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This is a list of questions people wish were answered in the [:../TorFAQ]; please add some more. Better yet answer one and move it to [:../TorFAQ]. Finally you can vote for a question to be answered by incrementing the number after the question in parens.

Unanswered FAQ Questions

Can Tor be used in a network that has NO DEFAULT ROUTE? The only access method from this network is to use a traditional proxy. Is there a way to chain proxies so that TOR requests are sent outbound via the standard proxy? (votes: 1)

Can I help? (votes: 2)

I've got a bug, now what? (votes: 2)

So I'm totally anonymous if I use Tor? (votes: 1)

What attacks remain against onion routing? (votes: 1)

What projects are comparable? (votes: 1)

How does Tor relate to the Freedom Project? (votes: 1)

Protocol and application support - http? ftp? udp? socks? mozilla? (votes: 1)

My system clock is behind 3 days and I don't have permission to change it. Therefore all the certificates are invalid. Is there a runtime option to skew the time? (votes: 1)

Is there any way to forward an ident response via TOR so that the ident doesn't come back as whatever the end server wants, but your normal response? (votes: 1)

How can I uninstall tor?

Answers that won't go on the FAQ

Why does Tor 0.0.9pre5 take 6 times as long to start as 0.0.9pre4 and earlier?

Because while we were replacing strncpy with strlcpy for security reasons, the Tor developers (okay, it was me) neglected to think of the fact that strlcpy is much slower when the length of the string to be copied exceeds the length of the part we want to copy.

Only one of these calls appears to have been performance critical--the one in tor_strndup. I've moved it back to using strncpy.

I'm not putting this on the FAQ, because this is basically a bug report, not a FAQ.

(By the way, there are better places to report bugs like this: emailing the developers, or the or-dev mailing list, or the or-talk mailing list are all good ideas.) - NM