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Second issue of Tor Weekly News. Covering what's happening since July 2nd, 2013. To be released on July 10th, 2013.

Editor for this week: Lunar

Subject: Tor Weekly News — July, 10th 2013

Tor Weekly News                                          July 10th, 2013

Welcome to the second issue of Tor Weekly News, the weekly
newsletter meant to cover what is happening in the vibrant Tor

First release candidate for Tor 0.2.4.x series

XXX: expand ; also with highlights of what the 0.2.4.x brings to the masses

New vulnerability in Tor Browser Bundle 2.3.25-10?
User cypherpunks reported issue when downloaded files are scanned by Microsoft Security Essentials or another cloud based AV product due to wrong value of ";true" [1]
Cypherpunks suggests to set the value to false to prevent reporting downloaded files to Microsoft. He also mentions this can be achieved by AV settings itself.


The Tor Project is hiring a Lead Automation Engineer

XXX: expand

More monthly status reports for June 2013

George Kadianakis
Aaron G.
Runa A. Sandvik

Upcoming events

Jul 10-12 | Tor at Privacy Enhancing Technology Symposium
          | Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Jul 22-26 | Tor annuel dev. meeting
          | München, Germany
Jul 31-05 | Tor at OHM
          | Geestmerambacht, Netherlands
Aug 1-4   | Runa Sandvik @ DEF-CON 21
          | Rio Hotel, Las Vegas, USA

This issue of Tor Weekly News has been assembled by Lunar, luttigdev, and

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