This is where you should submit your Tor GUI Competition Entries.

Please make a web page of your own, and put all your materials there.

Then add a line here, with the date of your entry, your name (or other alias), and a link to your entry. (See the front page for an example username/password to log in to the wiki.)

If you need any help or want to chat about design or Tor questions, you can find us on the Tor IRC channel. If you don't have a web page of your own to put your entry on, find a friend who does, or mail tor-gui@… and we'll put it up on a temporary page.


Phase Two: Implementations (deadline May 31, 2006)

Phase One: Design Entries (deadline passed)

Winners from Phase One

  • Best Overall: CMU Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory
  • Most Aesthetically Pleasing: April3rd Team

See the feedback page to read what the judges had to say about all the entries and add your own comments.

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