Tor relay infrastructure

This is a place to aggregate community projects for relay infrastructure and management.

Automated infrastructure projects

These projects make running Tor easier by employing tools to automate building and deploying Tor.

Tor in Docker/Kubernetes

Name Description Location
tor-relay A simple configuration to get started running tor.
tor-docker-images Experimental Dockerfiles to build and run tor inside docker.
tor-controller Kubernetes operator to run onion services as CRDs
tor-server An efficient and secure Tor relay server Docker image based on Debian Jessie
private-tor-network Run an isolated instance of a tor network in Docker containers
private-tor-network-kube Scripts to set up a private tor network on kubernetes
torworld-relay Dockerfile and Docker images for easily deploy a Tor relay
Onser Docker compose for deploying single or multiple onion hidden services
OnionProxy Create Containerized Clearnet Proxies

Tor on cloud platforms

Name Description Location
bridge_creator A POC for automated deployment of bridges on cloud platforms. Currently supports GCP but can be extended to more cloud providers.
ansible-relayor An Ansible Role for Tor Relay Operators
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