ExoneraTor Development

This is a living and changing document to accompany maintenance and development of ExoneraTor.

Areas of Work

Codebase Maintenance

(TODO: description)

  • comply to guidelines (add more tests)
  • (TODO: add more)

Additional Functionality

(TODO: description)

Design Improvements

(TODO: description)


First Release 1.0.0

Release date: tbd

Ticket Summary Severity
#19623 use java 8 for Exonerator Normal
#19624 Comply to Metrics Java style guide Normal

Release 2.0.0

Release date: tbd

Ticket Summary Severity
No tickets found

All Tasks

All Metrics tickets active and completed.

Active Tasks

Ticket Summary Status Priority Severity Reporter Modified
#24365 Make ExoneraTor testable new Medium Normal iwakeh 4 days ago
#24112 Update ExoneraTor's README file new Medium Normal iwakeh 3 weeks ago
#16590 Attempt to parse dates in non-ISO 8601 formats assigned Low karsten 2 months ago
#17488 ExoneraTor hangs forever on old known-positive test assigned Very High Major starlight 2 months ago

Completed Tasks

Ticket Summary Priority Severity Reporter Modified
#24327 Sort results under technical details by timestamp and, if necessary, by fingerprint Medium Normal karsten 3 days ago
#24292 Rename ExoneraTor packages Medium Normal karsten 9 days ago
#16597 Consider merging the hourly updater and servlet into a single daemon Low Normal karsten 9 days ago
#16594 Decide about adding more translations Medium karsten 9 days ago
#24174 Use an embedded Jetty in ExoneraTor Medium Normal iwakeh 9 days ago
#21145 Adapt ExoneraTor to using metrics-base Medium Normal iwakeh 3 weeks ago
#23844 Fix NullPointerException thrown by providing invalid parameters Medium Normal karsten 6 weeks ago
#19624 Comply to Metrics Java style guide Medium Normal iwakeh 6 weeks ago
#19623 use java 8 for Exonerator Medium Normal iwakeh 2 months ago
#16596 Change database queries towards making only a single query per request Medium Normal karsten 2 months ago
#16591 Ask experts to review all text used on ExoneraTor Medium karsten 3 months ago
#23218 ExoneraTor is down Medium Normal steph 3 months ago
#16593 Create a more sophisticated layout using Bootstrap Low Normal karsten 4 months ago
#22811 Upgrade libraries to new Debian stable Medium Normal karsten 4 months ago
#22682 adapt ExoneraTor to metrics-lib 2.0.0/1.9.0 changes Medium Normal iwakeh 5 months ago
#20867 Add more translations to Medium Normal karsten 7 months ago
#17231 HTML ​ in middle of fingerprint results in corrupted copy/paste High Normal starlight 9 months ago
#20523 Use metrics-lib for parsing descriptors Medium Normal karsten 13 months ago
#19954 Non-ASCII characters are not displayed correctly Low Normal karsten 14 months ago
#19404 Update libraries and instructions to current Debian stable Medium Normal karsten 17 months ago
#18281 Exonerator does not render in Chrome (needs Content-Type: text/html) Medium Normal ericlaw 22 months ago
#18282 Exonerator should set a Content-Type Medium Normal garrettr 22 months ago

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