19th [XXX]. The most visible change
might be the upgrade of tor to version, which should result in
faster and more reliable access to the network after the sudden bump in
Tor clients [XXX]. 

Among other minor bugfixes and improvements, persistence volumes are now properly unmounted
on shutdown. This should prevent data loss in some situations, and avoid a sometimes lengthy
pause upon activation.

It also fixes several important security issues [XXX]. It is recommended that
all users upgrade as soon as possible [XXX].


New Tor Browser Bundles released

A new set of stable and beta Tor Browser Bundles was announced on the Tor blog [XXX].
As well as disabling the filtering of results for queries submitted to Startpage,
the default search engine, they include an updated version of HTTPS-Everywhere that
no longer causes a storm of requests to, an issue reported by many
users after the last release [XXX]. In addition, they incorporate important security
updates; it is recommended that all users upgrade as soon as possible.


New Release of XXX

XXX: cite specific release date, numbers, and developers responsible

XXX: details about release


Miscellaneous news

Jacob Appelbaum inquired with VUPEN about the Tor Project having the right of first
refusal for Tor Browser bugs, in order to protect users [XXX].


In the course of stopping Tor clients from communicating their local time to servers,
a bug was introduced into the tor master branch that caused relays to warn their
operators of clock skew, after receiving the Unix epoch as the current time from
affected directory authorities [XXX].


Item 1 with cited source [XXX].

Item 2 with cited source [XXX].

Item 3 with cited source [XXX].



XXX: Reported vulnerabilities [XXX].

 [XXX] vulnerability report source

Upcoming events

Sep 30th  | Congress on Privacy & Surveillance
          | A one-day event triggered by recent announcements about secret Internet mass surveillance
          | Lausanne, Switzerland
Jul XX-XX | Event XXX brief description
          | Event City, Event Country
          | Event website URL

This issue of Tor Weekly News has been assembled by XXX, XXX, Jacob Appelbaum, and

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