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    2020 [XXX]:
     22Why is bad-relays a closed mailing list?
     25Damian Johnson and Philipp Winter have been working on improving the
     26process of reporting bad relays [XXX]. The process starts by having
     27users report odd behaviors to the bad-relays mailing list.
     29Only a few trusted volunteers receive and review these reports. Nusenu
     30started a discussion on tor-talk [XXX] advocating for more transparency.
     31Nusenu argues that an open list would “likely get more confirm/can't
     32confirm feedback for a given badexit candidate”, and that it would allow
     33worried users to act faster than operators of directory authorities.
     35Despite being “usually on the side of transparency”, Roger Dingledine
     36udescribe [XXX] being “stuck” on the issue, “because the arms race is so
     37lopsidedly against us”.
     39Roger explains: “we can scan for whether exit relays handle certain
     40websites poorly, but if the list that we scan for is public, then exit
     41relays can mess with other websites and know they'll get away with it.
     42We can scan for incorrect behavior on various ports, but if the list of
     43ports and the set of behavior we do is public, then again relays are
     44free to mess with things we don't look for.”
     46A better future and more transparency probably lies in adaptative test
     47systems run by multiple volunteer groups. Until they come to existence,
     48as a small improvement, Philipp Winter wrote [XXX] it was probably safe
     49to publish why relays were disabled, through “short sentence along the
     50lines of ‘running HTTPS MitM’ or ‘running sslstrip’”.
     52 [XXX]:
     53 [XXX]:
     54 [XXX]:
     55 [XXX]:
    2257Monthly status reports for July 2014
    105140 * Call for testing: isohybrid vs. Tails 1.1
    106141 * Proposal 236 and the guardiness of a guard
    107  * Why make bad-relays a closed mailing list?
    108142 * Tor Browser Weekly IRC meetings moved to 18:00 UTC Mondays
    109143 * carml 'super-alpha'