The DreamPlug is our current target for a hacker friendly Torouter.

To manually configure a device, see DebianDreamPlug for Debian installation instructions, then TorDreamPlug for Tor-specific configuration.

If your computer for development is a Mac OS X system, you may be interested in USB serial driver help related to the JTAG/FTDI USB driver.

The below image shows the ports on the device. The "left" ethernet port (or "upper" if plugged in flat to the wall) is eth0 (upstream, WAN, wide area network), which should be connected to the upstream internet connection providing IPv4 addresses via DHCP, usually a cable or DSL modem at home.

The "right" port ("lower") is eth1 (LAN, local area network), which can be connected to directly to configure the device (via web interface at the gateway IP address) or connected to a simple ethernet switch to break out to a network of local devices.


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