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  • 2017-01 to 2017-03: Sponsor X tasks 3.3. Improve all usability issues of Atlas that are classified as High priority or above in the issue tracker as long as they are within scope and reported at least six months before the end of the award.


If you would like to contribute to Atlas, you can get started by cloning the Git repository from the location in the quick links section at the top of this page. Open index.html in your web browser and you'll find Atlas running. There is no build process, the sources in the Git are exactly what are deployed on the Tor Project's Atlas instance. While Atlas is running in your browser, it will make calls to the Onionoo backend and so does require network access.

Development of Atlas is managed in Git and the preferred means of submitting patches is via a link to the output of git-format-patch. If you would like to use GitHub, you can create URLs for this as:<username>/atlas/compare/<branch-with-fixes>.patch

If you wish to contribute to Atlas anonymously through the cypherpunks account, it is acceptable to attach the patches to the ticket.

All patches must address tickets that are filed in the Trac, and you can find a list of open tickets below. If you find an issue that you would like to produce a patch for that doesn't have a ticket, create a new ticket and set the component to "Metrics/Atlas". When you link a patch from the Trac, set the ticket status to "needs_review". Once the patch has been reviewed, it will either be set to "merge_ready" or it will be merged straight away and the ticket closed as "fixed". If the reviewer finds that the patch needs more work, the status will be set to "needs_revision".

Anyone may contribute to reviews in the comments, but please do not set tickets to "needs_review" or "merge_ready" on patches unless you are already a well known member of the Atlas team. Your comments will be seen by the reviewer and taken into account.

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Active Tasks

Ticket Summary Status Priority Severity Reporter Modified
#21752 put "Current Status" under an Android Browser on top new Medium Minor toralf 8 days
#21743 Empty Atlas IPv6 Exit Policy Summary should show 'reject 1-65535' new Medium Normal teor 9 days
#21635 add new column for icons that do not represent tor spec flags needs_review Medium Normal cypherpunks 11 days
#21636 Add a NoEdConsensus flag to Atlas assigned Medium Normal teor 11 days
#21367 mark platform string red (or in some other obvious way) if recommended_version field is not true assigned Medium Normal cypherpunks 11 days
#6355 Distinguish between running relays and non-running relays which last had the Running flag needs_review High Normal karsten 11 days
#10401 Add IPv6 icon to Atlas new Medium Normal hsn 13 days
#21702 No Data Available message for bandwidth graphs new Medium Normal kat5 13 days
#21699 Remove HTML5 shim from index.html needs_revision Medium Minor Christian 2 weeks
#21658 Do not attempt to plot graphs when the actual request for bandwidth data failed new Low Normal irl 2 weeks
#6762 Make Atlas more robust to inconsistent Onionoo replies new Low Normal karsten 2 weeks
#21630 Remove the Descriptor Published field needs_review Medium Normal cypherpunks 3 weeks
#19538 Replace raster glyphicons with vector icons for flags needs_information Medium Normal twim 3 weeks
#21615 Use hashed fingerprint in all lookups needs_information Medium Normal cypherpunks 3 weeks
#21624 Remove the executable bit from the country flags needs_review Medium Normal cypherpunks 3 weeks
#21623 Replace the loading icon with a Bootstrap progress bar needs_review Medium Normal cypherpunks 3 weeks
#21619 Flag fallback directory mirrors in Atlas new Medium Normal teor 3 weeks
#9768 The CSS used on Atlas should be responsive needs_review Low Normal cypherpunks 3 weeks
#21612 Handle rehashing invalid fingerprints needs_review Medium Normal cypherpunks 3 weeks
#21428 Move the styling of the graphs into a stylesheet new Medium Normal cypherpunks 6 weeks
#21366 support whitespace in search term (as does onionoo) new Medium Normal cypherpunks 7 weeks
#21230 Atlas should work with a restrictive CSP policy needs_revision Medium Normal cypherpunks 7 weeks
#21368 add number of effective family members to search output page new Medium Normal cypherpunks 7 weeks
#13354 Wrong color in french flag new Medium Normal goose 7 weeks
#9814 Atlas should make clear when relay details come from outdated consensus reopened High Normal wfn 8 weeks
#6787 Make homepage more informative/intuitive new Medium Normal ioerror 2 months
#18048 Update Atlas's jQuery assigned Low Minor cypherpunks 2 months
#21186 Atlas should use pagination new Medium Normal iwakeh 2 months
#19654 Atlas doesn't work with TBB high security new Medium Normal cypherpunks 9 months
#11497 Add fractions of bridge clients by country, transport, and IP version new Medium Normal karsten 11 months
#12522 Add sitemap.xml to Globe to make details pages indexed by Google et al. new Medium Normal karsten 11 months
#15178 Improve Atlas' error messages new Low Normal phw 15 months
#8667 Distinguish between permanent and temporary Onionoo errors new Low karsten 2 years
#15508 bandwidth sorting should be numeric and take the actual unit into account new Medium cypherpunks 2 years
#14940 Make compatible with GNU LibreJS new Low cypherpunks 2 years
#11348 Add new graphs on average users per bridge and fractional uptime per relay/bridge to Atlas new Medium karsten 3 years

