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This is a list of questions people wish were answered in the [:../TorFAQ]; please add some more. Better yet answer one and move it to [:../TorFAQ]. Finally you can vote for a question to be answered by incrementing the number after the question in parens.

Do I need both Tor AND Privoxy to browse hidden sites? Why? (votes: 1)

Who's doing this? (votes: 1)

Can I help? (votes: 2)

I've got a bug, now what? (votes: 2)

So I'm totally anonymous if I use Tor? (votes: 1)

Where can I learn more about anonymity? (votes: 1)

What attacks remain against onion routing? (votes: 1)

What projects are comparable? (votes: 1)

What's Onion Routing? (votes: 1)

How does Tor relate to the Freedom Project? (votes: 1)

Protocol and application support - http? ftp? udp? socks? mozilla? (votes: 1)