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#21222 Main ticket for website redesign project isabela Very High

Website redesign main ticket introduction

This is a huge project the UX team is leading and it has a lot of steps involved on it. Our goal is for this project to be the base of something that can scale while we continue to iterate on it.

What problems are we trying to fix?

This project aims to fix many problems that goes beyond just a redesign thing, even though we are calling it 'website redesign'.

Yes, Tor Project website is not the best thing in the world and is a big problem that must be fixed. And this is a problem that we can't ignore anymore, is hurting many initiatives we have at Tor Project.

Our community is growing and this growth is part of the 'website problem'. A lot of information have been added to over the years leading to what we have now. Is a good problem to have, but right now we must reorganize this information to better set ourselves to continue grow.

Here is a list of some problems easily recognizable with the current site:

  • Not localized
  • Too much information at the front page
  • Still hard to find information
  • Hard to add new information (ends up contributing to the mess) and we need to add more information because we are growing :) we have a lot to share
  • inconsistency with the design

And we could go on but the point of this doc is not to have a full description of all the problems we have but just an introduction to set the stage for explaining what we are thinking for a solution and the steps of its implementation.

How we solve it?

Our solution right now is to create new portals to better organize information and also at the same time keep simple and easy for first comers to find their way around into what Tor is and how to get/use it.

So we will be building:

  • - with 'new user' as our main audience for this portal [of course with easy way to navigate to the other portals:
  • - short explanation: "all things related to the development of free software projects of Tor Project"
  • - short explanation: "a umbrella of things that are power by our community, or a portal to 'help people help Tor'.
  • - user support website

Are we loosing press? FAQs? Donate page? The Blog? No :) the list above are the main entrance to all these things and more.

I invite you to read more about each of this portal and other work related to this initiative in the children tickets (and their children tickets) associated with this project. Is a big project and the information written here is a summary of the summary ;)

Why now?

Right now we are with fund and a team to carry this work. And we need to do this to enable many other great work at Tor to have infrastructure to support their project. We believe that these portals will help a lot of groups inside of Tor Project to better provide information about their work and therefore receive help to do so.

The short version of the process we will follow for each portal

#### process for each site will be:

  1. content architecture - map current content related to the portal and organize it
  1. whiteboard draw organization of the content into pages
  1. wireframe these pages
  1. create design for these pages [these include design reviews till we are happy with what we have]
  1. start organizing content for the pages (with the design already done we will be working with that)
  1. update high definition mockups with real content
  1. guerrilla user testing #1
  1. start coding the pages
  1. once content is finished we upload them on transifex for translation to start
  1. Once coding is done we can start QA by language (as translations gets complete)

10.[we could do another user test here too before launch if we want - or we can run one after lunch and continue iteration]

What we will use to build it?

Right now we are testing Lektor for the framework to use:

We are also working on a project that will help us build the themes for these portals but also anyone else who would like to follow our style guidelines for their site.

We are creating a fork of bootstrap and changing its css based on our guidelines, we plan to use it to build the front end of the portals. You can follow this project here (and it's children tickets):

[ need to add ticket ]

Some portals like 'support' need a search tool as well. For that we are looking at:

[ need to add a ticket ]

Are we planing to test things?

Yes, not only our framework but everything! We hope to do as many research and test we can, it will all depend on our bandwidth and resources. Since we have been working on building this 'testing' and 'research' steps into our processes we already have some stuff in place that can help us carry those on. We hope to continue to add more resources in this front to be able to do even more of those in the future!

This project is actually the first year of a 3 years project where we hope to build this user feedback / testing process and have it happening in large scale for all the projects we are working on.

What about translation?

We will localize first:


The languages we will support are our tier1 languages :

  1. English - EN
  2. Farsi - FA
  3. Spanish - ES
  4. Russian - RU
  5. Simplified Chinese - zh-CN
  6. Portuguese - PT-BR
  7. French - FR
  8. German - DE
  9. Korean - KO
  10. Turkish - TR
  11. Italian - IT
  12. Arabic - AR

Translation will be done using Transifex community, thousands of people who have already been translating other Tor things.

We will add a step for Localization Review of the translated sites with a native speaker of each language. So we can have a review in context since as many other crowdsourcing translation tools, translation within context is something they miss. But they do have other features, such as translation memory and vocabulary features that helps a lot on making sure of the translation quality across so many pages and product UIs.

