Analysis Descriptor Completeness from Scratch

The following is a short summary of 48 hours of CollecTor runs on a new server only retrieving data online. The configuration used is visible here: CollecTorServerConfigUsed


Same as in AnalysisDescriptorCompleteness.



All consensus, microconsensus, and votes were downloaded correctly. All microdescriptors were retrieved, not a single one missing.

The missing referenced descriptors are depicted below.

Each of the following diagrams shows the number of total missing descriptor in lighter colors and the number of newly encountered missing descriptors in a darker color.

The y-axis depicts the count, the x-axis the time of measurement.

Counts are discrete, so the lines connecting the data points are just there to make perception easier, they are not an interpolation for the time in between measurements.

186 hours

The fourth graph shows the http-request responses.

May 24 at 21h the DownloadAll... configuration was set to 0. During the few hours since then no obvious change is visible.

Extra-info descriptors tend to be missing when most of the server descriptors are available, which makes sense.

The Two Initial Days

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