1-1-1 task exchange

You get 1 minute to describe a task that would take somebody else roughly 1 hour and that they will do for you within 1 week (review a document, write some analysis code, fix a small bug, etc.; better come prepared to get the most out of this; give 1, take 1)

There are currently no 1-1-1 task exchange meetings planned. When we met we used this meeting pad:

Week of Nov 5-12

karsten: ExoneraTor has become prohibitively slow in some cases. #17488 contains an analysis of the problem, but lacks a good solution. It does contain a hint what could be wrong. The task would be to suggest a modified query or new index that I would try out on the ExoneraTor host. [NOT TAKEN YET]

karsten: Build upon the existing work on an ANTLR grammar for Tor bridge network statuses and try to solve one or more of the open issues. [NOT TAKEN YET]

nickm: Have a look at 'torguts.git' ( and ask questions. Could also be fun if you know how to program and haven't written a lot of tor stuff yet [rl1987 worked on this on Oct 22, now taken by karsten]

karsten: Automate the process of checking MaxMind's website for new GeoIP databases and updating tor's src/config/geoip* files (e.g., #16687).; [NOT TAKEN YET]

thomas: Review the Analytics Server proposal on We are by no means experts in Big Data technologies and may very well have some serious misconceptions with regard to chances, risks and how to approach them. Bonuspoints if you know your way around HDFS storage formats or HBase schema development. [NOT TAKEN YET]

Week of Oct 29-Nov 5

nickm: Turn the contents of into working markdown. [tomlurge, DONE!]

karsten: Write a short tutorial for fetching descriptors from the CollecTor website using wget, curl, etc. that doesn't put unnecessary load on the CollecTor server. Example: wget --quiet --recursive --reject "index.html*" --reject "relay-descriptors/votes/" --reject "relay-descriptors/microdescs/" --no-parent --no-host-directories --directory-prefix in That mini tutorial would be put on . [SUGGESTED ON SEP 9, now withdrawn]

Week of Oct 22-29

nick: 'Review doc/HACKING/* in master' ( could be fun if you know how to program and haven't written a lot of tor stuff yet [karsten, DONE!]

thomas: Write minimal working example using MongoDB, Node, D3.js and Backbone.js for visionion ( Make them talk to each other in a very basic web app. [clv, DONE! (]

Week of Oct 15-22

(No meeting.)

Week of Oct 8-15

(No meeting.)

Week of Oct 1-8

(No meeting.)

Week of Sep 24-Oct 1

(No tasks added today.)

Week of Sep 17-24

Sebastian: When a new Tor version is released, how long does it take for 25, 50, 75% of all relays to update? How often do relays update in general? Is there an effect when for example debian updates its packages? It would help me to get an idea what I need to answer these questions :-) "update" means you're running, then you go down, then within a few minutes you're back up again with a changed version [karsten, DONE!]

Week of Sep 9-17

clv: play around with erebus. If someone has a relay and is willing to give erebus a try! . I'd update README in the next days so is more clear how to do this. [karsten, DONE!]

Week of Sep 2-9

philipp: Play around with sybilhunter a bit and tell me if you have any feedback on how to improve its usability and functionality: [SeanSaito, DONE!]

clv: I'd appreciate a JS code review for the project I'm working on (erebus). The code is written with Angular. Link: [posted simplified version above]

karsten: Update Globe to switch from displaying "family" field to new "alleged_family" and "effective_family" fields (#16962), so that Onionoo can stop including family data twice [clv, DONE!]

Week of Aug 26-Sep 2

Sebastian: Identify which measurement-related tools need work when relays switch from RSA identities to ed25519 identities. [karsten, DONE!]

Week of Aug 19-26

karsten: Be the first person to review the concept of using data-aggregating modules to provide data for the Metrics website; the goal here is to make it easier for others to contribute new data aggregations to the Metrics website and at the same time feasible for us to run them. (that's just a quick draft that I'll clean up more if someone picks this task.) [withdrawn]

arma: Collect all ideas or guidelines for safe and ethical stats research in the Tor network in preparation of writing a single, easy-to-understand document; "don't collect anything you don't want to publish", "add noise so you get the long-term answer to the question you wanted to ask, without giving useful details about finer granularity", WECSR 2010 (?) paper, #16532, etc. [karsten, not done yet, needs input from arma on relevance]

Week of Aug 12-19

Sebastian: Figure out all places where threads are started inside Tor, and under what conditions [not relevant anymore]

SeanSaito: Think about characteristics that make a relay awesome, in addition to what Sean came up with. Come up with fun badges in addition to that. [philipp, DONE!]

karsten: Investigate two display bugs in ExoneraTor's permanent link (#16588, #16589); some experience with Bootstrap would probably help. [qbi, DONE!]

virgil: Find out in which places in little-t-tor it's possible/feasible to specify a relay with more than just its fingerprints (fingerprint~nickname). [karsten; virgil later said he'd do it himself]

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