So we will stick with the good practices of using a good tool like Transifex to do the translation and incorporate a review in context step with native speakers. Hopefully we will have volunteers to help us out with all those tier 1 languages.

What have we done

*this part is not done yet* The story of Tor Project website is long! But to cut it short we will talk from 2015 - now (EOY 2017)

This work will incorporate work from past efforts. We did some work on the support page before this site-wide effort.

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Website team communication channels

Mailing list:


  • #tor-www on OFTC (


Ticket Summary Owner Component Milestone
#11569 Consider making donations part of the download process Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

The re-designed download-easy page ( has resulted in a 2x increase in monthly donations since deployment. Some thoughts to consider:

  1. move the donations button closer to the download button.
  2. Rework the page so the donations button is first, with a nice reason why donations are needed, but clearly state downloads are still free, and click the download button to skip a donation process
  3. Change the page flow so that downloads go to a donation request page first, and then after 10 seconds of no action, redirect to the download-easy page.
#27132 find Tor-friendly payment site Community WebsiteV3

From parent #11569

it seems the clear next step is to find one not-totally-unusable payment site that doesn't hate Tor users, and drive all the traffic there.


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Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#21222 Main ticket for website redesign project isabela Very High
#25218 Update screenshots to use obfs4 bridges (instead of obfs3) traumschule High
#3893 Verifying-signatures needs some work arma Medium
#22265 write high-level overview of bootstrap process catalyst Medium
#22405 Fix onion links for downloading Tor Browser hiro Medium
#22611 Make TB uninstall instructions more detailed in FAQ linda Medium
#22637 Find a more maintainable approach for the signing-keys page Medium
#22888 Permanent download URL for the latest release hiro Medium
#23266 Carryover Tasks Medium
#23432 Move CSP style attributes into external stylesheets Medium
#23446 Write a guidelines documentation for requirements with Tor integration by third parties tbb-team Medium
#23721 Put a banner when detecting old versions of the Tor Browser on the website advising to update hiro Medium
#23735 Put a banner when detecting Tor exit node but with a non-Tor Browser on the website advising to use TB instead hiro Medium
#23809 Add instructions for running a relay on a Raspberry Pi hiro Medium
#24129 work isabela Medium
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Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#14686 Consolidate or de-emphasize our many download pages traumschule High
#17669 Old links to outdated versions of Tor Browser should redirect to a page with the latest version of Tor Browser hiro High
#5489 Write up a "how to report bugs and security issues, and what happens then" post or FAQ nickm Medium
#11569 Consider making donations part of the download process Medium
#13134 Figure out access rights to new tpa Medium
#16546 Should we move anonbib to the Tor website? cypherpunks Medium
#17413 Usability of MacOS installation process traumschule Medium
#18243 Website redesign - Phase 1 isabela Medium
#18245 Collect different mocks for new site isabela Medium
#21178 submenus and page structures behave inconsistently hiro Medium
#22076 adjust text shown on screen based on size of text traumschule Medium
#22178 Website redesign: Mirror list site Medium
#22842 Create a knowledge base that's more in-depth than FAQs hiro Medium
#27132 find Tor-friendly payment site Medium
#17393 Make the various javascript on Tor sites be LibreJS-compatible? traumschule Low
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All website tickets

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#3893 Verifying-signatures needs some work arma Webpages/Website website redesign
Description is ridiculously complicated and stuffed with tons of irrelevant information.

We should break it into 2 pages. The list of keys that signs sub-components and/or email should be on a completely separate page. The only keys on this page should be those that actually sign user-facing packages: TBB and (maybe) the vidalia expert bundles.

The page should walk the user through verifying a signature of a specific package for each platform. The page should focus on only one key and only one package. This package should probably be TBB.

Also, much of the material on this page is out of date. For example, the Mac utilities are completely different now, are hosted at a new URL, and now have a GUI that handles the key import process (but sadly not package signature verification). They do at least put the gpg binary into the system path, so you no longer have to grovel through /Applications in order to find it.