Completed Tasks

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Ticket Summary Priority Severity Reporter Modified
#21274 Dig up any HTML validation errors in generated HTML Medium Normal irl 3 weeks
#12692 Hide field names of empty fields Medium Normal arma 3 weeks
#15016 atlas displays running flag for non-running relays Medium Normal cypherpunks 3 weeks
#15415 display relay directly if the search finds one relay only Medium Normal cypherpunks 3 weeks
#20649 Atlas display for missing GeoIP info could be improved Medium Normal teor 3 weeks
#21430 Graphs have empty paths when bandwidth data is unavailable Medium Normal cypherpunks 3 weeks
#19739 Bad family members Low Minor hsys 3 weeks
#21459 Make atlas fingerprint selectable by double-clicking Medium Normal teor 3 weeks
#21591 templates/about.html has broken links Medium Normal jgay 3 weeks
#21352 Legends in graphs seem to upset the W3C validator Low Normal irl 3 weeks
#20802 last metric point of "1 Week graph" of exit probability is 1 hour ahead in the future Medium Minor toralf 3 weeks
#21429 Remove line breaks in graph data URIs Medium Normal cypherpunks 3 weeks
#21434 Graphs overflow into their right border on smaller screens Medium Normal cypherpunks 3 weeks
#21364 Remove flag label from tooltips Medium Normal cypherpunks 3 weeks
#20374 Atlas should warn its users if Onionoo serves outdated data High Normal karsten 3 weeks
#21398 Atlas tooltips appear partially off-screen Medium Minor cypherpunks 3 weeks
#21412 Atlas incorrectly reporting MyFamily Low Minor saint 6 weeks
#21373 Atlas search for contact info Medium Normal teor 7 weeks
#10184 Atlas should validate search input Low Normal karsten 7 weeks
#8526 Port atlas to use angular.js Low Normal hellais 7 weeks
#21350 We should use CSS to style fingerprints, not <tt> Low Normal irl 7 weeks
#20382 atlas doesn't check if a relay's family members also list that relay in their family Medium Normal cypherpunks 7 weeks
#21292 table elements should not have cellspacing or cellpadding Medium Normal irl 7 weeks
#18989 Remove broken country image for relays that don't have a "country" entry Medium Normal alenan 7 weeks
#9913 Explain relay flags in detail view using tooltips Medium Normal f3ndot 7 weeks
#21351 SVG images on detail pages have duplicate id attributes to the divs Low Normal irl 7 weeks
#21291 Relay country and flags images on search results should have alt attributes Medium Normal irl 8 weeks
#19553 Do not plot empty graphs Medium Normal twim 8 weeks
#19452 Make single request for Onionoo details document Medium Normal phw 8 weeks
#21234 Fix W3C validator issues Medium Normal cypherpunks 2 months
#21275 Replace email address for contact on Atlas with irl's Medium Normal irl 2 months
#12685 Wrap fingerprint line on smaller displays Very Low Normal Zitlo 2 months
#14328 only one syntax for Exit Policy Summaries Very Low Normal cholin 2 months
#21166 Missing equal sign in the router template Medium Normal cypherpunks 2 months
#18081 Display a message when Onionoo is unavailable Medium Normal cypherpunks 2 months
#21192 Relay node listed with wrong country code in Atlas Low Minor marcobr 2 months
#15453 Globe's bandwidth graphs over 3 days/1 week do not update for relays running Tor >= 2.5.11 Medium Normal gok 3 months
#20846 Atlas report wrong geoip information (maybe outdated) Medium Normal naif 3 months
#20801 atlas should show "Last Restarted" either in UTC or should show the time zone Low Minor toralf 4 months
#10883 Atlas should explain how users can search for their bridge Medium Normal karsten 5 months
#19956 "uptime" is wrong Medium Normal toralf 5 months
#20508 atlas display stucks if ipv4 and ipv6 ports do differ Medium Normal toralf 5 months
#19539 Add red/green circles to indicate uptime/downtime Medium Normal twim 7 months
#19536 Fix the link to bugtracker Very Low Trivial twim 9 months
#5430 Add top-10 relays by bandwidth history to Atlas? Low Normal karsten 9 months
#15395 add support for more than 40 results Medium Normal cypherpunks 9 months
#19372 Performing an empty search causes UI to become unresponsive Medium Normal irl 9 months
#6326 Display Twitter stream of relay operator on Atlas' relay details page Medium Normal hellais 9 months
#13745 Determine which patches to apply from wpapper's Globe fork High Normal isis 10 months
#17326 Atlas not showing 3-day and 1-week graphs for bytes read/wriiten by node Medium Normal torqc 11 months
1 2 3


(If you get no response on IRC, you can highlight irl, the current Atlas maintainer)

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