Some Email Providers Comparison based on providers' TOS / Privacy Policies – as of Jan. 2013

. Free / Paid Inbox storage Attachment size (msg size) Offer Pop/IMAP Use w/clients Log IP address at login / send IP addr w/msgsTime email is retainedKeep email server LOGS -of sent / rec email records Scan mail for Ads /Ads in outgoing
Fastmail100MB_$5, 20 MB 1000MB_$20 (free service at MyOpera)20 MB Free: NO Paid: Yes Yes / YesNO TIME LIMIT in backups or logsYes – in backups & logsNo ads
HideMyAss* Can rec'v mail only.......
Hushmail* can only rec'v mail 25 MB / 1GB+ .Yes Yes / No No limit.No
LavabitFree:128MB No ads, or (1GB w/Ads); Paid: 1GB-$8 (32/64/64MB)Yes Only in server logs; typically delete in 7 days / YES Out: until deliv. In: until deleted by userOut: typically for 7 days. IN: no record after del mailNo / No
Riseup* must apply for acct20 MB_can be increased; all accts donation? 2 MB?YesNo / NoRarely retained.No / No

Part 2

.Reset PW if lost?EncryptionEncrypted mail storage Pay Accts $ Tech Support Free / Paid Accts AdvertisingAllow signup using Tor? Allow Aliases?
FastmailYesyesNo$5,20 / yrFree: Self Automated on low $ accts; webform; forumFree: "Sent from" taglineYesYes
HushmailNO-all data lost End to end; can send encrypted msg to non Hush users.35 / yr start....
LavabitFree: No Pay: YesYesOn pay accts$8 / yr $16 / yrALL - web contact formOn "Personal Free" acct. No targeted ads.No??
RiseupYes; No-if del all private data; Yes-if have, incl. contactsOnly donation based.No????
Cell 1Cell 2Cell 3Cell 4Cell 5Cell 6Cell 7Cell 8Cell 9
  • Hushmail service Plans:
  • All Information in this chart is believed to be accurate as of Jan. 2013. Consult providers' sites for up to date info.
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