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Tor Weekly News would be a regular bulletin that covers what happens in the Tor community each week.

Goals: Make everyone aware of what's going on around Tor. Feel and fuel the collective energy. Spread the word about where help would be worthwhile.

Project status: warming up doing the first issues

Next steps: Write the second issue.

Inspired by Debian Weekly News (2006-03-21 edition as an example).

Ideally, the newsletter should be sent on Wednesday so it can appear in the development section of Linux Weekly News (released every Thursday). See 2012-06-12 as an example.

Target audience

  • Developers
  • Relay operators
  • Enthusiasts
  • Power users


Editor: Final cut on what gets sent. Responsible for publishing the newsletter. Three rotating volunteers would be good.

Language reviewer: Help improve the english. At least one per newsletter.

Technical reviewer: Help improve technical soundness. At least one per newsletter.

Watcher: There are many areas that need to be monitored to cover everything. We should have a list of who is watching what, trying to get the best coverage of Tor-related news. We should eventually have backups so that people can get vacations.


Example of what could be read in TWN:

  • Posts on
  • Release announcements: Tor, TBB, Torbirdy, Tails, Whonix, tor-ramdisk, etc.
  • Call for testing
  • On-going project discussions on tor-talk@ or tor-dev@
  • Important code milestones
  • Meaningful blog posts by the community
  • Quotes

Out of scope: anything that does not comply with the trademark policy, projects that do not use Tor (except those supported by the Tor project itself, like OONI or MAT).


Creation: Each edition is assembled on a wiki page. A pad could also work, but wiki pages tend to work more reliabily over Tor. A wiki with an email notification system would be best so people can subscribe if they want to help with this week edition.

Release: Publish the first issues on tor-talk, eventually move to a dedicated mailing-list ( and post on

Internal communication: An open mailing-list could be created to coordinate the work between volunteers.


A list of who is responsible for the newsletter each week should be filled out on a wiki page.

People are free to send worthy news item to the internal mailing-list if they don't feel like writing a news item.

The content is written along the week on the wiki page. Deadline for new items is on Tuesday. The editor then sends a call for review. The editor for the following week starts the next week wiki page.

Reviews are done on Wednesday.

Editors then release the letter.


Areas to watch

The following list is probably not complete:

Writing tips

Use to reference bug 9999.

Cite the URL when referring to a specific Tor mailing list message.

Cite emails, blogs, sites, etc. that are referenced in each news item.

Don't use the first person ("I", "We").

Write dates as Month date, year. Example: July 3rd, 2013.

Keep news item titles concise.

Only list the 4 next upcoming events.

Typographic nitpicks: only one space after periods, use proper unicode symbols (quotes “ ” / apostrophe ’ / ellipsis …), put a non-breaking space before a citation

Lines should not be longer than 72 characters (except URL) for the mail edition.


  • Lunar (editor, watcher)
  • moskvax (language and technical reviewer, watcher)
  • dope457 (watcher)
  • whabib (language and technical reviewer)
  • luttigdev (language reviewer)

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