#5489 Write up a "how to report bugs and security issues, and what happens then" post or FAQ nickm Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

We should summarize our current security process on a blog post, FAQ entry, or on the contact page. This hasn't gotten enough attention, since everybody's so busy, but

We should at the minimum let people know:

  • What issues to do this way and what should just go on the bugtracker. And why.
  • How to report bugs in general.
  • What to expect if you report a security issue.
  • Our current issue evaluation and response process, the history thereof.

This should be someplace pretty easy to find. A longer blog post and a shorter faq or contact entry seems smart to me.

#11569 Consider making donations part of the download process Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

The re-designed download-easy page ( has resulted in a 2x increase in monthly donations since deployment. Some thoughts to consider:

  1. move the donations button closer to the download button.
  2. Rework the page so the donations button is first, with a nice reason why donations are needed, but clearly state downloads are still free, and click the download button to skip a donation process
  3. Change the page flow so that downloads go to a donation request page first, and then after 10 seconds of no action, redirect to the download-easy page.
#14686 Consolidate or de-emphasize our many download pages traumschule Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

During the UX Sprint, several of the users found alternate download pages other than download-easy, and became confused. If you search for Tor, download Tor, or Tor Browser, you get one of the following links:

Each of these has a different flow for downloading Tor Browser, and all but download-easy caused users to stop and become confused. I personally think should simply redirect to download-easy, and the page should remove the matrix and either behave like download-easy, or its download button should take the user to download-easy.

We will still need some place to put installation instructions, and the alpha downloads, but those should be broken off into different pages that replace the outdated mess in

#16546 Should we move anonbib to the Tor website? cypherpunks Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

Right now, anonbib exists under freehaven auspices, and is not maintained by Tor.

"Not maintained" being the operative word.

Should we move it to a torproject url and try to pretty it up a bit?

#16548 Change the HS nomenclature from hidden to onion cypherpunks Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

As discussed during the anonymous services meeting, we should change (or discuss changing) the nomenclature on the website to reflect Syverson's Genuine Onion'' paper.

Please do not make the mistake of grepping for Hidden and replacing it with Onion.

#17393 Make the various javascript on Tor sites be LibreJS-compatible? traumschule Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

On reading (as pointed out on tor-talk), I came across "B0": "All code sent to the user's browser must be free software and labeled for LibreJS or other suitable free automatic license analyzer".

I don't know anything about the politics behind libre JS or the like, but I know some of the Tor sites use JavaScript, and I also know we're not meaning to keep any of it non-free.

Is there some enthusiastic free software zealot out there who wants to inventory the javascript used on various Tor sites, and move us closer to labeling it all as free?

#17413 Usability of MacOS installation process traumschule Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

Usability of MacOS installation process

Consequence: User is unable to verify package signature

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download Tor browser
  1. Go to for instructions.
  1. Read the block of text for MacOS and Linux.
  1. Follow the link at the bottom of that section to:

  1. Struggle with the information on that page.
  1. Try to go to the SourceForge link there for GPG Mac download.

uBlock Origin blockade: uBlock Origin has prevented the following page from loading:

Because of the following filter$other

Found in: uBlock filters – Badware risks

  1. Give up.

What should have happened:

Follow the GPGTools link at the top of the Tor page's Mac/Linux instruction block.

Suggested fixes:

  • Divide the MacOS instructions from the Linux instructions.
  • Add numbers to the procedures... something like this, for the MacOS:
  1. Download Tor Browser and save the signature.asc to your Desktop.
  2. Download and install GPGTools.
  3. Open a Terminal window (Terminal is in /Applications/Utilities or find it with search)
  4. Paste the following into the terminal: [... ...]

...adding links appropriately in the procedure

  • Use link colors to help people visually scan through the pages. Take advantage of the human tendency to skim over text and just read the bold, colored stuff:

-Use a color with better contrast against black (the green is wonderful but too dark for good contrast) -Include more keywords in links

  • Related installation issue that probably belongs somewhere else:

Opening the DMG and installing the Tor Browser: The application file shows a file modification date of Dec 31, 1999, so it's difficult to know whether the downloaded one is newer than one I have already. No version number is in the file name. Get Info (cmd-I) (which not every Mac user knows about) does show a version number, and it also shows the file has a creation date of Dec 31, 2000, which is before the mod date. The weird dates might cause version control issues but are also likely to worry people who see them.

