Let's highlights some easy development tasks and asks TWN readers to help out in. This page list tickets candidate for an “Easy development tasks to get involved with” column.

These development tasks should be fairly simple and not take more than a few hours for a new volunteer. They should also not take much less time, or we should rather do them ourselves. The main goal would be to get new volunteers interested in hacking on Tor stuff.

Tasks should be confirmed suitable by tickets owner so that we don't waste everyone's time if it's an old, irrelevant ticket.


Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#9788 Torflow BandwidthAuthority url lists are baked into source aagbsn defect closed Medium
#13017 Determine if AudioBuffers/OfflineAudioContext are a fingerprinting vector arthuredelstein task new High
#13018 Math routines are OS fingerprintable tbb-team defect new Medium
#13025 Lie about the screen orientation gk defect closed High
#13026 Verify screenX and screenY are spoofed sanely tbb-team defect closed High
#13027 Make WebWorkers use spoofed navigator.* useragent values gk defect closed High
#13626 Tor-browser-linux32-4.0.1 crash in Lubuntu tbb-team defect closed Medium
#13717 Make "sh start-tor-browser" give a useful error message tbb-team defect closed Medium

Waiting on ticket/component owner

Ready to run

Already covered

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