Change History for doc/FallbackDirectoryMirrors

Version Date Author Comment
13 20 months teor Add opt-out and change instructions
12 3 years teor There's another page about updating the fallback list
11 3 years teor The trial worked in 0.2.8, as did the IPv6 bootstrapping, at least …
10 4 years teor Update exits - some are overloaded, others are not
9 4 years teor Edit to make stability a desirable property
8 4 years teor Update with criteria for fallback directory selection and opt-out
7 4 years teor Update for latest #4483 and IPv6 clients
6 4 years teor Add UseDefaultFallbackDirs, clarify options, update dates and IPv6
5 4 years teor Edit initial text to be clearer
4 4 years teor Add further information and a link to the list
3 4 years teor Add note about exit, rewrite default list paragraph.
2 4 years teor Modify current status for #4483, rewrite for actual behaviour
1 4 years teor Initial version