#17669 Old links to outdated versions of Tor Browser should redirect to a page with the latest version of Tor Browser hiro Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

When I follow a link online to an old version of Tor Browser Bundle, e.g.

I receive a 404 message. Instead of displaying a default 404 page, a Tor Browser specific 404 response should helpfully redirect users to the latest version of Tor Browser, either by providing a helpful message such as "Click here to download Tor Browser" or via a 301 redirect.

#17805 The website should support "stable" and "oldstable" tor releases cypherpunks Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

Right now we have "alpha" and "stable". But sometimes we want to have an extra stable listed as well.

No hurry on this one.

#18243 Website redesign - Phase 1 isabela Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

This is the master ticket created to track the efforts to implement a new site for Tor Project, based on the discussion done during Berlin Dev Meeting in Oct 2015:

You can find the other phases of the project and more information on the link above as well.

Phase 1:

  • Content mapping
  • Decide what to do with content we are moving out of the main site
  • Start mocking how the new site will look like
  • Test our mocks (get user research help)
#18245 Collect different mocks for new site isabela Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

This ticket is for tracking different mocks proposed for site based on the Berlin Dev Meeting 2015 discussion:

We will reach out to designers in the community and ask for their help.

#18911 bitcoin donations via BitPay don't work properly for tor users (BitPay uses Cloudflare) Sebastian Webpages/Website

steps to reproduce:

opened clicked on Donate clicked on "Other Ways to Donate" entered amount to donate clicked on the "bitcoin donate now" button solve 3 captchas finally ended up on

That page says: " Oops... that page doesn't exist! If it seems like there should be something here, please let us know. "

BitPay will not disable CAPTCHA for tor users trying to donate to the torproject:

To answer your question: "would you be willing to disable CAPTCHAs for Tor users to make donations work out of the box? "

This was my first request to BitPay management. The answer was no. I then asked if we could offer a payment button that worked through Cloudflare and the answer was "not at this time".

I am very sorry to bring you this news. This issue is also very important to me personally. I think people should be able to donate bitcoin to the Tor Project from the Tor Browser without jumping through hoops, but this is the state of things at the moment.

#18925 Add instructions for removing the code signing parts of OS X bundles and MAR files tbb-team Webpages/Website

We start with code signing on OS X now and should have instructions on our website for getting rid of the code signing parts to make it easier for comparing the things we ship with the things we built.

#21178 submenus and page structures behave inconsistently hiro Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

I've found some behavioral inconsistencies in, which I think can confuse our visitors. It would be great if we could fix some of these things.

  1. If you go to the "About Tor" page or the "Contact" pages, both are highlighted in the horizontal menu. (to view:
  1. About Tor > Projects leads to "Software and Services" ( I think that this should be consistently named.
  1. About Tor > Projects does does not redirect to a different page and has submenu items visible from the About Tor page. About Tor > Documentation and About Tor > Projects both do. My suggestion is to making Tor People redirect to a separate page with a separate vertical side menu, but also having the About Tor> Projects and About Tor > Documentation menus nested in the vertical menu on About Tor is also acceptable, as long as these side menus behave consistently.
  1. Some pages are blank:, This is bad because it makes them look broken. I don't have a better idea of what to put here without restructuring the whole website contents, but I think at the very least it should not be blank.
  1. You can browse to some pages that have different styling (go, click "Install Tor Browser" to get to, which really throws me off. It looks like it's a different site, or I've been redirected/scammed. I think there are other instances of this, but I can't recall every instance of where this happened.
  1. This may not be too big of an issue, but the main menu (Tor Home About Tor Documentation Press Blog Contact) keeps the current tab highlighted if the user is in that tab (Press is highlighted on, but this doesn't happen for the submenu (Download Volunteer Donate)--the volunteer page does not have volunteer highlighted.
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How to contribute ideas

This wiki should be seen as a record of concrete proposals. As such, here is a loose procedure to follow if you would like to suggest new ideas:

  1. Write a proposal on the wiki
  2. Start a discussion on the www-team with a copy of the proposal
  3. Build a consensus and refine the wiki
  4. Repeat!
  5. Implement


The current website is powered by WML. Switching to a more recent engine supporting lighter syntax (like Markdown) is probably worthwhile.

