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    122122(If someone writes a proper question, this might actually go into the FAQ)
     124== How To Configure One's Web Browser So Tor Is Only Used For Some Sites But Not Others ==
     125'''Question''': Can I configure Tor so it will only use the onion routing network for some sites but not others?
     127'''Answer''': No, Tor itself is all or nothing, a request either goes through it or it does not.
     129Privoxy is also all or nothing in the sense that if a request has made it to Privoxy then either Privoxy is set up to go through Tor or it's not, there does not appear to be a way to program Privoxy so it will use Tor for some requests but not others.
     131There is a script for OS X, available [ here], that will make it such that Privoxy never uses Tor but this is an 'all or nothing' mechanism. The script will either start Privoxy such that all requests go through Tor or no requests go through Tor.
     133There is one mechanism that is at least useful for web browsers, it's called a pac file. It was invented by Netscape, the original documentation is available [ here], but it is now supported by all major browsers. One can use a pac file to program the browser to use the Privoxy proxy for certain requests but not others. For example, the following pac file will cause all requests to Google or to the special Privoxy configuration addresses to be sent to Privoxy (and hence Tor) but will allow other other requests to go out without Privoxy/Tor being used:
     136function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
     137        if (shExpMatch(host,"*google.*") ||
     138            shExpMatch(host,"") ||
     139            shExpMatch(host,"p.p"))
     140                return "PROXY";
     141        return "DIRECT";
     145To configure Firefox to use a pac file under OS X go to Firefox->preferences->General->Connection Settings...->Automatic proxy configuration URL:. Enter in a URL (you can use file:// to point to a local file) that points to your pac file and click reload.
     147It's probably not a good idea to use pac files with Safari on OS X as its pac file support seems to be more than a little buggy.
     149The pac file solution is far from ideal. It won't apply to non-web access and it runs into problems such as the bad pac file support in Safari.