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59th issue of Tor Weekly News. Covering what's happening from August 12th, 2014 to August 19th, 2014. To be released on August 20th, 2014.

Editor: harmony

Subject: Tor Weekly News — August 20th, 2014

Tor Weekly News                                        August 20th, 2014

Welcome to the thirty-third issue of Tor Weekly News in 2014, the weekly
newsletter that covers what is happening in the XXX Tor community.

Tor Browser 3.6.4 and 4.0-alpha-1 are out

Erinn Clark took to the Tor Blog [XXX] to announce two new releases by
the Tor Browser team. The stable version (3.6.4) contains fixes for
several new OpenSSL bugs, although since Tor should only be vulnerable
to one of them, and “as this issue is only a DoS”, it is not considered
a critical security update. This release also brings Tor Browser users
the fixes that give log warnings about the RELAY_EARLY traffic
confirmation attack explained earlier this month [XXX]. Please be sure
to upgrade as soon as possible.

Alongside this stable release, the first alpha version of Tor Browser
4.0 is now available. Among the most exciting new features of this
series is the inclusion of the meek [XXX] pluggable transport. In
contrast to the bridge-based transports already available in Tor
Browser, meek relies on a principle of “too big to block”, as its
creator David Fifield explained: “instead of going through a bridge
with a secret address, you go through a known domain (
for example) that the censor will be reluctant to block. You don’t need
to look up any bridge addresses before you get started” [XXX]. meek
currently supports two “front domains”, Google and Amazon Web Services;
it may therefore be especially useful for users behind extremely
restrictive national or local firewalls. David posted a fuller
explanation of meek, and how to configure it, in a separate blog
post [XXX].

This alpha release also “paves the way to [the] upcoming autoupdater by
reorganizing the directory structure of the browser”, as Erinn wrote.
This means that users upgrading from any previous Tor Browser series
cannot extract the new version over their existing Tor Browser folder,
or it will not work.

You can consult the full list of changes and bugfixes for both versions
in Erinn’s post, and download the new releases themselves from the Tor
website [XXX].

 [XXX]: XXX will link when I find out how to reference specific blog comments

Monthly status reports for XXX month 2014

The wave of regular monthly reports from Tor project members for the
month of XXX has begun. XXX released his report first [XXX], followed
by reports from name 2 [XXX], name 3 [XXX], and name 4 [XXX].


Miscellaneous news

Item 1 with cited source [XXX].

Item 2 with cited source [XXX].

Item 3 with cited source [XXX].


Tor help desk roundup

Summary of some questions sent to the Tor help desk. 

News from Tor StackExchange

The Tor StackExchange site is looking for another friendly and helpful
moderator [XXX]. Moderators need to take care of flagged items
(spam, me-too-comments, etc.), and are liaisons between the
community and StackExchange's community team. So if you're
interested, have a look at the theory of moderation [XXX] and
post an answer to the question at the Tor StackExchange Meta site.


Easy development tasks to get involved with

Text with cited source [XXX].


Upcoming events

Jul XX-XX | Event XXX brief description
          | Event City, Event Country
          | Event website URL
Jul XX-XX | Event XXX brief description
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