Technical requirements

  • Generate static web pages that can work offline as well. That means self-contained and zero 3rd party requests. No mandatory client-side JavaScript either.
  • Content should be kept in Git.
  • Support for the “Don't Repeat Yourself” principle, e.g. the latest version of the Tor Browser Bundle needs to be kept at a single place but used at different places in the website.
  • Support translations. A changes in a single paragraph should be easily to propagate to translators and to then to translations.


The following projects look like potential candidates:


Pelican is a static site generator, written in Python. Documentation


Jekyll is a simple, blog-aware, static site generator, written in Ruby. Website


Middleman is a static site generator using all the shortcuts and tools in modern web development, written in Ruby. Website


Nikola is a Static Site and Blog Generator. Website

How to build the current website

Some commands than can be used on a Debian Wheezy system to build the current website:

    apt install wml
    apt install --no-install-recommends asciidoc
    git clone
    git clone
    echo "export TORGIT=$(pwd)/tor/.git" > webwml/Makefile.local
    cd webwml/

This should only be required if structural changes are necessary, typically you should push a branch with changes somewhere and ask for a pull by opening a ticket in the website component here.


Some notes from a discussion that happened during 30C3 gathering ideas on how to structure the website.


The following was brainstormed at the Berlin dev. meeting in September 2015.

Sebastian will be the main gatekeeper of the website. Changes should be proposed using tickets on Trac with the “website” component. Ideally the ticket should contain a pull request or a patch. For people who are not able to modify the code or don't want to, we have a team of people willing to act as integrator.

A “staging” website will be built automatically. When a substantial change is merged, a call for review should be sent to the www-team mailing list. A clear deadline for reviews should be announced in the call. Once that deadline is past and either there was not problems or they have been solved, the result is pushed in production.

For language changes, we might not want to push changes in production right away but rather gives a heads-up to translators. This would not be a blocker, but just a couple of days to give the chance to have more translations in sync.

To make a language available, the 85% of the website needs to be translated and the language should have a designated reviewer. That person would send pull requests once they have vouched a translation as correct. They would also be the point of contact when bugs are reported for a given translation.


  • Sebastian
  • Isabela


Proposed new information architecture

  • Understand
    • For: Everyone and journalists
  • Use
    • Howto
  • Research
    • Whitepapers
    • Papers
    • Tech Docs
    • Anonweb
  • Contribute
    • Finance
    • Outreach Materials Ideas Stuff
  • Subproject - List
  • FAQ
  • Blog
    • Localized blog? E.g. contains information specific to a given location. Do the same for de, mx, or other places?
  • Press


The Student

The Student has recently heard about Tor and would like to discover more about it. Particularly he has heard from a friend that it could be used to protect his web browsing whilst using the university campus public wifi.

The Journalist

The Journalist has been writing about online privacy for the past year and would like to write a feature about Tor. Although she has previously experimented with Tor's browser bundle she would like further information of how the Tor infrastructure functions and the technical details behind how it enables online anonymity.

The Researcher

The Researcher works for a think tank. She has been a user of Tor since December 2011 and is a strong proponent for an open web. Since finding out about Tor, Stephanie has become involved in the Tor community contributing fixes and features to the Tor code base and engaging with other Tor contributers using the mailing lists and IRC.

The Donor

The Donor has read about Tor in the local newspaper and would very much like to make a donation.

The Engineer

The Engineer has been a Tor Relay Operator for a little over a year and has encouraged two of his colleagues to do the same.

The Activist

The Activist would like to comment anonymously on the Internet and not link her personal accounts to her activism work. She would like to use Tor to achieve this.

The Dissident

The Dissident lives under an oppressive regime which heavily filters the internet. He is very aware of the consequences to himself and his family if he is discovered. He is hesitant to use Tor without knowledge of how it works and what its limitations are (ie. an adversary that monitors Internet connections).

Technical Requirements

  • Debian native citizen
  • Static Site Generator
  • Easy to use for whole staff
  • Internationalization

Useful base concepts

  • Direct each user quickly to the right part
  • If graphic redesign, think about the whole project, general 'CI'
  • Communicate basic concepts with communication department
  • Primary target: never deliver software without education


User Education

  • Educate before download
  • Educate on browser startup
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