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Unbound DNS Server config File

(6) Click once anywhere inside below "service.conf" textbox area. Then select all texts by pressing Ctrl+A buttons/keys. And copy by pressing Ctrl+C buttons (into clipboard/buffer memory area). And then goto your (Windows Notepad) text editor's "service.conf" file editing area/tab, and paste copied text (from buffer memory into text-editor) by pressing Ctrl+V buttons/keys on an empty area. Press Ctrl+S to save file (as "service.conf"). If you are using Microsoft Windows Notepad, then no need to follow next step inside "6b" section.

  • (6b) If you are using Notepad++, Notepad2 : Click once anywhere inside the below textbox area, then press Ctrl+A to select all. And copy by pressing Ctrl+C. Goto text editor's "service.conf" file editing tab/area, and set/change Character Encoding into UTF-8, and then paste by pressing Ctrl+V buttons. Save by pressing Ctrl+S. Now make another backup copy of this "service.conf" like this : by using Windows Explorer, copy "service.conf" file, and 'paste' on an empty area, then rename the copied file ("service - Copy(2).conf") into "service.utf8.conf" file. In text editor change Character Encoding into "ANSI", and save the "service.conf" file again by pressing Ctrl+S.

Short Note: Quickly modify above "service.conf" (or your "unbound.conf") to immediately start to use only "ICANN/IANA/Verisign/etc governed or operated Root DNS Servers" (instead of using Censorship-free DNS Servers) and also resolve domains based on these TLDs: First save the above "service.conf" file as "service.utf8.conf" file using UTF-8 character encoding, to keep Unicode characters intact and as a backup. And then again save the above "service.conf" file as "service.conf" file inside "C:\Program Files\Unbound\" folder (this time use 'ANSI' character encoding, if your text editor software has that option). Find (Ctrl+F) the line which has name: "." # [Root.Zone] words inside the "service.conf" file, and then erase all lines below it, and also delete the line which has forward-zone: just 1 line above the name: "." # [Root.Zone] line, and also delete the name: "." # [Root.Zone] line itself. Save (Ctrl+S) "service.conf" file.

After saving this config file, now follow the Unbound section (7) (named.cache section) on parent page.


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