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Tor Weekly News                                       Febrary 22nd, 2016 

Welcome to the Xth issue in 2015 of Tor Weekly News, the weekly
newsletter that covers what’s happening in the XXX Tor community.


 1. XXX
 2. XXX

Tor Browser Updates

The experimental series of Tor Browser has a new release, including a
security-related update to the underlying Firefox as well as a few
noncritical bugfixes. The stable series of Tor Browser got these fixes
last week.

Monthly status reports for January
[spaced-out formatting just for ease of drafting]

Colin: worked on long-term support plan, plans to update user manual,
Canadian exit capacity.

Pearl Crescent team: lots of Tor Browser stuff.

Tor Browser team: shipped 5.5 and 6.0a1, looking at tasks related to FF
ESR 38 -> ESR 45 switch.

David: proposals 250 and 224, tracing framework for tor.

Damian: Stem and Nyx improvements.

OONI team: released

Isabela: reports and proposals to sponsors, Tor Labs [what is?].

George: proposals 250, 246, 247, 259.

Leiah: graphics for fundraising campaign.

Georg: Tor Browser build, signing, and release processes.

Core Tor team: tested guard selection improvements, shipped fallback
directories subsystem (prop 257 related), Ed25519 work.

Karsten: Metrics, Onionoo, CollecTor, Globe [short desc of each?].

Isis: implemented Bridge Guards, finishing proposal 188.


Miscellaneous news

tor-onions mailing list

Tor help desk roundup

Summary of some questions sent to the Tor help desk. 

News from Tor StackExchange

Text with cited source [XXX].


Easy development tasks to get involved with

Text with cited source [XXX].


This week in Tor history

Text with cited source [XXX].


Upcoming events

Jul XX-XX | Event XXX brief description
          | Event City, Event Country
          | Event website URL
Jul XX-XX | Event XXX brief description
          | Event City, Event Country
          | Event website URL

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